I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2 EXTREME!

Creator: MooMooArmageddon

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6.5 / 10
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49.0 / 100
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Needle (4) Avoidance (4) Trap (3) Gimmick (4) Medley (7) Funny (2) Short (2) Meme (1) Visual_Challenge (2) Kamilia (1) Remake (1)


  • by MooMooArmageddon

Creator's Comments:

MooMooArmageddon [Creator]
This game was always supposed to just be a one stage joke game lol

i was watching a video about peggle extreme and the phrase "kamilia 2 EXTREME" popped into my head and i instantly knew i had to make this

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Dec 6, 2023

17 Reviews:

The year is 2023
The community hasnt been able to move on from copying a game that was made 10+ years ago

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Dec 6, 2023
Never really been a fan of delfruit likes without a downvote system because it means that people just release a review that's negative towards a game as a means to post a hot take and people upvote it to drown out anything positive to say about a game. I don't necessarily think this game is a perfect example but the people who make reviews like "why are we still making kamilia fangames in 2023" get to me. Why are we making anything? Why are we playing these games 16 years later? I fail to see how this is a valid line of questioning. More importantly, it doesn't even say anything about the quality of the game, like what delfruit is in theory *supposed* to do.

So here's a real, serious review of the game because the creator put real time into it and should at the very least be treated with that baseline level of respect:

Kamilia 2 Extreme is a game that remixes the first stage and boss of K2. It seems to have more of a sudoku slant though and uses jokes/memes that have long been dated in the community. The game uses the Kill the Sudoku save colors. The Dark Blue screen just uses the visual noise from I'm Bored 2. The boss uses the book from Straight Outta Compton. You get the idea If you are relatively new to fangames and have only played some of the older classics (a lot of those games are 2010 to 2015) I can understand why you would make something with this sense of humor. It doesn't really work for me anymore personally though and kind of cheapens the idea by virtue of how long I've been exposed to it.

The Sudoku slant continues into the actual platforming and as a result makes the changes to some of the screens feel rather uninteresting. Enjoy The Game is mostly the same but with spotlight. Conquer The Blow Game is the same but with a black and white background visual challenge. Dark Blue is the same except with the I'm Bored 2 visual challenge. This applies to most of the screens. It makes them not really feel significantly different and mostly just makes them worse to play, which is generally why people make visual challenge gimmicks in the first place. Given that the humor doesn't work for me anymore already though, I didn't particularly care.

It feels like the maker didn't really found the fun in what they were making and so gave up once they realized their skills did not reach their ambitions. I don't really fault them for this. I know many have run into this issue, but I still felt it. I'm hoping the maker can continue to improve. I think their rapid pace of fangame releases is still pretty admirable even though I wish they would slow things down to work more on their craft and play other fangames.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 45 45
Dec 8, 2023
i want to have hot steamy sex with kamilia so bad

also uhh god game i guess

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Tagged as: Medley
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 7, 2023
An amusing take on the first stage of Kamilia 2, based on Peggle EXTREME, where every screen is different okay maybe not every screen lol with an interesting idea usually added to all. A lot of the screens are pretty fun and I enjoy the ideas, but some are awful and don't even compare. I personally would love to see more work like this, but who knows if that will ever happen.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 45 45
Dec 6, 2023
people in reviews are so mad about this joke game

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Dec 12, 2023