I Wanna Kill The Blue Mage 2

Creator: BlueMage0

Average Rating
9.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
61.2 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (3) Avoidance (1) Gimmick (4) Boss (4)


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11 Reviews:

Based on Insane Mode (with Extra completed)

So, let's get the good out of the way, because yes, I recommend the shit out of this game. Visually well put together, really well paced platforming with quick, breezy saves that always give a feeling of progress, and some damn good bosses, which is a rarity in fangames. Can be kinda mash heavy at times, though. But yeah, this game, at least once you finish the first boss (ikaruga is the worst), felt consistent and a pleasure to go through. There was more than one time where I just felt compelled to keep playing due to how well the game is paced.

There's a couple annoyances that do creep up every now and then, though, and it almost always comes back to one thing: Balance. Pretty early on you are given the sword, which gives you a huge third jump and another attacking option. This is all well and good, but the amount that you can skip, even on insane mode, is staggering. I felt that I was actively trying to not use it most of the time, due to how much it can trivialize wide swaths of the game. If you're the type that enjoys finding skips (and ones that aren't just doing a plane jump), this probably won't bother you, but the sheer amount of stuff that simply doesn't matter due to how powerful the sword is leaves me wondering why you have it at all, outside of a few screens.

Another thing is, despite just praising the bosses, plenty of them have one small issue of attack balance. The second boss is probably the most gratuitous example, with basically only one attack that you ever want to see since attacking otherwise is a giant pain. And if you were to see this attack twice, or more, then the fight instantly takes a much, much shorter amount of time. The second boss is the worst example, but any fight with attack-choice based RNG has this on some level.

And as a note, the third boss is a very sad creature that felt like it wasn't balanced to account for how much damage the sword does. If you survive the second attack you almost instantly win.

Lastly, though the game does deserve praise for having a rather smooth difficulty curve upwards from stages 1-5, the save balance itself seems to be wonky forever. You get these sudden spikes of difficulty that immediately settle down the very next save, or vice versa. I'm normally okay with some off save balancing, but it can be jarring when most of the game is paced so well.

Overall, it's a really high quality game that has more than a couple balance issues across the board, but nothing that ever bothered me more than a few seconds.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 62 62
Jan 8, 2018
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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 62 62
Aug 31, 2018
Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 3, 2018
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 62 62
Jan 8, 2018
Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 5, 2018