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DatDairyDude [Creator]
For: I wanna Take the Tutorial

First, writing isn't my specialty, so this may confuse you. I happy to see that it got rated as at least mediocre. Considering I'm sure the visuals alone downgrade it at least 3 stars.

Since this game did garner a review, I suppose I'll give my thoughts on it and what I was going for and why it didn't work the way I wanted to. Which is make a small challenge for new players while still making it interesting enough for experienced players to have fun. (Thus why just about everything is synced to be able to go fast, but more difficult, but still slower and easy for new players). Additoinally, I wanted newer players to learn to look before blindly jumping, like I like (but also hate) seem to do way to often and frustrate myself for no reason.


My extreme lack of self-confidence and self-esteem allowed me to think the difficulty was fine and I was just a worthless dumbass for any deaths during testing. I figured anyone new would probably play as well as me or better, despite the fact I'm at least mediocre enough to get the bad end speed run achievement in NANG (despite minimum 3 full tries after beating all endings and playing each stage multiple times at the end of true end. Additionally dying about 6000 times less than Stinky and another streamer mentioned on first playthrough of the original (about 3K-4K deaths for me).

I watched my friend play stage one, and the difficulty was exactly where I wanted it, but the difficulty curved up much faster than I anticipated and I was too impatient to wait for a 50+hr work week and new father to find time to finish the whole game. Therefore, it got released under the presumptions posted above. Watching Geezer play, and Fate's and Para's rating made me realize that it gets WAY too difficult for a new player, even after the numerous nerfs from the original I posted in Discord. I figured a player of Geezers ability wouldn't die more than 15-20 times, with most those being from maybe sneezing or grabbing a drink. Granted I made and tested everything excessively, but I'm able to beat the game in about the same amount of time he did.

Visuals: Aesthetics have never been my strength. I wore flip flops to my college graduation in the D.C. area without a second thought. I was the only one in flip flops. I didn't care though because I was comfortable. I knew stage 1, 5, and maybe stage 2 were bad, but was hoping the rest was at least passable. Clearly it wasn't.
The original in discord had classic spikes, but something about the way people received it made me want to make colorful spikes. I have no idea what I'm doing in code and drawing, so just made simple colors in paint.net with noise. At least half the stages I would have preferred just the original spikes, but spent too much time painting each pixel, then having to find and erase each pixel when 2-block tricks wouldn't work. Since the initial beta in Discord received so much hate, I got sick of spending time on the game after changing the spikes, as that wasn't going to fix anything, just maybe hide it. The tileset on most stages didn't seem to fit with any color spikes, other than classic in the first place, so it was doomed to fail visually, but I just gave up on that.

I don't regret green and red though. A very Christmas feel to green and red, so that brings me joy. I defintely regret spikes blending in the background, because that's always stupid. But like I said, after trying to not make that happen, I just gave up since I knew it was crap anyway. I also hated the vines on the grass from the Mt. Koltz tileset blending in, but that I don't regret that as much as it kind of fits in with the theme of look before you move.
Final Thoughts: If anyone can learn something from this game, etc then I don't regret making it. Especially if someone can take my concept and improve on it. Fangames were significantly more fun once I learned the strategies I give in this game, so that is why I made it. To try and improve the quality of play for newer players. Reasons listed above are why I failed so miserably at it.

More reasons probably, but my heads hurts too much so I'm going to stop here. I wish I could re-release an easier version, but with how bad the visuals ended up being, it wouldn't be worth it. I also deleted everything fangame related of my computer in a state of realization that I shouldn't be playing frustrating games, so the gamemaker file is gone anyway.

I encourage someone to do better than I did at the same concept though. I think it would be a very good thing since everyone seems to want your community to grow. Steal anything from my game you want. Someone with my bad writing skills, no knowledge of code before starting something like this, and my health issue shouldn't have been the person to make a game like this in the first place. My friend (who died 70+ times when I showed him the first IWBTG years ago without ever getting past the first screen and quitting) did very much enjoy what he played. He isn't knowledgeable enough of good visuals like the rest of the community to realize mine were bad, so that helps too, haha.

Dairy out!

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Nov 11, 2016

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