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I wanna ↓ 92.0 N/A

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Well I don't mean to care about an one-screen needle game, which contains a variety of tricks technics and conception, is whether called decession-like by some needle freshman or not, since in my view all decession-like games are Lie-like after all.
And this game almost mixed all my ideas such as align maze, y-position lap around, weird objects, and basic calculatin of collsion. Somewhere may confuse you for a long time, but enjoy it.
(Final version is 1.5, fixed everything)

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 92 92
Apr 18, 2020

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I wanna do the Save Jump 85.1 6.6 9
I Wanna Jump Still to Dawn 71.5 7.6 4
Titled 1 76.7 7.8 3
I wanna be the xianyu 60.5 6.1 2
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