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For: I wanna come up with a name 2
So I did not realize that this game had been updated in the last few days. I honestly must have downloaded a day or two before the fix. I hammered through it got all the secrets and actually died twice to the last move of the avoidance. came back here and saw that there was an update to the game. I downloaded the update and beat the avoidance the very first try. I just wanted to note something as I doubt this was intended and hopefully its fixed the new version, but my game was constantly changing speeds sometimes things would be moving faster than normal sometimes slower. this was a real headache with the boss because I honestly was not sure what speed the avoidance should be playing at. Was just wondering if anyone else encounter these issues? Before you suggest I need to be playing on a better computer let me just reassure my laptop is mega overkill using a gtx 980m 16g ram i7 processor ssd harddrive. Thanks for your time and I really did enjoy the game!

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Dec 15, 2016
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