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I wanna deliver a Letter N/A N/A

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Gaywizard609 [Creator]
For: I wanna deliver a Letter
This is pretty much an outdated version of Christmas Deliveries, so if you have played neither of these I'd recommend you go check that out instead. I think most would agree it's just a better experience overall.

However, there is some content in this game that you aren't going to see in Christmas Deliveries, like the first stage, plus there's a lot of unused screens in the other stages as well. This game might be easier too. And shorter, if you like that.

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Feb 6, 2017

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Christmas Deliveries 63.0 8.3 16
I wanna deliver a Letter 49.4 7.5 9
I wanna be the Gay lizard 35.0 4.5 5
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