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I Dun Wanna be Anything 2 N/A 8.6

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For: I Dun Wanna be Anything 2
*This review is based on my blind playthrough on hard mode. For reference, it took about 88 hours and I had exactly 21700 deaths upon completion. I decided to use the metroid map over not having any map about halfway into the playthrough. I do not profess to be good at fangames, but I do think i'm an above average gamer when it comes to 2D platformers.*

Was a lot of fun. All the gimmicks, the mapping, the guns, the complexity & the metroidvania adventure feel combined with a lot of exploration and boss battles made for a great fangame to have played as my first fangame before anything else(even the original).

Its hard for me to thoroughly explain the upsides, but I remember some major gripes I did have with the game. There were some levels that were certainly not my favorite in comparison to others, but that is besides the point. My most major complaint with the game is that there are a lot of times where you cannot go backwards, and for a metroidvania, that means you have to replay some very difficult areas multiple times to acquire hidden items at any given time. I think I went through abyssal hive failing to find certain things about 6 times, and mountain pass + the other area has no teleporter inbetween for a VERY long time, and so i had to go through both 3-4 times. This can happen in nearly area so I would consider it a significant flaw in the metroidvania design.

Besides difficulty spikes here and there, bosses tended to have one major attack that was way harder to avoid than others, which facilitated acquiring power ups to fight certain bosses with crazy patterns somewhere 3-5 attacks into it. I am still not 100% sure if I exactly approved of that design in the end. The final boss made me get nearly every power up to avoid a certain attack he does..

I did in fact complete the optional area, I actually thought it was a fair amount easier than some levels early on into the game, but that could be me having adjusted to the fangame environment a little more. One other unfortunate aspect is some optional content behind a certain door doesnt exist, but the door was, so it was a major disappointment to finally be able to walk up to it and find out you cant go through it. As far as i'm aware, the game will not be patched anymore, so i figure the game would be better off without the door at all.

One thing I definitely enjoy was the inclusion of genuine challenges and light trolls over the usually heavy needle based games or troll games. This game felt like a much more polished game, and would include new ideas and enemies all the time, and progression of your powers really made you feel like you were getting stronger.

If there was one thing I really enjoyed about playing this fangame, it was learning where all the assets came from(either from zanto himself or asking others). I didn't know many of the assets so finding out about games I never knew about was really an interesting experience. It is one of the upsides of the fangame type of game as a whole, and it really shined here. If there was one thing I would have liked included, it would have been the ending credits to credit the game enemies came from.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience. I am glad I spent the time and effort to beat it.

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Jul 11, 2017
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