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See You Again. 60.0 5.0

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For: See You Again.
A chill needle game with around 10 screens.

Set to the tune of an instrumental version of See You Again, the game feels like an unfocused romp, with three distinct sections that have little to do with each other.

The first few screens are composed entirely of jumps that are horizontally symmetrical. While exploration of this does lead to some interesting jumps, a lot of them start feeling very samey as single jumping through a gate, then double jumping through another gate at the same height only has so much design space to it.

Suddenly, after a few screens of that, you'll find yourself in some more conventional needle, featuring short saves with a few tight jumps, including platform jumps and just a hair too many TAS ledges for my liking. I enjoyed this section the most.

Then, abruptly, you come to the final screen, which is a one save marathon through 8 different quadrants, beginning with a fairly precise platform jump segment. This part is wildly more difficult than the rest of the game, and it feels totally out of place. In this way it works as a climax, but I imagine it'll turn people away for whom the previous screens were an appropriately challenging difficulty.

See You Again could have used some more care to give it some more consistency and a real identity.

The music's nice though.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 3, 2018
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See You Again. 60.0 5.0