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I wanna be the Corner cliper 1.0 N/A

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For: I wanna be the Corner cliper
I respect what you do Occult. Abstracting simple concepts to small games is interesting -- here and in the million gate jumps game. I found this game fun and quirky.

The whole clogging up the wiki argument needs to stop -- the wiki is not a place for connoisseurs of fangames to peruse a selection of quality games, it's a platform for creators of all ilks to publish their work and if you seek to limit what creators can publish you defeat the point of the wiki. If you want a more credible or discerning choice of fangames, use's ratings, or better yet create a site like that yourself. (It's also humourous to note that some of the people here pulling the "don't put games i don't like on the wiki" card don't seem to care when their friends upload shitty troll games à la breakfast memes).

Keep up the work Occult, there's something to be explored here. I'd be interested in a compilation of strange mechanical abstractions, like a sort of namco arcade of trivial creations, or even just a proper fleshed out game using the corner clipping gimmick/glitch.

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Dec 9, 2015
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