I wanna be the Archfoe

Creator: スバル

Average Rating
6.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
70.6 / 100
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Needle (7)


  • by thebmxbandit11

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Like the Uhuhu Spike games, but much harder and less production value.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 15, 2015
Spike spam needle.

Archfoe is a pretty visually unappealing needlegame, not so much because of the sprites but more so because of the spike layouts. The game has three screens and they all look like someone closed their eyes and started randomly putting spikes and blocks around.

The level design mostly follows one simple device: take ordinary and commonly occuring jumps and squish them. You have the squished diamond save, the squished sideways gate save etc. And the saves are often just that, one or two ultra-precise jumps and nothing else.

For me there really isn't much to gather here. The design isn't your typical generic needle where the same jumps are just rearranged in different orders. These jumps are very prevalent here absolutely but at least there are a couple of interesting configurations. My problem is more with the extremely grindy nature of the game. Sure, it's something you can expect going into this type of needle but so many of these jumps are simply of the kind where you don't improve at them at all.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 70 70
Oct 25, 2015
short hard saves with interesting jumps and design. I enjoyed pretty much every save, but some were a little grindy.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 9, 2015
Short game, lots of saves, lots of squished jumps. Honestly, for what it is, it's pretty good. Most of the saves felt more reasonable and well-balanced than I expected from this type of game, so if you aren't immediately turned off by this kind of needle, it may be worth a look. The final save though starts with a "hope you can 1-frame or this is gonna be absolute garbage" kind of jump, which put quite a damper on the experience for me.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 73 73
Dec 12, 2018
When I was a beginner, this game seemed to be a huge wall that I could never beat. I used to think how long will it take to beat it when I'm placed in solitude with only this game.
But now I realized that it does not take that much time, it's not harder than it looks. And it's nice that cancel jump skill isn't needed. But I didn't like tileset and music.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 70 70
Oct 11, 2018