I wanna be the Churatch

Creator: サン

Average Rating
5.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
48.7 / 100
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Adventure (1) Needle (6) Gimmick (1) Boss (5) Secrets (1) 100_Floor (4) x_Floor (5)


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50 Reviews:

Mediocre about sums this up. Not particularly enjoyable because most of the content past the incredibly easy stage is water/infinite jump and a lot of that just feels like slow filler, making it uninteresting for an intermediate player. The 'trolls' are very dated and the inanity of the start screen adds nothing and would be a massive detriment to any new player trying to learn from the easy stages by playing the game blind.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 10, 2016
One of the go-to games for newer players, and one of the most famous 100-Floor type games. The game starts off very easy and slowly gets harder. It takes around 50 floors for the game to start showing a little teeth, and by the last 10 floors it will be giving newcomers a healthy challenge. The game has good music mostly taken from Final Fantasy. This is also one of the classic race / speedrun games for more advanced players.

It is important to note that to play this game normally, the player must enter a secret door in the difficulty room to reach the normal modes. Otherwise the player will be forced into "Sunpossible" mode where only 3 lives are given to clear the entire game. There are optional secrets that are very hard to get, but getting them does nothing at all.

Conclusion: Great for newer players to cut their teeth on, and great for skilled players to race and speedrun.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 35 35
Feb 9, 2015
Nine years ago, I began my fangaming journey with Churatch. I remember vividly struggling to land on a single block for fear of falling off, for fear of jumping into the single spike nearby . . . for fear of failure.

I died repeatedly, even as I started new save files and "speedran" up until the thirties, where the platforming posed a significant challenge. Slowly I crept my way into the forties as my skill level improved, and alternate paths began to open. I started to challenge myself further by completing these, particularly struggling with low-frame double jumps. You see, I wasn't yet comfortable with the controls; the kid felt like he was jumping at almost random heights, because I hadn't yet developed a feel for how long to hold shift.

Damn, I was awful.

After the second boss, the real platforming began. I grinded my way past the fifties, getting utterly destroyed by the apple cycles. I've never been particularly "quick" to recognize patterns like that—or, more accurately, the dynamic shifting of patterns has always caused me problems. This was true back then and is true today. But I slowly started to memorize the timings and inputs to get through them, and I managed to enter the sixties.

62. The F-jump screen. Words cannot describe how much I struggled with the first jump, so much so that I actually quit the game for a while. My young mind couldn't comprehend how to do them; repeatedly I would bonk my head on the ceiling, and thus never get the height. I ended up having to watch a playthrough of the game on YouTube to understand the jump, which is when I returned to the game and claimed my revenge, but damn if I didn't practice that thing dozens of times until I understood the jump.

I next got stuck on the third boss. I never did quite get the hang of shooting and jumping in quick succession, so I ended up trying to complete the boss the coward's way: jumping into the water, shooting, then falling down. This made the fight take forever to complete, and I was not yet consistent enough with my dodges or jump timings to complete it. And thus I left the game, this time for weeks.

In the meantime, I played (and beat) I Wanna Go Across the Rainbow. This was great practice, and beating the final boss gave me the confidence I needed to resume Churatch. I picked up where I left off, and minutes later, the third boss was vanquished.

The seventies introduced an unnamed jump which posed a similar challenge to floor 62, requiring a full jump, arc over part of the formation, followed by another full jump. Again, silly me, stupid, dumb, ignorant me, had to watch someone else do the jump, and it made so much sense! I forged ever onward, grinding my way through these screens, into the water stage, and finally the water downward diagonal. And what a jump that was! It's where I first learned how to stutter, and the feeling of satisfaction that washed over me upon completing it was incredible.

The next batch of screens brought with it a "ledge grab" of sorts. These screens took a while to complete, as they required something I very much lacked: consistency. But complete them I did, before I got walled once again on an infinite jump screen that had lots of low-frame jumps (my laptop keyboard could not recognize 2-frame inputs). And, once again, after many, many deaths, I beat it.

The last five floors went by pretty quickly, with 98 taking maybe fifteen minutes. I recall feeling intimidated by the time I got there; I'd heard a lot about the floor, and there was a palpable tension regarding it from the community in which I frequented. Having also watched a streamer who I respect immensely struggle with it, my hopes weren't high, but I persevered, and probably got a little lucky.

The final boss shut me down. I have never been good at bosses, and this one was well beyond my skill level. I left the game again, but this time, months passed with it laying dormant in my "to be completed" folder, taunting me.

I eventually got my revenge, and, upon seeing the clear screen and acquiring the warp item, let out a huge sigh of relief as the tension in my body melted away. Finally, at long last, I had achieved something that legitimately challenged me, and there is nothing more fulfilling than that. The memories will stick with me for a lifetime.

Today, I played through the game again. It was fine.

Cleartime and deaths: 49:15, 41

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 42 42
May 13, 2022
Decent 100-floor game. Mostly enjoyable, nice visuals, nice music choices. Some things in this game really annoy me, though, namely the fact that the medium mode is hidden in a secret screen, in a way that makes it seem like the "Sunpossible" mode is the only choice you have (Unless you know about the secret screen beforehand). Also, placing the only hard jump of a Save as its last jump is always a terrible idea that only helps to make your game more boring (I'm looking at you, Floor 85).
It's not bad, but there are some really annoying things that stop me from liking it. Probably wouldn't recommend.

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Tagged as: x_Floor
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 49 49
Feb 10, 2015
Playing this on hard definitely isn't boring... (fuck the final 5 floors).
But yeah, there's nothing special about it, I suppose the game's decent for beginners, btw don't bother with secrets, they're awful.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 35 35
Sep 29, 2015