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Needle (2) Avoidance (3)


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This is a new event in my fangaming life, and probably the second hardest challenge I have achieved so far. Spoilers abound, so I won't mark my entire review as red. Reader discretion is advised, although many already know some, if not the entire content of this game. From now on, "DF" will refer to "delicious fruit" and DFs will refer to "delicious fruits", depending on the context ('cause they are no apples yo).


This game is short by definition of length, but not by playtime. It's only two screens of needle plus an avoidance. That's it. Even Strongest Fairy is longer.

The first platforming screen is a warm-up that I would place along the 66 difficulty range. The most dangerous jump is a plane that can be easily pulled off with the usual setup. Or maybe a jump-cancel jump located above the warp that I posted in the screenshot you can appreciate (again, this jump can be pulled off without jump-cancelling because it gives you room to jump before going through it, so choose your style). 98 deaths here from your novice friend. I have read that the first screen, and not the second one, is the one that appears in K3 in a particular section, but endlessly buffed. That's curious, because...

...the second platforming screen is brutal. The setup is very challenging and interesting during the first half (except for a cancer jump from the second save to the third (the save after the TAS jump that requires from you to hop onto a brown platform). However, we come to the second half, and it is just a painful mess. It's a bunch of needle placed with no rhyme or reason that, if read correctly between all of those shades of red, you realize they are corners followed by planes. Jumps often intentionally give you improper aligns, not impossible aligns (that would be a bye bye for a game), so be prepared for very difficult jumps without the normal proper setup you have studied to pull off, including buffed/tight diagonals that give you an awful align, forcing you to make a strange double mini-jump move to get across it. More than challenging, this is annoying. Expect to die here 20 times the amount you died in the first screen. For your novice fangamer here, it was 1710 deaths.

And then, hello Kagamine Rin.

This avoidance... The game was made for the avoidance. It's the sole reason this game exists, and it should exist. You will spend so much time grinding in this avoidance so much if you use no video guide (like me) that the first two screens will vanish from your mind until you come to this site again and remember they exist. Think of Appreciate the Meteor Stream: the entire platforming preceding the avoidance is forgettable garbage. The real meat is the avoidance (and that one sucks because 13 freaking minutes with no saves and whatnot).

I must declare this avoidance, not as my favorite, but as the most genius I have ever played through. 90% of the attacks are spectacularly smart and original, and if there is a fangame that understands the concept of sync, it is this one. The majority of attacks is shockingly original and unusual, and plays with your mind, although some of them do sin with impossible RNG that force you to watch your inevitable demise. Seldom I have seen an explanation of each attack, so I will go through each one. I will also do this because, if I am inferring this correctly, no visual guide will help you if you don't understand how attacks work. You have to grind through them to understand how they work. Most of the avoidace is position-based pattern, not pattern. Where you stand determines what happens during the entire song. If you are one of the people that watches a video of how to pass an avoidance before playing through it (I don't judge those people really because trial and error is a big NO-NO for many), here's a very humble guide. PM me if you have any questions:


1) Start with the skinny, but undeniably cute and stylishly dressed (to kill) Kagamine Rin singing ANTICHLOROBENZENE (heck yeah, one of my favorite vocaloid songs), dropping a DF with every beat of the song's introduction during the first part, totalling 57 DFs that will fly away from the center of the screen after the 57th beat. 100% RNG. Frankly, this part is boring after you play through it 3,000 times. It's an OK intro if the avoidance was easier, but it is not the case. Oh well, many avoidances sin of long, boring, uneventful intros that get frustrating fast.

2) This one is the toughest position-based attack to figure out and understand blindly for the first half. Once you come up with a setup, it is the easiest thing to do every time. So, for the four introductory beats for the first sung strophe to begin, four big DFs will appear from each corner: Upper-Left, Upper-Right, Down-Right and Down Left: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, respectively. They will spawn and go directly at your initial position, but won't change directions ever again. However, with each SYLLABLE, a DF is thrown at you. With each half verse, a new big DF throws smaller DFs at you. With each syllable. The sync is so awesome. Also, each half verse, a different big DF throws smaller DFs at you, as follows:

Red, Yellow
Blue, Green
Red, Yellow
Blue, Green
Red & Blue; Green & Yellow
Red & Blue; Green & Yellow
Red & Blue; Green & Yellow
Red & Blue; All four

At the last syllable, the big DFs disintegrate into circles of smaller DFs in which one of them will go at you per colour. You need a perfect position for this because they go at you quickly plus the DFs from the syllables sung.

Too complex? It just begins.

3) Not necessary to explain: just a big yellow DF going at you, opening at closing with smaller DFs with each half verse, and then throwing sometimes unfair RNG at you. Not cool really.

4) This one's interesting. With each verse, a line of dfs is thrown at you slowly. First strophe seems fine. Second strophe is a blast and it made me LOL. The blue ones go away in a parallel direction at the speed of light. During my first playthrough, I swear I gasped, but I went THROUGH them. I said, "ha! I frame-perfect saved myself, boyyy", and then they came back at the same speed lmao. Awesome attack. The point is, during the second strophe of the attack, your position matters. They go at you. When I later saw some clear videos, many people complicate this one. Almost no movement is required if you're standing on the ground at an appropriate distance. The only difference with the blue line is that it goes away and comes back, so you must stay away from it. Very easy once you figure it out.

5) First verse makes two lines of gray dfs appear at your sides and with each beat they act. First one makes left wall appear. Second one makes right wall appear. Third one makes a definite number of blue dfs on both sides squash you. If you jump way too early, there's an invisible ceiling blocking you. Oh so cheap. You will die. If you jump some frames early, the left wall will actually go half a df more upwards and then towards you to the right. TRICKY! If you jump exactly at the beat, you're just fine. Ha! Then, some black dfs appear and you must shoot the big DF spawning smaller dfs with each bounce because, otherwise, the ceiling crushes you. It is not intuitive at all that you can shoot a DF in an avoidance. I hated figuring out this part.

6) Next strophe is entirely pattern. Not difficult.

7) Next two strophes are one pretty thing. Eight dfs are spawned in circles with each half verse, with the first set going downwards, and the next set going onwards. Extremely simple! Oh, wait. There's a catch. It is clear from those that know this attack that a path of red dfs follow you exactly through the path you're building. But did you notice that the red dfs appear with each syllable again? It's hilariously precise. Finding this out helps you a lot to know when you can pause for a second and then keep moving. Next two instrumental verses take the path they build away in four different directions with each beat.

8) The final attack of the first half is two strophes long. The first one is simply avoiding blue and purple dfs that bounce with the borders. Second strophe is the same thing but they will follow circular trajectories and perpendicular bounces and they can be such a pain. Just remember: during the black out, blue dfs going down will begin their circular trajectory to the RIGHT, and the purple ones to the left. If you do mind, the opposite will happen to the dfs going upwards. Logic class, brother.


9) This is a genius one. For a whole instrumental strophe (forgive me), every eighth of a verse YOU will spawn four yellow dfs away from you: up, left, down and right. This is how it works: when the dfs going towards a direction hit the border, they will go back the opposite direction in a yellow color. Yellow dfs indicate that the ones your position originally spawned have already hit the border and are coming back. You must figure out a smart routh, and there are many, but few are optimal. All of these include going from right to left because Rin will spawn lots of red dfs trash during the last verse.

10) OK. THIS. THIS CANCER ATTACK. Insanely creative and also unfair, so I don't know what to think. Read #7 again. Only this time, the eight dfs spawned in circles upwards and downwards with each verse interact with colors. Beautiful colors...

-RED: It makes dfs go faster
-GREEN: It makes dfs go down gradually
-YELLOW: It makes dfs go up gradually
-BLUE: It makes dfs go the opposite direction they were going gradually
-PURPLE: It makes dfs grow bigger gradually

This can result in stupidly impossible combinations, including GIANT DFS falling vertically at you at a very high speed, or even coming from the ground, or even making walls, or even coming from the left!! The RNG is in the colors, which appear on screen randomly and move by columns up and down. Colors never appear in the same order after each new try. It is not impossible, however; you need insane reading skills all over the entire freaking screen. How the creator managed to make sure there is not a single spot in the entire screen safe is devilishly balanced and coldly calculated with so many possibilities. This is probably the hardest attack for many. It might be for me. It is so heart-racing. It lasts two full strophes. Torture. Enjoyable torture. What is this avoidance anyway?

11) Not necessary to explain this one, but I recommend being in the air by the time the second verse finishes while she sings "BENZEN!", instead of being in the lower left corner precisely. Otherwise, the chemical composition and the white dfs will leave you two frames of window to survive. That's an extremely tight situation.

12) Pattern. Not necessary to explain. It's easy to survive the first time and knowing what's happening. Four verses long (a strophe again).

13) This attack is legendary. It lasts two full strophes. I think it appears in K3, they say. This one will haunt you. To explain how it works is extremely difficult, but here is a dumb, humble try. Read attack #2 again. This time, they appear immediately from all four corners at the first beat. They all spawn dfs with each syllable, so it's dfs party. But they follow a circular trajectory and this trajectory is directly proportional to the distance you're away from them and it is designed to kill you from above, so they go circularly. Also, at the end of the first strophe, they change direction towards you AGAIN, and at the middle of the second strophe, they do so again, but at a 90° degree direction of the one you're at. Explaining this without a video is ridiculous and this game inspired me to stream at Twitch (I will be more than happy with just three live viewers).

14) This is, for the rest, the hardest attack, but here is the tip of your life: it is 100% position based. I repeat. This attack reacts entirely to your position, so theoretically, it is pattern. There is a ton of things going on during this attack and I cannot explain it, but here's the most important things:

A) Orange dfs are pattern and will always go in straight lines away from the center
B) Every verse, the chemical df composition appears and disintegrates to go AT YOU.
C) At the beginning of the second strophe, the red path begins to appear, but the delay is longer. Do not worry so much about it, but keep moving.
D) Not ALL dfs happen to react to the colors. The orange ones don't. The white ones don't either. The ones that are repeated from attack #9 don't either. The green ones she spawns each beat don't either; they are forming an entire circle that goes around the whole screen. Only the six blue and purple dfs she spawns do, so make sure to spawn them at a secure location, BECAUSE COLORS OF ATTACK #10 ARE NOT RNG this time. This allows the attack to be position-based and build a strategy for it that works every time if you move exactly the same way every time.

Wasn't that a mouthful? Well, one of the most original avoidances ever deserve this. I haven't seen attacks like this in more than 200 fangames.

A new favorite with the lowest possible rating.

P.S. In my defense, and for convincing you guys that Chill Needle 2 is underrated in difficulty, I died the same amount of times in this game (arzzt must hate me now after making a false advertising of a jump corner that I mentioned as required when it wasn't in Not Another VVVVVV Game). Of course, that game took like 6 hours, and this one took, well, 60+. BUT STILL. Total deaths: 5,300.

P.S. 2: If there's a mistake in my personal analysis/findings of the avoidance, do let me know. The avoidance is very complex and should be applauded for it.

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[8] Likes
Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 87 87
Oct 20, 2019
A pretty difficult game.
A starting screen and then another screen that is just a buffed version of the previous screen.
Then, you have to do a pretty good avoidance boss.
Would recommend to experienced players.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 80 80
Nov 22, 2015
It's really just a jump practice, and one that is really hard. Saves are frequent, which makes the game less of a fuckfest.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 5, 2015
had 2 really bad attacks in the mid

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[0] Likes
Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 77 77
Jun 6, 2023
Creative avoidance (escpecially for it's time), but fucking unfun to play and even because of only first attack you shouldn't play this tbh. Final is actually one of the most bonkers attack i've ever seen
And the needle is bruh with some saves being really hard, even if doesn't matter too much

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[0] Likes
Rating: 3.3 33       Difficulty: 86 86
Jan 9, 2023