I wanna be the Gun Fighter

Creators: ぷれいやあ, eden

Average Rating
6.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
78.1 / 100
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Adventure (3) Needle (1) Trap (1) Gimmick (3) Boss (3) Long (1) BossRush (1)


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8 Reviews:

Before starting my review, if you are interested in the game, this game has a gravity man boss, and you have to beat it twice. You decide.

When I heard this game's name and saw the delfruit rating, this looked fun so I decided to play this game. So, I downloaded the game and turned it on. The title screen and the music was a banger, making me look forward to the game.

I press my shift key, and select the medium mode. First three maps were okay, platform on the third map is kinda wacky, but yeah that's alright.

I arrived at the hub, and went to the lower right portal. It was Mega Man stage. And boy it was such a mess. The save balance was a mess, save 2 screen 2 was a mess, monsters shooting outside of the screen was a mess, it was just meh... Then I got to the boss. The boss was motherfucking Gravity Man. It was so fucking boring, no creativity, no new attacks, no readable bullets, no fucking good gameplay, no fuck you fucking game, the boss was fucking bullshit. It was so monotonous that I DIDN'T WANT to read the bullets. Plus, the boss shoots four more bullets after dying and all of the bullets accelarate with the clear music, I died 11 times to it, like literally just fucking who the fuck thinks that? Do you think it's a good thing to do in a boss? I just don't understand bro, this boss also has a bug that the timer becomes slower for whatever reason, I spent like four hours in real time.

Since I still believed the reviewers and that the remaining games will be good, I kept going on, and rebeat the three harder intro maps. This time I went to lower left portal, which leads to the... I don't know the game name, whatever who cares. And... this stage was fine! The spinning fruit gimmick, and the clicking gimmick was pretty good and the execution was okay as well. The boss was better than the previous one, because, every boss is better than that, you know. It was really really luck based. If the boss jumps to the left you are just fucking dead, what a braindead fucking boss. The HP is like a million as well, it just doesn't die. It's tedious for that reason. The attacks were fine, but why did you design the boss like this... The jump attack (and too much hp) ruined it all.

I decided to keep going on because I was a fucking retard. The third portal I went was The House of The Dead 2 stage. This stage was also a god damn mess. First four maps had a very poor design, all you do is just shooting 99999999999999 enimies. Saving people section was okay though, but not when you put the damn trap in the end, why tho............ Then you arrive at the another fucking trash ass boss. First phase you just mash and hope you hit the boss, what the fuck kind of fucking game does that, if the blocks fucking gather and cover the boss you're fucking dead. Second phase is also kinda luck based, bullets wall you very often, one loveshot here. Overall the first boss I laughed at, and third boss I hated, which is funny to think of lol.

Fourth stage I played was Gunbullet stage. As soon as I realized what I should do at the first screen I just wanted to fucking delete this game. Shooting targets that move is all you do. Isn't that a great idea? What's more, it becomes worse as you move on. Second map of this stage where even the circle moves made me quit the game. Third map was an ass, it has 3 fucking circles, fuck you. Fourth map looked impossible but after beating the game it was actually kinda fun I guess? Precise timing is at the end so whatever, the fact that I didn't like it doesn't change. After that there are four maps that are not memorable at all, and four more maps that are funny in a bad way. The boss is simple. You mash the bullets and hope you don't get the worst rng, it's not that luck based though. It just hurts your hands. This is the second boss that I laughed at, because the attack doesn't stop after you get the item, but the clear music still plays, it's so funny to watch but awful to play. I can't believe that this is one of the better bosses in the game.

Last portal in the hub is bowgun training stage, and I think it's the best stage in the game. First section was chill, you shoot the crystals, swords and sometimes hearts, and try to keep the streak. Second section was insane, and unfun to play. Try not to press R in this stage, you'll lose your progress on this section. You thoughlessly shoot everything and hope you get the good rng here. Boss is... pretty luck based I would say. If the heart rng is bad you are just fucking dead. This boss was okay at least, nothing to say more tbh.

Holy fuck now I can access the final portal, the stage was alright, the boss was tedious and long as fuck, but learning the attacks was kinda fun.

Yes, there is another god damn stage. This stage is alright as well. You get through all of the maps and guess what you see, ITS BOSS RUSH. YES YOU HAVE TO REBEAT ALL OF THE BOSSES. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK??????????????????? do you really think this is a good idea??? I already got through all of the fucking shit bosses and I have to rebeat them... FUCK THIS GAME BRO, I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOUR FUCKING MIND, I CAN'T STAND THIS MOTHERFUCKING SHIT i really have to rebeat gravity man....fuckyou fuckyou fuckfuckfuck ok calm down. i rebeat gravity man with another 11 loveshots and 1.5 hours of real time, and rebeat all the other bosses in an hour, the bosses are harder, it's red from the start.

i fucking rebeat all the boss rush bosses, i actually fucking hate my life, fuck my life, whatever, lets move on to the review. after one more map that is not memorable, there finally is the final boss. this was the best boss in the game, the attacks are actually okay, if you can make a boss like this, why not make other fucking dogshit bosses like this. also the camera moving is drunk, i almost had a motion sickness. whatever, the game is over with the powerpoint ending, i gave my middle finger to this game, its done.

I personally think that this game had cool concepts but they were executed really horrably to the extent where it's actually funny and you can laugh at them. I heard old people saying this game is great, but I cannot agree with it, I just can't. I had a really bad time playing this, I never recommend this game, It's fucking terrible. Also hard and very hard mode changes something, but I don't care fuck you.

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Rating: 1.2 12       Difficulty: 77 77
Jan 14, 2022
I personally didn't like this game.

Depending on the level of difficulty, each stage becomes difficult and the boss becomes difficult. The difficulty system was a good idea.
But everything was bad except for the difficulty system.

The concept of the game is Gun Fighter, and there is a system that requires reloading when all the bullets are used.
The reload system annoys and really bothers me when I play the game.

I don't know why you made the reload system because both Stage and Boss need to use a lot of bullets to beat it.

If you don't reload after using all the bullets, there will be a penalty of staying still for a few seconds, so you must press reload and attack at the same time.

If you're going to make it like this, I think you shouldn't have made a reload system.
The reload sound was also quite loud and bothered me.

Why do I have to beat the bosses again?
Is it because you want to play a long game playtime? Or did you try to upset the players?
It was a really disgusting part.

I played the whole game cursing because you made the boss like an idiot.

Rating based hard mode.

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 82 82
Dec 31, 2022
Rating based hard mode./medium difficulty : 75

It was usually a game with a bit of realism in I wanner.
It was fun. If you are good at it, I think it is one of the games I recommend(medium)

I recommend that you try the hard mode by clearing the medium. The save balance is very mess, there are two reinforced bosses, and the level of difficulty is so high that they can outdo Gravity Man.

I'm a little bored with this fucking lucky final boss, and I've experienced very hard mode, but I decided to delete it after the hard mode...

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 83 83
Mar 8, 2022
Based on Medium mode.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 4, 2017
A game whose main theme is "shooting", the game starts with five stages you can complete in any order and they all revolve around using your gun (which unlike other fangames requires reloading by pressing X) in a variety of ways. The game contains some pretty bad segments, but it was fun overall. Rating based on Hard mode, which is required to access a boss rush room before the final boss and obtain the 8th red orb. I don't recommend actually playing on Hard though.

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Tagged as: Gimmick
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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 80 80
Nov 29, 2015