I wanna be the KEn-G skillupper

Creator: 彼岸花

Average Rating
4.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
29.5 / 100
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Boss (1) Short (2) K3 (1)


  • by Voider88
  • by Voider88
  • by Voider88

5 Reviews:

Very short game, but has a couple of fun parts. For some reason the boss isn't considered part of the normal stage even though you need to beat it to get to the clear screen. Odd design, but there are worse ways to kill five minutes. Bonus points for the music.

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 28 28
Nov 14, 2021
Short fangame that tries to introduce the basics as well as multiple standard jumps before the boss.

Although there are difficult ones, none of them are mandatory.

The boss has a different attack each time it takes a hit.

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Tagged as: Boss Short
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 30 30
Aug 12, 2021
A very short and easy game with one boss. It's probably incomplete. Overall design is ok, but I don't think it has enough content to be worth a download.

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Tagged as: Short
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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 30 30
Jan 18, 2017
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 30 30
Jan 28, 2022
Tagged as: K3
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 20, 2021