I wanna be the Rain

Creator: pokepure(マリオズキ)

Average Rating
7.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
23.2 / 100
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Adventure (9) Needle (4) Secrets (2) Story (5) Puzzle (2) Short (1) Secret (1)


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  • by pokepure
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29 Reviews:

Against all expectations, the game has actually been finished after all this time, with 5 stages and 4 secrets to collect (which are required for true ending). The game remains pretty easy throughout, with secret rooms being ever so slightly more difficult to beat.
It's just too bad there is no language option, as a lot of the game seems to be focused on telling a story.

EDIT: As of now, it's possible to download an English version of the game, go play it!

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Rating: 7.3 73       Difficulty: 25 25
Sep 2, 2017
There is an English translation for this, which is kind of faulty and unclear but you can still make sense of the main story being told. I don't get the logic of having a separate fangame for the English translation since the game is literally the same; do that for fangames having "Easy Ver."

Anyway, the game has a very nice idea which is narrative storytelling, something you will seldom see. It's a psychological journey of self-exploration in order to regain memories about your past, and the True End really sends an effective shock.

Level design in general is uneven and faulty, with most of the ideas being bland. It's all about the story, really. Maybe I am blaming myself more this time: the visuals show dedication, but they don't appeal to me. It's pretty monotonous. You require the secrets for the True End, and they are not that hard to figure out: the "secret" route is kinda obvious, if not in your face.

Despite my disliking for it, I do recommend it because it tries to tell a story like a moving book and the final reveal in True End is a face punch. It has an unbalanced difficulty curve for beginners, but it should do the trick now that the language barrier has been (mostly) eliminated.

The game deserves publicity for at least attempting something, so post all your reviews here so the number goes up instead of spreading them between the original version and the English version.

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Rating: 3.4 34       Difficulty: 35 35
Aug 16, 2020
My experience with this was was a bit underwhelming. It was mostly pretty boring and the story was kind of weird and confusing. I can tell that effort went into creating the mood and atmosphere, but none of it particularly resonated with me. The most fun I had with it was reading the english translations.

Granted, this was just my experience with the game. I didn't really get it, but it's clear that the game is meaningful for others. Give it a go if you like, but don't expect something exhilarating or challenging.

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Rating: 5.7 57       Difficulty: 20 20
Feb 3, 2019
One of my favourite adventure games.

Platform: The stages are pretty easy and friendly to new players. This game contains different kinds of simple fun gimmicks and puzzles. Also, this game has awesome visuals.

Music: The game uses good music, which match the atmosphere well.

Story: Story of this game gives it a lot of points, because the plot is very appealing. I can read a little Japanese, so I can understand the general plot. But I hope there can be a English ver of this game, since the story can't be comprehended by most people :(

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 29 29
Oct 9, 2017
Review based of 100% clear of the game (getting true end)

This is game, which was started in 2015, but was dropped later and after ~2 years pokepure updated it. With that I mean, that I played it on version 1.1.

This is very unique story-adventure game, which have 5 chapters to beat, and if you want to get true end, then you have to get 4 secrets (which locations are easy to guess, however if you can't guess, then look in folder with unreadable signs, there is screenshots of locations, where are secrets, but I would recommend to find them by yourselfs). All game is on japanese, so it is complicated to get story, because the most of times, you will have to PrtSc and then convert it to translate, or if you will have text boxes, then text will have unreadable signs, which can't be translated, and for this game the main thing is story, which gives atmosphere. But I don't say, that without story, I didn't enjoy it, I really liked music, gameplay, visuals, finding secrets and other interesting concepts. Game has annoying death sound, but it doesn't make game bad, it is still very fun and interesting to play, and that is why I give it so high mark, but still, I would really like if someone will make english translation (or pokepure), because it is pretty sad, that I can't understand the main story. But still I would recommend this pretty easy game!

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 23 23
Sep 24, 2017