I wanna be the Short trap game

Creator: こた君

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1.9 / 10
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35.0 / 100
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Needle (1) Trap (2) Traps (1) Triggers (1) Backtrack (1)


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3 Reviews:

This game actually comes with two different modes in it, an easy and the normal mode. The screenshots above are from the easy mode however the two modes are almost entirely the same with a few buffs added to the normal mode.

The game has a lot of triggers but is plentiful with the saves so thankfully you don't have to do a very large save without triggers (unless you do normal mode. More on that later.) I honestly thought the first and last save of the first stage were the hardest saves in the game on easy mode. Also as the game implies it is a very short game, maybe 7 screens for stage 1 and stage 2 is 1 screen. The last save only being one of the hardest because you have to travel all the way back to the beginning of the game to get into the portal for stage 2. Its not as bad as it sounds, and I actually ended up liking it more than I thought I would have.

The needle was fairly simple, with the hardest thing you have to do is a diagonal however the triggers is what makes it kind of challenging for beginners as some of them are a bit precise but nothing too bad. It uses default sprites and music from I wanna be the guy which is fine, and the music resetting which I don't mind as it is a simple game.

Normal mode:
As stated above normal mode is just about the same as easy mode with like 3 thing change. One being some saves have slightly harder needle, another being some saves have some triggers and the one I hated the most.... some saves are removed. While the saves removed wasn't really a big thing in stage 1.... in stage 2 all saves all removed.... So you have to go through 28 different triggers on one life, some of them being pretty precise just to beat the game.... I hated it but I did it and it wasn't hard just honestly annoying. It basically requires that you play and beat the game on easy if you don't want to go insane on normal mode stage 2.


Overall this game is actually decent, not bad but not great either. For a trigger game, this one was actually enjoyable, at least on easy mode. If you like triggers games or want to get into a decent trigger game I would recommend this game on easy mode.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 30 30
Mar 31, 2017
two .exe, a is "easy version" (with more saves) and normal that are save long.

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Rating: 1.8 18       Difficulty: 40 40
Aug 17, 2021
A short trap game. All spike traps, just things flying everywhere.

Its not good, it could be worse, but not much.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 35 35
Feb 8, 2020