I wanna be the Tune

Creator: ちゃーりー

Average Rating
7.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
60.0 / 100
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Avoidance (3) BossRush (1)


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3 Reviews:

Review is based on clearing all 7 avoidances and may contain spoilers about the game.

This is game, which is made from ちゃーりー, guy who is famous for making I wanna be the 3200min and I wanna be the Color. Despite them being very popular, I wanna be the Tune didn't get such a big interest among players, and, thus, game is very unknown and most of the players won't recognize it, even though it isn't even a private game.

I should say that this game also was unknown for me, and I should say that I found it very accidentally, and the reason of playing it was even more spontaneous. The reason was Ramirus, who was doing his Avoidance Galactic Tour. Originally, in stage 4 instead of I Wanna Be The Hurricane by bummerman222 there was used this game - I wanna be the Tune. However, very soon after starting this game, Ramirus felt that this is going to take way too much of a time and he was kind of dissatisfied of the presence of 'locus' attack on few avoidances. So very soon he made a substitute and first changed game in his list. This was quite a shock for me, so it was a pretext for me to start this game and trying to beat it insetad of him, because back then I was sure that this was exceptional change (well, it wasn't as time shows). This is the reason why I downloaded and started playing this game on 12th of January (as creation of folder shows it).

Here starts the actual thing. I started playing this game almost 11 months ago. To compare, even I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II if I recall correctly took me less (somewhere around 6 months or so). The reason starts with actual game and its gameplay.

This game is basically BossRush type of game or collection of avoidances (call as you wish), where you have several bosses to beat and the final one, which usually unlocks after you beat all another ones. Well, not this case. This time you have to beat 4 avoidances to unlock passage to the final one, which isn't even a final one, because you won't even have a credits or anything like that after beating it. Even if you beat all 7 avoidances, nothing is going to happen. Well, the only thing is that you won't be able to play any avoidances on that current save file, because for some reason after collecting item after defeating avoidance there is an empty room with no avoidance at all. Why it was done, I don't really have an idea. Notably avoidances has good production value and very unusual tracks, in my opinion, however avoidances themselves are very short, usually up to 2 minutes long. However, not all 7 avoidances are original ones. This is something like with I wanna daydream, where many avoidances were used in different other creator games before. This time 2 avoidances from I wanna be the Color and I wanna be the nanahoshi, at least as far as I know. And this is the biggest mistake of the author, about which I am going to talk about. But about everything in order.

The first one, which I beat was the lower-left. It is avoidance from I wanna be the Color. I tried to compare both with videos on youtube, and the only thing which I noticed was that 'locus' attack looks like was nerfed here, since fruits in I wanna be the Color look bigger than in I wanna be the Tune, which may affect the difficulty, however not sure how much. It is very short one, has several RNG attacks and some patterns. Also this is one of 2 avoidances (which both are not original ones) which uses 'locus' attack. Because of it I can give a rating quite higher, however I think that this time it wasn't like the toughest thing or what. The commonly used strategy works fine if you find visual reference point yourself. Also it isn't precise or what and you can be ready for that. Still, it isn't the final attack and there are a few RNG attacks, but nothing too serious, however I did die once on the final attack. Now it is very hard to judge the difficulty in comparison with other avoidances, since I have beaten this avoidance in January, while all others in December, so I have beaten this particular avoidance twice, and second time I used for 'locus' attack the same strat which I used on I wanna be the nanahoshi avoidance, and which I found that zero was using. Apparently it makes everything more easier. So second time I cleared this avoidance in 15 minutes and 25 deaths, and it felt that RNG wasn't as hard, as I used to think, however, remember, back then I haven't even I wanna be the White & Black avoidance cleared, so most likely my skill has risen up. But yeah difficulty is questionable, since even in pyuw's (pyun's) collobarational avoidance difficuty list there was given 60 for I wanna be the Color version, however as I mentioned before, it may be actually harder, but not sure how much if any. So creator at least tried to make avoidance a little bit more acceptable, so I won't lower rating as I wanted at the beginning for copy-pasting, since he changed at least something. Anyway, it was very fun avoidance, in my opinion.

Rating: 7.8
Difficulty: ~50
Time: ~1.5 hours
Deaths: ~170
Date of clear: 13/01/2019

Next choice was the middle-left avoidance, and that was a really horrible nightmare for me. This avoidance is basically a public version of private avoidance, which name is I wanna be the nanahoshi, with one difference: it has white background instead of blue-purplish (wow, such a difference). And that is it. I compared with videos, and I couldn't manage to find more. And that isn't the only problem. Avoidance structure itself is horrible, attacks way too hard in comparsion with the whole game and feels very unbalanced. Also we have another 'locus' attack, which is at the end of avoidance, where you should momentarily after very hard RNG attack to go to the 'locus', which, even more, is harder than usual 'locus', and I could only beat it with totally different strats than usual. But OK let's look on this chef d'oeuvre more closely. Basically it is avoidance which is less than 2 minutes (around 1:40) long, consists of 5 real attacks and around 30 seconds through all the avoidance where you can just stay still at some point and nothing is going to kill you. At the beginning you have to jump once after what you are waiting for the first real attack. It is RNG attack, but nothing too complicated, can be hard sometimes, but it is acceptable. Then it continues to a 'very interesting' pattern where you have to one and the same jump maneuver several times (somewhere around 10 seconds). And you jump just away and back and nothing too special, unless your computer freezes sometimes while jumping and you are going to die from confusion, like it happened several times to me. And after that we have RNG attack, where you can have either very free or walls of fruits, depending on RNG. Attack itself does not have anything origianl. Talking about originality, then we can stay still on the ground and nothing is going to kill you until starts the pre-finale attack, which is just a nightmare. You have straight + curving small fruits going towards you in a very high density. Not only attack itself is very difficutl, but after that we have wonderful finale – momentarily starting 'locus' attack, which means that you most likely won't be able to start it from one and the same spot each time. But that isn't the only problem of the attack. Fruits are bigger and it is very uncomfortable to do usual strat for 'locus'. Just because of this, I was staying 10+ hours just figuring out what to do. It is so confusing, that just for this I am giving such a high difficulty, even though probably it is pretty easy if you know beforehand the most easiest strat. If someone is struggling with this game, then I recommend this strat, since it is very easy to learn and I doubt that there are easier ones to understand [url]https://youtu.be/STfXc23OEkU?t=84[/url], so thank you very much, zero! But, really, this avoidance is just unfair, unfun, and the song doesn't help either, it just makes things more annoying, at least for me. If you play this game, please, skip this avoidance, it is trash, and for 80% there is nothing original to see, unless you will have fun counting how many times you had the same colour big fruits while playing the introductory attacks of the avoidance like some madman. I am just surprised that I cleared it after 11 months... Also it is minus 1.5 mark on rating for pure badly made copy-paste, sorry, since changing colors of background is not enough (also not sure that changing background's color really gave anything). The difficulty might be lower though, but I will keep it like this, since it is very difficult to find appropriate strat for the finale.

Rating: 1.4 (if it was original, then rating would be 2.9)
Difficulty: 60
Time: ~ 11 hours
Deaths: ~ 1200
Date of clear: 15/12/2019

Next avoidance actually I could have cleared earlier if I hadn't accidentally died on last attack. Next one is upper-left avoidance. I believe it is the easiest avoidance in the game, since even long time ago I could manage to do many attacks. Attacks themselves are more or less easy to understand, RNG for the most part is readable, but doesn't seem too hard or anything. I only found that falling fruits sometimes can give literal walls, so you have to be careful with that. Pattern can seem very tough, but in reality it looks worse than it actually is. Can be tricky, but shouldn't be too hard to perfom once you know what to do. Just remember what to do on the last attack, since it has one savespot. I really liked soundtrack and synchronisation of attacks. Very fun one. Also after beating I wanna be the nanahoshi avoidance, I was sure that I could be able to beat it that day, because of previous personal best. And I was correct.

Rating: 7.6
Difficulty: ~ 40
Time: ~20-30 minutes
Deaths: ~ 30-40
Date of clear: 15/12/2019

Surprises started when I chose to play bottom-right avoidance. I was sure that I am going to play it for quite a long time, but I wouldn't think that I could beat on the same day. In my opinion, it is avoidance with the best design and production value. It has many original attacks and designs, which are made very well to the atmosphere of the song and layout. Especially, I liked that snowflake effect. Attacks can take some time to learn, but I didn't find to be frustrating or what. It was purely fun. RNG attacks are very fun to read and finding correct ways. Square attacks forces you to think, which gave some pleasure to me. RNG can be hard, but nothing unbearable. The last few attacks I even first tried. My only real complain are bouncing balls. They doesn't give anything except visual effect. For the most time you have to be on the ground, but for some reason creator allowed for balls to go under and kill the player, which is weird and I quite disliked it, because I found it just unfair. But except that it is my favorite avoidance in this game, I think.

Rating: 8
Difficulty: 40-45
Time: ~30 minutes
Deaths: ~ 110-120
Date of clear: 15/12/2019

Even though the passage for the 'final' boss opened up, I decided to beat 'BossRush' first. So I continued, and went to the middle-right avoidance. It is avoidance with a very catchy song 'The Sampling Paradise'. I really adore how author made avoidance very dynamic to this song and how fun was it. It isn't easy, and, thus, didn't expect to clear it fast, however the time it took is just phenomenal, in my opinion. Maybe attacks are simplistic and may give a feel of ruined atmosphere, but I think that most of the attacks are quite original. Especially, I liked the finale, which gives on nerves and is really dynamic. Yes, maybe some attacks are way too slow, but it is still a decent avoidance. Also, I would say that it is probably still harder than all right side avoidances, because RNG requires skill.

Rating: 6.9
Difficulty: ~45-50
Time: ~ 10-15 minutes
Deaths: ~ 25-35
Date of clear: 15/12/2019

You won't believe, but the top-right avoidance I also cleared on the same day as most of other avoidances. It is very mysterious one, I have to say. It uses not standart bullet sprtes and also soundtrack. Attacks seems quite unusual. Has some RNG and also requires skill to properly and easily read it. I would say it is around the same difficulty as bottom-right avoidance. Most of the attacks I first tried, but I have to say that attacks were more or less appropriate for the atmosphere, especially, pre-finale attack. Also I had fun with the beginning of the avoidance. It is confusing, but very interesting. Nothing more to add, to be honest, other than – fun.

Rating: 7.1
Difficulty: 40-45
Time: ~ 10-15 minutes
Deaths: ~ 20-35
Date of clear: 15/12/2019

After beating BossRush I understood that I can try to beat also the final boss on the same day. Of course, it took more than many others, since, in my opinion, it is pretty much as hard as the avoidance with style of I wanna be the Color, maybe even harder. Avoidance itself has very good track as for the last boss. Very heroical and emotional, I would say. Design and layout a little bit reminded of the last boss of the I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, because there also was given infinite jump, it also started with one colour background, only that time black color, but in this game it is white, turning to black after a while, and then again white. Also sudden appearance of blocks also reminds of that game. The only disadvantage is that in this game you cannot prepare for that and you have to rush as quick as possible. But, on other hand, in this game you still have an infinite jump. Gameplay has several very interesting attacks with, again, unusual bullet sprite choice. Many attacks are patterns, but each time it really felt epic to do them. Some patterns can seem quite hard to react though, but I didn't find it as a barrier to be honest. Also this boss compiles several elements from other avoidances, like using snowflakes at the beginning or the pattern from upper-left avoidance (which looks like it, at least). The final pattern requires 2 small jumps, but I believe you don't need to do 2 frames, at least I think I have done 3, but I am not really sure about that. Anyway, I won't write much more about this, I will keep this avoidance mostly as a surprise for you if you are interested in it. Maybe at the end avoidance feels more simplistic as usual, but I don't think it is a problem. It fits in style of the game. So, yeah, good avoidance to play this game for.

Rating: 7.9
Difficulty: ~ 50
Time: ~ 1 hour
Deaths: ~ 90-100
Date of clear: 15/12/2019

So that is how I cleared 6 avoidances on one day without really expecting it (even though I wished so, I couldn't believe in this). Sadly, after you beat everything there is no credits and that is the end of the game.

I can agree with Rokas666666 that this "didn't seem like an easy game, but has a pretty high production value for an unnoticed game". It can clearly be seen that author really tried his best to provide for one of his last games. Author has its own style, which is specific, but it isn't bad. I really do think that author wanted the best from the game and I like how game is made. Still, game has some technical problems. For some reason gamemaker loads thisgame longer than average fangame and if you rage quit fast then it is annoying to wait for the game to load up. Game for some reason opens way to final boss before beating all BossRush bosses and does not even has final screen or anything. Game has questionable avoidance from creator's past (from game, which is even a private one). And probably there are even more problems. But I want to look on bright side and say that except middle-left avoidance author really made very good balance and very fun avoidances, which aren't easy, but won't take 10+ hours. Author has good taste of music and many attacks are very original. Also game really has good production value, even though it is 2013. That is why I would like to give this game bonus rating for the game's quality in general.

Bonus rating: 7.5

Final average rating without bonus rating: 6.671
Final average rating with bonus rating: 6.775 (rounded up to 6.8)
Final difficulty rating: 60
Total game time: 15:07:57
Total game deaths: 1659 deaths
Date of clear: 15/12/2019

To sum up, this is very unsual avoidance collection, which is also very unknown. Game has good production value, has very for ear pleasant soundtracks, nice visuals and also fun gameplay for most of the time. The only pity is that there exists middle-left avoidance on which you most likely is going to play all your time if you want to clear all avoidances, which lowers drastically rating of the game. I would recommend this game if you choose to do all avoidances except for the middle-left (unless you do it with zero strats). If you want only to try the best ones, then probably lower-left, lower-right and final boss are the ones which are worth your time, in my opinion. Do not be afraid of difficulty, since without middle-left the difficulty is just around 50, not 60. And, finally, I hope there will be more people who will find out about this game after my review!

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 60 60
Dec 17, 2019
A pretty good game that has seven fun avoidances. Since I'm not that good at avoidances i havent beaten a single one, so the difficulty i rated could be higher or lower. Didn't seem like an easy game, but has a pretty high production value for an unnoticed game

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 60 60
Apr 16, 2017
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Dec 5, 2021