I wanna be the ...?

Creator: 遡羅(そら)

Average Rating
3.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
36.8 / 100
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Adventure (3) Gimmick (2) Boss (2) Special (1)


  • by Reinhoc
  • by konomiani

5 Reviews:

I guess I reached the clear screen.
First half exists, one stage is also a guessing game in some way.

Then a chase that is not very fun to do. I like the idea behind it but the screen transitions are a bit much.

Boss 1 maybe has an HP bar, I dont know how that one works, but phase transitions can be brutal, and it's not a short boss either.

Second half actually has some more challenge and does require some precision.
Compared to boss 1, final would be more appealing to stage 1 if I had to choose their order.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 25, 2024
Rather easy game with some avoidances that can were a bit challenging for someone like me that isn't good with avoidances. There is a needle room where you're being chased by something that was an absolute pain

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Tagged as: Adventure
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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 35 35
Dec 14, 2023
An adventure game with 8 short stages and two bosses (the second boss is bored).

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss Special
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 42 42
Jul 11, 2022
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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 30 30
Sep 7, 2016
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Rating: 0.5 5       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 1, 2016