I wanna break through Seven trials

Creators: carua, aqua, どるっぴ, やすな, きっくぅ, ちくわ, 葉月

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5.1 / 10
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71.0 / 100
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Needle (16) Collab (3) NoMusic (1)


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Old needle collab. When I play collab fangames, I usually like to give detailed descriptions of what did each maker do, with the positives and negatives of their stages, but honestly, I don't think that doing so is worth it for this game. The only fun stage in this game is Kikkuxu's, which actually is decent needle. Everything else is just generic and/or unfun needle. Doruppi's stage deserve a special mention for being particularly bad, specially thanks to the water saves (Which include a save that consists of a lot of downwards water planes in a row, and another save that ends with a water corner that you're given a bad align for). And I don't really have a lot to say about the other stages.
Honestly not a game I would recommend, not as a challenge, nor as a game to simply have fun with. It's not fun, and there are many better challenges out there nowadays. Wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 4.1 41       Difficulty: 75 75
Oct 8, 2016
It's disappointing to me that, while the concept of a collab needle game has a lot of potential, the games we get out of it are always thoroughly underwhelming.
Think about it, if we are sticking to the 1 or 2 screens/creator formula and each person contributes with something that's distinctly in his/her own style there could be something interesting. If you only have to make one screen you can take your time and actually put effort into it to make something that sticks out.

In Seven Trials none of the creators did this as far as I can tell. A few of them clearly worked to cramp as many spikes as they could into a single 800x600 px screen but I don't find anything resembling actual effort into creating unique or fun jumps.

The most prominent kind of gameplay in Seven Trials is the awkward one. A couple of the stages are almost unbearably claustrophobic and this along with touch saves that insist on changing your position makes a big chunk of the experience frustrating. The tight spaces aren't the only awkward part of the game though, many of the stages are extremely heavy on the shorthopping (in some cases 1-frames or JCs are required) and finger-unfriendly maneuvering.

The game also suffers from generic jumps and when they are not your usual diamonds and corners they are what I like to call the bad type of creative. By this I'm referring to design that puts spikes on grids below the 8x8px one, minispike spam, generic jumps but squished and pseudo-original jumps aka ledge jumps/corners/planes etc. that look like something else but aren't.

Before I go on to say something nice about the game and try to explain why the rating isn't lower I would like to bring some criticism to the visuals. It's about a 50/50 distribution of 1. Ugly and hard to see tilesets and 2. Clear but ugly and low res tilesets. For a game that revolves entirely around short precision saves there should not be so much going on in the backgrounds.

Despite all of this the game still wins some points in my book. Now almost all of them are from the collaboration aspect of it. Not because I care about each individual gamemaker involved or even know much or anything about any of them but rather because at least it made each stage feel and play different from the other ones. It's also a simple but amazingly efficient way to create a sense of progression to have a hub with all the warps as opposed to just letting the player play through all the stages in a predetermined order. The difficulty ratings are also a good touch.

Regardless of how awful I find the majority of the game design in Seven Trials I still believe it can be fun as a game to challenge yourself with when you're just moving into more advanced needle territory.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 68 68
Oct 24, 2015
Nothing screams "seven trials" more than... seven underwater planes in a row! Yeah, awesome fun.

Warning: This game is PROBABLY softlockable. I'm almost sure it isn't because I suck at needle, but the second screen of haduki area has a save towards the right of the screen that is just below a platform, but with a hitbox big enough so that you save above the platform. I couldn't get out of there for a full day and, after 2000+ deaths, I had to restart the game. That is a huge punishment for messing your route. That's pretty much the reason I'm rating this so low; I play to enjoy, not to be tortured or grounded in such a way.

The concept is very attractive: a needle collab. Back in 2012, it surely was a thing. However, this sensation consisted in a scoreless (ugh) collection of seven makers where each trial consisted in one or two screens each. With a plethora of generic jumps and mostly bad visual designs, you discover an outstanding obsession with planes. Planes of ALL kinds. Upwards and downwards, under water and on hard ground, and even a double plane as a final jump. This catharsis becomes all the more exploitative when the game has touch saves. TOUCH SAVES. This is atrocious. The way this feature harms gameplay is beyond my vocabulary; a save is meant to save not only your progress, but your position as well. With each "R" key press, you end up in a different spot, sometimes exactly in the pixel of a spike, making it a chore to get the hell out of there. This affects your concentration and kills your strats of moving 3 frames left or right and having a new setup of your originally saved position because of the damn save hitbox!

Yeah, I'm angry.

Analyzing each stage is a sweet idea for me, but this game made everything in its power to kill that hype. Doruppis first stage is as generic as it gets, except for the top part, and it's a "fun" challenge, for the lack of a better word. However, the second screen is just terrible. I'm proud of myself for beating the final save of the game in less than three minutes, but still I reckon that's a very cheap final jump.

What would I say to needle lovers? If you're a completionist and also a sadist, go ahead. I did it anyways because I love playing fangames of all sorts, genres and quality levels. This made me appreciate Needle Satan even more. However, try better needle, because this game introduced a new way of adding cheap difficulty. Nope, it's not corners, but corners with a bad align.

Have fun.

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Rating: 1.4 14       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 11, 2020
Seven Trials is a very questionable game, and as you can see from most reviewers is also not that liked. I'm finding it hard to truly judge it myself, as I did have genuine fun playing parts of it, enough that I don't think I'd give it a negative rating overall. I still acknowledge issues with it, however, and probably wouldn't recommend it to most.

It's hard to tell what this was meant to be originally. If it was supposed to be an ambitious Needle Collab then it didn't really seem to get finished, stages are pretty short, a lot of the design seems rushed, and the game doesn't even have music. Even the difficulty ratings of the stages feel completely incorrect. It really does seem like the project fell down completely at some point with everyone abandoning the ship, it's a skeleton without flesh.

I won't review each stage partially because I don't think it's necessary, though I'll mention some key points of the game. First to address the elephant in the room, Doruppi area, I don't think it's the hardest. The infamous water plane save is probably the most bothersome in the stage, but it's really just about doing a rhythm and that's it, you'll succeed at some point. This stage was also the first time I've ever done a downwards plane, so I'll give it props for teaching me something. There are other jumps in the game I did dislike, however, specifically a weird ceiling diamond in Aquas stage, and a double upwards plane in Caruas, I honestly found them way harder than most jumps in the 3-4 star stages. Besides this, nothing in the game really stuck out as particularly bothersome, but of course, this is going to vary based on the player since it is all precision needle. I will also mention though the touch saves are extremely annoying, not sure why they though these were a good idea to have.

Once again, I'm not sure I'd recommend it to most people, but I did find it fun. Also, I was able to beat the game without canceling at all, so it's definitely never required in any jump. If you want to check the game out then go ahead and quit if you start to dislike it, but only play it if you're genuinely interested.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 31, 2022
autosave feature is very annoying

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Rating: 2.2 22       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 8, 2020