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2.5 / 10
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40.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Trap (1) Gimmick (2)


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2 Reviews:

First off I just want to explain why there is no difficulty rating and that is because I'm not 100% sure this game is even possible. I got to the third screen of the game, and I couldn't figure out what to do from there. I tried invisible triggers, fake walls, going back but it all ended up being for nothing. I tried looking up videos on youtube and nico to see if there was a video to see if I could hopefully find the answer to it but there wasn't even that so because of that I'm leaving the rating unknown for now. If I find a way to progress or if I find out the game is impossible I'll update the review.

This game tries to do a unique approach to combine Minecraft with fangames and the concept of it isn't even bad but it is very poorly exercised. Pressing 1 (which is default) is just regular bullets, 2 is pickaxes, 3 is shovel and 4 is axes.

If you played mincraft before you know what used on what so no explanation needed really there but where this game fail to in using them is the fact that you are often rushed to switch to those different options. Trying to switch to them is just awkward and even if you do manage to switch to them in time, it doesn't mean its over. Because to use them you have to shoot but they shoot at a downward angle and if you are too close to the object that needs to be destroyed you will just not destroy it.

The save balancing in this game is very horrid as well as the first save in the game the hardest thing you do is jump ledge jump. Get to the third save and suddenly you have gravity flippers and have to do a gate jump while upside but unlike a real gate jump you can over jump it. Doing so however just flips gravity again and causes you do die. Next save you do a nerf invert etc... It goes from being a simple game to just suddenly hard out of nowhere.

The music in this game is also unfitting and honestly just horrible. And this is coming from a music major! Its starts out okay with a fanfare opening but quickly just makes me want to shut the music off because its horrible. Its disgusting and if you somehow manage to get to the second half, which by the way the music restarts every death, it becomes even more out of place with just a tuba solo... Not really fitting when it comes to playing a fangame that tries to mix with minecraft.

Overall this game had interesting concepts, decent graphics but the weird controls, the awful game balance and the maybe, maybe not, impossible screen 3 is what is ruining this game from actually being good and decent. If you could change weapons by pressing C instead of the numbers and if it didn't mater how close you were when you used your weapon it would fix a ton right there. Replace the music, make it non restarting and you would have easily made this game enjoyable. I just can't recommend this game to anyone, its just awful and I'm honestly sorry to say that.

Edit: So I finally beat the game, its only three screens long but the ending is kind of cheap. Spoilers ahead To beat the game you have to kill the skeleton head at the very end which wouldn't be a problem but you have no indication that you are even hurting it. Your bullets go right through him and there no sound effect. Just adding a sound effect would have made the ending a lot better in my opinion.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 22, 2017
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 6, 2019