I wanna eat the Planet

Creators: 蒼羅, ケフィ

Average Rating
6.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
36.5 / 100
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Adventure (6) Avoidance (8) Trap (7) Gimmick (2) Boss (3)


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28 Reviews:

Started out pretty meh, but ended up with getting better the further in I got,the mario stages are far better than the minecraft ones and the avoidance at the end was pretty neat, even though it's a little boring and slow at times. I would have preferred it if it had buffed and faster attacks, but you have HP instead.

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 38 38
May 14, 2020
This shit probably went so hard when it came out. There’s a falling object trap at the end of a save. Paragusrants is screaming FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK, and chat is just laughing the entire time. I wasn’t around but fangames were probably so simple then.

Anyways I beat this an hour ago and I already forgot what happened in the game.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 35 35
Oct 28, 2023
Fangame Clear #23

Stages were filled with annoying traps and the designs left much to be desired, though with that being the bulk of the game, it still wasn't exactly the worst part of the experience. That dishonor would have to go to the most boring, tedious, and simply annoying avoidance I've played up to that point. A grand majority of these attacks require basically no effort, and much of the final attacks require a good deal of learning, so expect to stick around for a while as you slog through the beginning of the avoidance over and over again. Would not recommend.

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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 26 26
Aug 23, 2023
Pretty alright adventure game that takes you through the worlds of Minecraft and Mario. It's pretty decent, has a few traps thrown throughout, and three bosses with the last being an avoidance to M.S.S. Planet. Found the avoidance to not be too difficult, though you'll likely be guaranteed a death or two due to some pretty unpredictable attacks.

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Boss
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 39 39
Dec 22, 2021
Pretty good trap fangame. The production value is relatively high and only gets higher the further you get into the game. A few of the traps were kind of bland, but most were pretty nice. The bosses aren't very hard, but they're not too bad either, aside from an avoidance section at the end that took up about half my playtime; it's a very learny section and will likely take you a while to figure out specific patterns. Not only that, but I found the section to be way too long to be enjoyable, plus there were many points you would just stand still. Overall, I recommend this fangame to people looking to play a good trap game, though the avoidance at the end may be offputting to some.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 12, 2021