I wanna go the DotKid!

Creator: ところてん

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5.9 / 10
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78.8 / 100
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Adventure (1) Needle (6) Avoidance (7) Trap (4) Gimmick (4) Miku (3) Dotkid (7)


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19 Reviews:

Rating based on Version 1.2.
Brutal challenge that makes use of the Dotkid, a red dot with a 2x2 pixel hitbox and some odd physics. There are four stages that can be accessed in any order followed by two linear stages. Each stage has a boss, except for the left stage, which has two.
The platforming is alright. Most of it is based on extremely tight movements, including needle jumps and tricky traps, with some moving projectiles here and there. The left stage is somewhat uninteresting, with a difficulty curve all over the place and a really hard Save with a trap right at the end. The top stage is mostly uninteresting as well, but there are one or two enjoyable Saves with interesting ideas. The right stage is a lot more enjoyable for the most part, although the trap Saves simply shouldn't exist (Extremely generic traps, most of them don't add anything to the platforming at all). The difficulty curve is more solid (Although there's a freebie Save) and there are some interesting needle jumps around. The bottom stage is terrible. It's a RNG-filled hell consisting of three screens. Once you get past these three screens, you have to get past the same three screens yet once again, but this time upside-down. The fun includes two Saves where you walk right below the spawning point of the RNG projectiles (Pretty much the same Save, but one of them is upside-down), patterns of curving projectiles that you have to memorize and lots of entirely luck-based Saves. The penultimate stage wasn't bad, but I really didn't enjoy it, specially the parts involving invisible and fake blocks. The only nice part was pretty much the last Save. The last stage is a really fun, but really lengthy vertical ride on a moving line of water that goes through needle jumps and RNG cherries.
The bosses are mostly Miku avoidances, the only exception being the left path's first boss (Which is also an avoidance). The worst part about these bosses is that their hardest attacks are always near the end, which makes each death weigh a lot more. The left Miku was easily the one that took me the most effort, as her hardest attack is much harder to understand and avoid than any other attack in the game (Often simple bursts of extremely fast projectiles). I don't think that I enjoyed any boss other than the right Miku, with was quite hard, but equally fun and mostly fair.
It's one of the fangames I fear the most ever since I was a beginner, but I still don't know whether I like it or not. Not sure if I would recommend.

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Rating: 5.1 51       Difficulty: 79 79
Aug 17, 2015
Merry Christmas!

I did manage to finish this before 2020 ended! I'm so glad. Oh, you legendary piece of old-school brutality... What am I supposed to do with you? How should I rate you?

Before I begin with my epic-length essay (not really), my mind begs the question:

Was this the first DotKid fangame ever? Like, the first fangame that ever featured the DotKid gimmick? Because if it is, for better or for worse, it just freaking happened! Imagine being introduced to the gimmick with one of the hardest fangame challenges ever back in the early 2010s, as I hear that K2 featured a screen or two of this.

What is key to understand about DotKid physics is that they are identical to regular Kid, but the point is that you only measure 2X2; however, you will still move three pixels per frame and a gate jump can still be done with a four-frame jump minimum. You're just smaller but all physics apply. This is interesting (and also convenient) because you know how the DotKid will behave purely based on muscle memory previously developed with regular Kid more than calculation, until you fully get used to it.

Go the DotKid is an insanely difficult challenge, not impossible, not one that is far off in terms of sanity, but certainly one that pushes the limits of many players, even experienced ones. It has four main stages which can be played in any particular order, each one featuring a Miku boss (and one of these featuring a miniboss), opening a penultimate stage with another Miku, and a final platforming section afterwards that ends... with another Miku, of course.

How to play?

First, pray.

Second, determine the experience you want to have. Difficulty ladder? From most generic to most creative in terms of level design (or viceversa, but why would you)? From most generic to most experimental in terms of gimmicks/visuals?

So! If you choose the difficulty curve path, the suggested order is:

1) Up
2) Down
3) Right
4) Left

If you choose the visual design/gimmick order, go:

1) Right
2) Up
3) Left
4) Down

If you go for level design/platforming, go:

1) Down
2) Up
3) Left
4) Right

I fully recommend the difficulty spike one so that you don't give up immediately. So go for up, down, right and left. Up and down are probably interchangeable.

-Up has water physics and very precise needle. The visual design is ugly, placing generic tilesets, spikes and cherries randomly all over the place (and freaking Nekoron!!!), but it has the shortest Miku.
-Down has a weird section with random visuals that I appreciate from time to time. It can be considered random visual trash by many, and understandably so, but it is not something you regularly see. So it's three screens that you don't know beforehand what kind of show they will throw at you. The grave thing about this section is that, after those three screens, you have to repeat them. What's the catch? No saves? No. Reversed controls? No. New traps? No. The screen is freaking upside down. Upside down! Want an easy way to add cheap difficulty? Just put it upside down. And good luck buddy, because the difficulty is multiplied by 3 even if it is exactly the same three screens. But the Miku is the easiest by far, and in rating standards, it is average. Shockingly compared to all Mikus.
-Right has the normal IWBTG tilesets, visuals and whatnot, so expect the most generic thing in the game, right? Well, no. It is probably the most fun stage. Mostly vanilla platforming with some water sections (Nekoron!). There is an infamous screen where you have to activate four switches in a go without intermediate saves to progress. I admit it is trash, but it is amusing and fun to pull off. Only two "traps" that could catch you off guard. However, the Miku here.... I won't deny that it was very fun to grind, but it was, hands down, the most difficult Miku for me, and it all comes down to one thing I'll mention in a bit that is a common denominator for all Mikus. It took me around 20 hours. I suffered. Ironically, though, it is fun and readable 80% of the times, even though it can wall/roof you from time to time in unfair ways.
-Left is a legendary path. Welcome to another generic design used by many: the classic metallic tilesets with a completely black background. These screens require timing, and suffering through traps before the end of a save. Expect that. Then there is a miniboss. After that, we have what I would argue is the most difficult screen in the entire game, which precedes a Miku that has become the stuff of bedtime stories. Red Miku is on a class of its own because of the final attack. Half of this final attack can be planned; after that, your plans get crushed during the second half thanks to oh-so-fun RNG. I'll admit that even though theoretically I can see this being the hardest Miku, it's the second one that took me the least time. Final bouncing blue cherries didn't choke me and I was past it. It was creative, fun and short, but I'll admit that the final attack just wants to screw you over.

So, you've passed your four main stages. Welcome to the penultimate stage. Same design than Left path stage (aye for variety!), but this section is also fun! It has a mechanic of red/blue switches, precise platforming that is not unfair because, by this point, you'll have your calculations already worked out, and even sections where you have to go fast before time runs out. After that, there is another screen loathed by many: an RNG screen where you bounce (very intuitive) on cherries, replenishing your double jump, and have to go across a large side-scrolling section. There is a "checkpoint" in the middle (not a save) which is just a line of water, and then you repeat the same thing but with platforms moving. Think of the Cheetahmen boss in Boshy when the floor breaks and you have to survive jumping on platforms before Cheetahmen become Megatron. However, in this game, it is way less balanced and fair. That is the part that rages.

Penultimate Miku is good fun, catchy vocaloid (almost no lyrics), reactable fast attacks and a nice sense of accomplishment when you beat her.

Enter the final stage. Boshy inspiration again. Think of the Tower section in the desert of Boshy's last stage where you have to go up and up in a moving platform while a giant Piranha Plant stalks you with a laser. I think it wanted to convey that vibe. Of course, there is no production value in here, so what happens is that there is an entire horizontal set of 16X16 water 3 blocks moving up, and you have to survive precise platforming and RNG cherries crap. It leaves the toughest precise jumps at the end, so good luck, buddy.

After you make it and cheer, you see this giant teleport that will take you to: THE FINAL MIKU.

Ironically, it isn't the hardest. It has the same dumb logic that Pi Miku (Right Path Miku) has: be readable and reasonable (even easy) until the final attack, which is just absolute bonkers. Also, you have to stand still for 10 seconds doing nothing, staring at Miku while she stares at you, every single attempt before you can start moving. Oh, so fun. The vocaloid is one of my favorites: The Intense Song of Hatsune Miku -InfinitY happy end, but only the second half, and thank God, otherwise it would drive me out of my patience[/spoilers].

Of course I have complaints. ElCochran always does. Traps. Generic, unfun, unfair, abundant and breaks the gameplay pace. Being this a brutal fangame, traps just are there to bother. They add absolutely nothing, like they would do in a well-made Carnival fangame (and I still complain about those). Mikus: every single one of them have their most difficult attack at the very end, and they are very long. Screw that. Why should I grind through easy stuff if I will lose to mostly luck-based trash??? Also, NEKORON WATER! Jesus Christ, you know how much trouble that gave me? It's not only in the water stages, but in the infinite-jump sections too. It is rather simple to one-frame jump with my keyboard, so you have zero idea how many times I "accidentally" one-framed after being consistent through many saves, only to be betrayed by the engine making a full jump because according to the engine's logic: 1 frame jump - 1 frame substracted by default in Nekoron = Full jump = Death. In the water stages, this was hell. In the penultimate Miku, this was worse. And it was the ugliest in the final Boshy-like final tower section before final Miku. I easily attribute 8% of my total amount to deaths to the Nekoron engine.

In short:

Platforming: Uneven, from very fun to cheap trash
Mikus: Very fun, until last attacks
Nekoron: Burn in the flames of hell

The challenge, still, I'd say is worth taking if you want to sharpen your needle skills. Even if you're DotKid, you train your muscle memory for future challenges.

This one was a difficult one, to appreciate, to rate, to enjoy and to review. It's a mixed bag, but you feel like a greater man once you say you are THE DotKid.

Not interested in the Easy version.

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Rating: 4.4 44       Difficulty: 88 88
Dec 25, 2020
In this game, instead of the Kid, you use Dotkid, a dot with a 2x2 pixel hitbox. The platforming parts are really fun, and not particularly hard, except maybe for some bits of the water path and the entire right path (and even those are really fun). The only tedious part was the RNG filled path before the penultimate boss, it pretty much requires luck in order to progress. As for the bosses (all of them Mikus except for an easy miniboss in the left path), they all have their most difficult attacks at the end, which may end up aggravating people who don't have insane reflexes (including myself). The only exception is the bottom path Miku, which is very easy, even her final attack.
P.S. Bottom path platforming is dumb. Also, make sure to play in the latest version (1.3). In 1.2, all saves were touch saves, which caused me to get stuck in a spike and I had to restart the entire game. In 1.3, they become "Press S" type of saves, which fixes that.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 88 88
Aug 17, 2015
pretty fun

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 11, 2018
This is the adventure that goes really insane sometimes. I would say i expected far worse, in reality this was fun for the most part. Some saves are tough, the ones that are before Red Miku were annoying sometimes and of course Down warp platforming was real trash. Over than that one of the save in final stage was actually hillarious where you just rush your way without knowledge of what lies further. Very final save was epic and fun, even tho i fluked it i guess

Bosses were all good, which is really surpsising. Probably weakest one is Blue Miku, which has some strange dense attack. Black Miku was very fucking good, fantastic song and creative gameplay. Red Miku was way better than K3 one, since Outrage make sense here. Final Miku was very fun, as well as Pi Miku

Overall, it was really enjoyable, definitely quite underrated game

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 76 76
Apr 9, 2023