I wanna be the Guy Clone

Creator: Levirules

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3.0 / 10
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37.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Trap (1) Different_Engine (1) unfinished (2)


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4 Reviews:

Rating based on fully exploring the game (Without using the cursor teleporting), since there's no real ending screen. This demo is from 2009, so I doubt it'll ever be updated.
I really wanted to like this game, but it's hard to when the game is so broken. To start with, there are lots of paths that lead to dead ends. The maker left the cursor teleporting in the game, which allows you to teleport your character to wherever you click. Some specific actions will restart the game from the beginning, with a glitchy screen as a bonus. There's even a save that triggers this glitch: If you use the save, you're doomed as soon as you die. Simply amazing. And some saves simply don't work.
There's only one specific route you have to follow if you want to progress in the game. This route includes getting an item that doesn't even seem to be possible to get at first glance (To make things worse, you can complete the stage without this item, and doing so will softlock you), getting through screens that seem like dead ends and backtracking through screens that were changed out of nowhere. There's a single boss somewhere near the end, and once you beat this boss, you have to get through a couple extra screens of platforming to go back to the first changed backtracking screen. Once you reach this screen, there's absolutely nothing else you can do. The game is, technically, over.
Some minor issues include lack of musics for the majority of the game, the floaty physics (Which are a minor issue because the game handles them well for the most part) and the loud death sound, but it's hard to pay attention to these when the game itself is such a mess. The worst thing is that this game actually had potential, with an apparently interesting storyline, nice visuals, some funny traps, a fair share of variety and what I would consider nice design in a normal game. It's really a waste.
It's kinda sad that this game is so broken, it seemed really good at first glance. Highly not recommended.

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Rating: 0.7 7       Difficulty: 41 41
Mar 3, 2016
Visually I like it but everything else is meh.

From what I gather from the intro, the game takes place after the og iwbtg, more specifically when the kid is falling from guy tower at the end of iwbtg. Basically a plane hits the kid, killing him, and the plane is forced to land. Then a co-pilot gets out and is armed with a dinky gun and then the plane is kidnapped by ridley. I'm going to assume that your main goal is to get your plane and co-pilot back.

The game is unfinished and just ends at a point. You can also teleport with the mouse.

This game feels like the creator had no idea a iwbtg community existed and just made his own thing.

Kinda sad that this game will never be finished. but not really.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Different_Engine unfinished
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Rating: 4.8 48       Difficulty: 40 40
Nov 10, 2022
This game I will pass off as decent, it's not the best game but I have seen much worse out there.
It has quite a few bugs that shouldn't be in a demo. There are no songs so it decreases motivation to even progress the game.
It's a little boring, while there is variety in terms of backgrounds, it blends in. To put it in other words: No room really sticks out to me, In IWBTG many of the rooms I remember very well because of how fun and intriguing they were.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 30 30
Dec 26, 2016
Tagged as: unfinished
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 30, 2020