I wanna be the Retro!

Creator: Miracle

Average Rating
3.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
46.9 / 100
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Adventure (4) Trap (4) Boss (2) Long (2) Visual_Challenge (2) unfinished (3) Classic (2) Epilepsy_Warning (2) InvisiKid (2) AdventureTrap (1) S.H.I.T. (1)


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8 Reviews:

Old-school fangame from the early days of fangames. You need a ton of patience if you want to play through this game. Like Piece says, the difficulty balance is all over the place, and there's lot of tedious and un-fun parts. My difficulty rating of 55 is for the most difficulty parts I remember. I played through recently just to get a taste of the olden days. I enjoyed it, but you have to be in a very particular and patient mindset to enjoy it, haha. Would recommend giving it a try to anyone interested in fangame history. If you're patient I think it could make for a very entertaining stream game too. It definitely has its own charms and cool stuff if you're in the right mindset. There's lot of content, variety, and creativity. It's just the execution that's consistently lacking.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Classic
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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 55 55
Sep 26, 2017
It's an ancient fangame that tried its best to be creative, but it unfortunately falls flat on its face at every turn. Most saves have underwhelming traps at the end, pretty much every gimmick is painful to play with, and the boss fights have both uninspired attacks and too much HP. To top it all off, it just ends at a set of DEMO blocks, so you don't even feel accomplished for finishing it.

Unless you're looking for the experience of a crusty old forgotten fangame from the Kayin Forum era, I'd probably skip out on this one.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap
[3] Likes
Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 50 50
Jun 4, 2015
Honestly not nearly as bad as the other reviews made me think it would be. Sure it's kind of stupid, but you can tell a lot of heart went into it and I had fun with it. Also really nothing in it was difficult beyond having to learn how to get through some occasionally tedious traps.

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Rating: 6.3 63       Difficulty: 30 30
Dec 24, 2019
Rating based on Very Hard without secrets.

Super old Kayin forums game made by Miracle. Given the time this was made in (and the fact that it uses Tijit engine), you can pretty much guess the level of quality I was expecting this to be. However, looking at the actual game, it's clear that Miracle genuinely tried to make a good game. And, well, sometimes it was fun, and other times her efforts just fell flat.

Stage 1: A nice introduction to the game, the traps aren't too difficult to dodge and it's overall a fun stage. There is one trap near the end (the red spike) that could catch people off-guard, but only the first 2 or 3 times, and after that, it's not a problem. The same screen features invisible platforms you have to walk on, but there's spikes above them, so they're easier to find. Not much else to say for this stage.

Stage 2: This stage features a lights-out gimmick, where you're not allowed to see the screen, and you have to memorize it beforehand. It shouldn't take a lot of explanation to understand why I don't like this stage. At least there's rarely any traps while the screen is blacked out, though. Last screen, you can actually see things, but the spikes are invisible and platforms are added, which disappear once you reach a certain point.

Stage 3: The fireball screen isn't actually all that difficult, despite what the sign says. It's just a little trial and error of when exactly to jump. The rest of the stage isn't that bad either, except for a platform ride on the last screen that I remember being really dumb, but isn't actually all that bad, playing the game now.

Stage 4: You start off by falling into a spike. If you don't do that, though, the stage is only one screen long, but there is way too many traps packed into such a small space. One of the traps, though, you're just supposed to let the platform move you, and not do anything else. Last trap is annoying.

Stage 5: This stage introduces a new gimmick: orbs that push you up or down. The previous stage already used it once, but here, they're used more often. The beginning shows them tightly packed together, but after that, not so much. There's also some that don't actually work, and instead just disappear when you touch them, as well as a fake save. Then, there's the last screen, full of traps that are just incredibly stupid, particularly the last few.

Boss 1: Doesn't do anything, but there is some platforming on the way to reach it. Once you do, you'd best be prepared to mash quickly, since the moving spikes still serve as obstacles.

Stage 6: Another really short stage, but what is there isn't really that interesting. It's just a couple of jumps that involve riding on platforms. You also have to move through a fake wall to proceed, though the game does give you somewhat of a hint that you have to do this. The transition to the next stage also has a few more traps in it.

Stage 7: Uses more of the pushing orbs, and also features spikes that move up and down. Has a moving platform part with a backtrack, though that's not gonna be much of an issue, aside from the trap at the end. The spinning wheels screen is very timing-heavy, and the moving quadruple diamond in particular is really annoying. The chasing oranges aren't much of an issue, though, aside from the possibility to get yourself blocked from exiting after stopping them from moving. The last screen of this area requires more trial and error, and the part with the moving barrels just sucks.

Stage 8: One of the better stages, built around blinking lasers. This stage is built around timing as well, however it's not nearly as annoying as the spinning wheels in the previous stage. There is another moving platform section with backtracking, though it's also fun, and there's no annoying trap at the end. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbXybenrpjA&t=993s]Marios' video[/url] demonstrates you can actually skip this part with proper timing, something which I didn't do.

Boss 2: Another mash-fest, though this time the boss actually moves around. Also, the lasers from the stage are here as well. Enjoy this boss (or don't) while it lasts, because there ain't gonna be any for a while.

Stage 9: There are a bunch of traps packed into this part, otherwise it's somewhat ok. I remember screen 2 in particular giving me a very hard time a long time ago, mainly because of the time limit, but now, it's not so bad either. Also features the InvisiKid™, though not for long, and the game even tells you how to find where you are.

Stage 10: Also very short. After ignoring all the fake pipes and walking through the wall, there's a screen involving bouncy floor and some wire you have to cut. Literally nothing else worth noting.

Stage 11: Starts with an easy-ish screen with coins, two of which you can shoot to get rid of. The next screen isn't really all that difficult either, it's all about consistency and basically just gate jumps. The message on the last screen is both correct and incorrect at the same time.

Stage 12: I love me some "Smooth Criminal"! This stage is mainly built around platforms, using them in multiple different ways. The platform ride after the mercy room is entirely trial and error, and incredibly bad, not to mention a jump on which it's possible to choke afterwards. Last screen is also annoying, considering how hard it is to dodge Knuckles when he flies at you.

Stage 13: Another one screen long stage, loaded with traps. One of them in particular, I was able to avoid activating, so I thought the stage was actually impossible, until I realized I just forgot to hit the trigger for it. The trap at the very end is way more precise than it needs to be.

Stage 14: Horrible, I absolutely hate it. Filled with way too many invisible blocks, an invisible block maze above boiling lava, the lava effect makes it hard to see what you're doing, moving through walls, and some of the stupidest traps in the game, all adding up to quite possibly the worst stage in the game. Let's not dwell on this utter trash heap of a stage any longer.

Stage 15: I'm honestly not sure what to say about this stage. It has less traps than the other stages do, but the traps it does have are just as annoying as the rest of the game (that being, not very much, although there were some that were more so). The falling spikes from the ceiling was one of the more annoying ones, but the rest, I can't recall any exceptionally annoying ones. The moving blocks at the end can really catch someone off-guard, though.

Stage 16: Another one of the better stages in the game. The simple aesthetics are nice. The stage has a few moving platforms in it, although not in the worst spots possible. Also not many traps, besides the invisible blocks. Not much else to say, really, this is just a really good stage.

Stage 17: OH GOD, MY EYES. This stage seriously hurts to look at. First screen not all that much, second screen even less, but after that, it becomes extremely apparent why the Kid is wearing sunglasses, so he doesn't have to look at this. Aside from that, there's a screen full of moving blocks, another screen with annoying traps, and a screen with blocks you have to land on, but can't actually see because of the afformentioned background.

Stage 18: Extremely short, you just ride on top of a car, and dodge the occasional trap, but even then, there's only 2 traps in this entire stage. Not sure why this part exists, but it sure does.

Stage 19: This stage is in a volcano, and as such, you'll see more lava. The lava is on the sides of the screen, but also at the bottom of the volcano. The stage literally has no traps in it at all, until you reach the bottom, when the lava starts to rise, and you have to hurry up to the warp. The problem is that half of the blocks aren't solid, so it's basically trial and error, to find the right ones.

Stage 20: Starts with a save jumping segment, but the bottom teleports you back where you started, so you don't have to worry about softlocking. After that, more bouncy floor, then a screen with the wheels from before, except now they come out of tubes instead of spinning around a block. The screen after that features more of them, except they're all from one side, and this gets pretty repetitive, not to mention a spike wall trap that is extremely annoying to dodge.

Stage 21: This stage features quite possible the lowest-quality version of Guy Rock I've ever heard, which made me laugh. The stage also features IWBTG-style traps, for example a bunch of invisible blocks, but also some really annoying stuff as well, like the screen where all the spikes go up at once. Aside from that, the platforming in this stage is alright, though these traps don't really help.

Stage 22: By far the hardest stage in the whole game. If you can beat this stage, rest assured that you've basically beaten the entire game. This stage has moving spheres everywhere, as well as other moving things like platforms. Somewhat later into the stage, it becomes harder to see what you're doing, until you can barely see anything at all, which is super annoying. The water in this engine doesn't slow the Kid down at all, so the screen that uses it is slightly harder than it would be normally. Also the backtracking part in this stage is probably the worst out of any of them in the game.

Stage 23: Another one of the better stages in the game, though not by much. The first screen features a moon that chases you after you hit a switch, and you'll have to shoot the coins at the end to proceed. Speaking of coins, this stage is built around coins that follow your position horizontally, but not vertically. The rainbow coins are faster than the gray ones. They're occasionally mixed in with bouncy floor, which is sort of neat. Then, there's the part at the end where you have to move through a wall to proceed, followed by a trap after that, which wasn't very fun.

Boss 3: Finally, another boss! This boss isn't that different from the second boss, though; they both move around the screen and do nothing else. The difference here is that the boss gets faster as the fight goes on, and there's no lasers. I have to agree with Piece though, the boss is way too long and has way too much health.

Stage 24: More water! Yay! Luckily, it's not for that long, but the hardest part being at the very end of the water part wasn't really my cup of tea. As for after that, the stage uses a bunch of other stuff from other stages, like moving platforms, moving spikes, et cetera. Also has more things that chase you, though they're still not an issue. What is an issue, though, are some of the traps. There are two in particular at the end of saves, that just come from the ceiling out of nowhere, and are very annoying. The stage also ends with more water.

Stage 25: Another short stage, consisting of only two screens. The second one has spinning spikes, and the timing to get past them is somewhat annoying. At the end of the second screen, the game ends with "DEMO" blocks. Apparently Miracle just left this unfinished because she was going to work on a game with VertigoElectric.

This game certainly has its ups and downs. Some parts were fun, and others I just didn't enjoy (*cough cough* invisible maze area *cough*). However, you can clearly see the effort Miracle put into trying to make an enjoyable fangame experience. And Patrick definitely has a point; the game had the ideas, it had the creativity, it had the potential. It seems as though that potential hasn't been fully reached, though. That's not to say the game wasn't fun, though; the game did have its share of fun moments, like I already said, and even some of the worse moments in the game were still fun, so I'd say it was overall fun with some unfun parts. Would recommend if you want a taste of the olden days of fangames.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 50 50
Apr 1, 2020
Terrible Adventure game with shitty traps and horrible bosses. The gimmicks are terrible and there is no redeeming value to this.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Long
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 45 45
Aug 13, 2016