I wanna be the Sunflower Fairy Kid mode

Creator: xiao_huai

Average Rating
4.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
44.9 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (2) Gimmick (1) Trigger (1)


  • by Anonymous

11 Reviews:

This is pretty meaty game in terms of length and content. This game is fairly long and over the course of the game there are actually 2 hubs full of stages the player has to beat. The platforming is OK and some of the stages are cool, especially in the 2nd hub with the music themed areas.

There's a few bosses along the way that aren't too hard, but the final boss is a real piece of shit. It has an annoying gimmick that forces you to only shoot it 2 or 3 bullets at a time then having to wait for the room to clear a bit. Not bad in theory, but when combined with silly high HP and silly RNG on the other attacks it feels more luck based than anything.

Still all this aside, its a fun and lengthy game to play at least up to the final boss. There's a moderate amount of booby traps in some of the stages, and there is an extra stage boss, but it's bad so don't bother.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 50 50
Feb 18, 2015
probably the strangest combo of good production value and absolutely terrible traps

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Rating: 2.3 23       Difficulty: 51 51
Mar 6, 2020
The beginning is common as a 100-floor blow game, and the second part is really bad. Almost all traps are simple, ridiculous and inexplicable. In the high-speed and the bad apple level the traps are especially abundant and bad. I hate these traps. The lucky road in the high-speed level is very meaningless and boring. What's more, in the towers, when I jump and fall, the screen shakes violently, and when I die, the view changes suddenly. I think if the author cut the second half of this game, players will think it greater.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 40 40
May 28, 2019
Savelock near the end of the game (when it already becomes a trap/trigger mess) was really horrible.

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Tagged as: Trap Trigger
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Rating: 3.1 31       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 18, 2018
Until the room with four paths, it was just normal xfloor-ish game. After that, a huge amount of shitty traps threw me off. I could tolerate until the first and second world(gravity and earthquake), and then my patient went out, my anticipation sharply went down. Seriously from OSU world, I just wanted this game to be quickly over. Trash traps goes on and on after the four rooms, never disappointing me. And the 'trash trap' means uncreative traps (e.g. spikes coming out of nowhere with lightspeed) or the thing blocks the way and force me to grind. One or two traps per screen is enough.
I don't even get annoyed if bad game does this (the game with Guy Rock, repeating music of course, bland skyblue background and basic tilesets), but this game has great potential to be a great game. It's more annoying that this kind of good game has done things like this.

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Tagged as: Trap
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Rating: 0.1 1       Difficulty: 50 50
Nov 29, 2018