I wanna get Rekt

Creators: Tehjman1993, Klazen108

Average Rating
9.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
65.4 / 100
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Adventure (4) Needle (2) Avoidance (4) Medley (16) Boss (15) Long (6) Meme (2) Dice (2) NoLevel (1) SourPls (2)


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51 Reviews:

I wanna get rekt is a boss medley. The game has great music and visuals. The bosses are awesome and the difficulty balancing is exceptional. There are unlockable achievements and hats wich i really like. The game also has great humor. There is no way i can't give this game a 10/10.

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Tagged as: Medley Boss
[6] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 29, 2015
A fan-fucking-tastic game. Loved every bit of it, from when i was bad, taking 8 hours to reach stage 4 in testing, to the release, when I beat dice. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

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Tagged as: Medley Boss
[5] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Feb 12, 2015
Awesome medley game that takes bosses from other games, rather than the platforming. These bosses are quite different, some of them being more pattern-heavy, some relying on RNG, some using gimmicks, some are avoidances, and the list goes on. This is really nice, because this way the game doesn't feel repetitive at all, which is something that really kills a boss rush game. On the other hand, however, many players might not like some of the bosses in the game (For me, it would happen to be Meteor Stream. I'm glad that it was nerfed, but it was still boring as hell). After all, when there are so many different bosses, there's a huge chance that at least one of them will be tedious/annoying/displeasing for you. Don't let that stop you from enjoying the other bosses!
At the end of the first three stages, there's a platforming segment that is either, taken from another fangame (Stages 1 and 2) or based on another fangame (Stage 3). I missed them on the other stages, but I guess that they wouldn't really make much sense there, so it's alright.
Obviously, there are some original bosses in the end. They are quite interesting, and very well-made (Mainly the two last ones, the gimmick used in Klazen's second phase makes the battle really strategic, and The True Mastermind is an amazing avoidance that basically does everything right).
The game also has a storyline, or at least seems to have one. It's not really the most well-made storyline I've ever seen (Too confusing, and lacks content at some points), though, but there is a really interesting plot twist (Somewhat predictable, but still interesting).
Sadly, the difficulty curve feels more than just a bit off at some points, which is even more troublesome in a medley game, but that's pretty much the only really bad thing in the game.
Overall, it's a really amazing medley game with lots of unique stuff. Highly recommended to anyone.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Medley Boss Dice
[5] Likes
Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 62 62
Feb 9, 2015
Never reviewed this! Fantastic medley of bosses, there's not too much to say (also I have to leave in 2 minutes so I'm hurrying Kappa) Has interesting selections and sick nasty music.

not biased that this game has at least two of my bosses at all



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[4] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Apr 5, 2016
Unique and incredibly well made medley game.

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[4] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 60 60
Feb 11, 2015