I wanna stop the MELTDOWN

Creator: thebmxbandit11

Average Rating
8.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
65.0 / 100
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Adventure (13) Needle (28) Avoidance (24) Boss (3) Long (8) Chase (3) Barrage (1) SourPls (2)


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74 Reviews:

Rating includes 100%.
This is one of the very few fangames I've ever seen that got really close to actually deserve a 10/10 rating. It doesn't lack on anything. Level design is great, with hard, but fun jumps, and fair save placement. The small details are also great, like save animations, funny cutscenes (When I was watching the cutscene for the Heart World, I though it was a trap, and was just waiting to die), the lovely death sound (I know a couple better death sounds, but this one is still good), the last boss' eyes following you (Thanks for pointing that out, WrathofAnubis, I was about to ignore them)...The small details are, in my opinion, the line between a good game and an awesome game.
I won't say that the stage themes are exactly original, because they aren't, but the visuals are far superior to anything I've seen so far in fangames (And I'm 99% sure that a fair share of this was made with MS Paint, which makes it even more impressive), and even superior to most of what I've seen outside the fangaming world, and this is enough to make an unique fangame. The musics are great and fitting for the most part (Most part. I'm looking at you, Heart stage).
The bosses are very well-made, and here the small details come again. You can choose between fighting the boss, or another needle screen. In other words, being bad at avoidances is not an excuse (It actually is, you can't choose at the last boss fight. But that one isn't too hard). You can also go back after defeating the needle or the boss, to beat the one you didn't beat before (This rating is based on defeating both). The needle challenges are easy compared to the avoidances, or even to the normal platforming, aside from the fourth stage, where the needle challenge is an actual challenge. That being said, the platforming is still hard, but the avoidances just rule over everything. They're fast-paced enough to not be tedious, but not enough to be unfair (Maybe the amount of bullets is unfair, but not the speed), making them incredibly fun and hard at the same time.
The difficulty curve is also good, without any big flaws (Big flaws, I said. Some saves still feel out of place). Almost everything in this game is perfectly done, although it lacks a storyline (Most fangames do) and some of the aligns hints aren't exactly the best. Highly recommended to anyone with enough needle and avoidance skills.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Chase
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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 72 72
Mar 31, 2015
Quite possible the best fangame I have ever played. This game is just in a league of it's own, bmxbandit has created an absolute masterpiece that is the closest to perfection that I have ever seen in any fangame. The game is pretty tough, especially for newish players. But it's THAT good that I just had to play it all in one sitting, beating it in ~5hrs. Something I never do for harder fangames.

Each stage is composed of several needle rooms. The needle on show is just pure art, an impeccable combination of jumps you've seen and not seen before to create something that just...flows. Minus a couple saves no save really feels like a meat grinder and save balance is nigh on perfect throughout.

At the end of each stage you get the choice to play either an avoidance or a needle section. BOTH are incredible, which is amazing as creating both amazing needle and bosses cannot be an easy feat. The needle section at the end of each stage is somewhat harder than what came before but usually will have more saves to compensate. The bosses are rather tough and some attacks can be rough to dodge but overall are fair and really fun to learn. The fact that bmxbandit has given you the choice is pure genius and not something you'll see in any other fangame, but it simply works.

My long list of pros:
-Incredible visuals: the colour-scheme creates a somewhat melancholic scene which simply fits with the atmosphere of the game. Avoidances are pretty and sync perfectly with music that they are with.

-Level design: despite being mostly generic needle, it's stuff you'll have never seen before.

-Music: Fit every part of the game well, monstercat for the final boss got me pumping \o/

-Align guide: Simple and easy to understand and VERY useful if you don't know your aligns. More fangames should have this.

-The final chase sequence: I didn't think I'd ever play a chase sequence better than big kid chase in k2. Boy was I wrong, this felt so good to execute and so fun to play.

-The choice to do either needle or boss and then the choice to come back if you want.

-All of the bosses are outstanding and feel rewarding to beat. As a guy who prefers platforming I still had to go back and replay them as the quality on show is just too good to turn down. They are a step up (for me) from the platforming but rarely feel unfair. If I ever feel like a quick avoidance I'll go back and play these for sure.

-The only downside, and this may just be my PC was that whenever the music looped it caused a little bit of lag, sometimes throwing off my jump. A somewhat minor problem that absolutely did not affect my opinion of the game.

thebmxbandit11 should be proud of this incredible game he has created. It has absolutely set the bar for future fangames that I'll play. I doubt many will top this.

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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 24, 2017
A long game consisting of mostly needle. It also has several avoidances, however only one is mandatory. Frankly I didn't enjoy this game as much as I thought I would, and I feel the game is overrated.
I did thoroughly enjoy the visuals, but the gameplay was disappointing. Perhaps it's just an incompatibility with Brad's style.
I also began experiencing an audio system bug about halfway through the game. It was as if the script for selecting the BGM for each screen was gone, and there were only the objects that dictate the avoidance or menu music. Because of this, the main menu music and avoidance songs were the only things I got to hear for most of my play through. Wasn't fun.

+Visuals are nice
+Consideration was put into aligns and save points
+Theme is quite consistent

-Needle style I just can't shake hands with. Yucky.
-Several avoidances felt unbalanced - the variation in difficulty was much too large.
-Annoying audio bug that seemingly came out of nowhere? (see above)

Chances are that you'll like this game anyway, since that's the popular opinion, however, I don't recommend it.

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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 62 62
Jan 18, 2017
Platforming a great mix of open environment and closed corridor and a few inbetweens. The bosses are really what shine for me though. While you do have the option to skip all but the last boss by doing some more difficult needle I encourage everyone to challenge the bosses a few in particular will really give you a nice hands on feel for what fangames can be for you. Once you beat them once doing it again is a piece of cake and that sort of improvement is what I highly encourage in fangame players. If you wanna do both the needle and the boss lucky you, you can! Highly recommended.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 19, 2017
An expansive, impressive needle/adventure game. Pristine visuals, excellent music, engaging bosses, and interesting jumps? What more could you want? How about extreme length, beautiful ambient effects, and toggle-able align hints! I think I'm in love. Effort and charm just pour out of this game, from the neat little save animations to the subtle shifts in the sprites and background - one boss even has eyes that track you as you move around the screen! Sprite choice and level design are spot on, and each stage has a distinct, original theme. There's enough personality in the music and stage design to remind me of some amazing commercial games like Dustforce.

Starts off mildly difficult, and graduates to rather difficult, but mostly due to sheer quantity of platforming/bosses, not excessive needle-y jumps. Level design and save placement are quite fair, and the helpful tooltips and align hints are just icing on the cake. The game lets you choose a forking path at various points, choosing either the boss or some (slightly) harder platforming, but I went back and did both every time just because the game is so fun. The difficulty of the bosses is very comparable to the platforming as well. A must play for experienced players, but I'd also encourage newer players to give it a try too, even if it's rough at first. Absolutely worth your time.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 65 65
Mar 31, 2015