I wanna be the Four seasons

Creator: ネプノワ

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6.9 / 10
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46.7 / 100
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23 Reviews:

Amazing needle game split into 4 stages. I don't think I need to say what these stages represent, given the title of the game.
- Spring: Probably my favorite area of the game. Has calming visuals, great music, good level design, and it's overall very relaxing. It's quite easy, but still very enjoyable.
- Winter: Cold, very cold. I liked this stage a lot. It's more focused on looking good than on having a decent difficulty curve, although once in a while the game hits spot-on with the jump placement. Probably the hardest stage of the game, because it brings a lot of needle-ish jumps to the game. Align knowledge isn't particularly needed, but will make your life a lot easier. Once again, great visuals and very good music. Easily my second favorite stage, not too far from Spring.
- Summer: I usually hate summer-themed stages, but somehow this one managed to be catchy. The music is clearly the most fast-paced in the game, but it still manages to be a bit slow and calming. The visuals are a lot focused on the sun, and by that I mean that the screen almost seems to be shining in this stage. It's very beautiful. The level design is nice, too. The sunflowers can be distracting, and it's easy to forget that you can step on them, but that aside, a really lovely stage.
- Fall: The place where I'll throw most of my complaints. This time, you can enjoy vine-climbing while doing needle jumps. Somehow, this stage sounds a lot happier and brighter than the fall-themed stages I usually see, being far brighter than Spring. The vine climbing isn't really used to its maximum extent, and as a result, you can see plenty of repetitive jumps. There's also one Chokochoko-like save that is really annoying. It's still a good stage, but with a couple annoying thigs that you won't see at other stages.
Another complaint I have is that when you beat all the stages, that's it. No "Thank you for Playing", nothing. It doesn't really seem to have any secrets, so that's it, probably.
Overall, it's a great needle game. Would recommend to anyone, since even Winter isn't that bad at all (There are saves everywhere, anyway). Also, thankfully there's no death sound.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 46 46
Apr 17, 2015
Four stage needle game that is pretty fun to play. Each stage feels very different from each other while looking completely different. Each stage has a pretty fitting bgm too which is really nice. Every stage but winter will be pretty easy for beginners. This game is definitely worth your time if you decide to play it.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 45 45
Mar 2, 2018
I love this game of needles, the design of levels is good, the music in general relaxing, beautiful accompanied with good images, I personally took 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete it since I am a beginner.
The most difficult stage is Winter, the easiest and my favorite is Primavera.
What I do not like is that after the effort I made to complete it, nothing happens. There is no end.
There is not even a "Thanks for playing."

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 45 45
Feb 7, 2018
Fun game, I liked each stage having its own theme and each music track was enjoyable to listen to. Autumn and Spring were pretty compared to Summer and especially Winter, but they were all fun. I would definitely recommend someone interested in needlege to play this, Autumn, Spring, and Summer all pull their punches and Winter is basically set up as a tutorial for the really hard stuff, so it's a good game to play as a low skill level player.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 49 49
Nov 21, 2017
Really well made Needle game with four areas, obviously each is based on each season.

Spring: Relaxing atmosphere and easy jumps, focused on having just one save per screen. No tedious jumps are to be found here. The pink does get a little irritating, but it's great otherwise.
Difficulty: 25/100
Fun: 8/10

Summer: Summer has very bright and colourful tiles, with upbeat music to match. This is quite a bit harder than Spring so most screens have 2 saves (three screens had 3 saves and one screen had 1 save).
Unfortunately the difficulty curve is really bad here. The screens with 3 saves in particular are much harder than anything else in this stage.
Difficulty: 40/100
Fun: 7/10

Autumn: The tiles and background are beautiful here. They look great and really fit the theme. The music is very relaxing too. Each screen usually has 2 saves (two screens had 3 saves). Unfortunately the actual platforming is not on par with the rest of the game. There are some truly annoying jumps here and the 'gimmick' of vines are not used to its fullest, meaning most jumps involving them are quite boring.
Difficulty: 45
Fun: 5/10

Winter: Winter is a lot harder than the other stages. It focuses on very intricate and needle-y jumps. There is a save after each jump to counterbalance this. The first few screens are common intricate jumps like gates, diagonals and corners. But after these the jumps become more creative and really quite fun. However the difficulty curve is quite weird. Some jumps take just 1 or 2 tries, while others on the same screen take upwards of 50 attempts. The jumps are still fun though.The music is average but the tiles and background are really pretty.
Difficulty: 55
Fun: 8/10

Overall this is a great needle game that everyone should play (even super new beginners should be fine with the Spring stage).

Overall Difficulty: 41
Overall Fun: 7

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 41 41
Oct 27, 2016