I wanna be the Four seasons

Creator: ネプノワ

Average Rating
6.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
46.1 / 100
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Needle (16)


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43 Reviews:

It's a okay game.

But...winter sucks! From Beginning to the middle it was okay but then...
There are 2 or 3 jumps where I got really angry and I'm a person that is in generell really calm in needle fangames.

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 47 47
May 10, 2018
An all-around great introduction to a variety of needle styles. True, the platforming is outdated these days, but these games are crucial to developing a base level of needle competence. I can definitely recall being a beginner and feeling like this game was never-ending, and it was because I was absolute dogshit.

I probably wouldn't recommend to experienced players today unless there exists an interest in speedrunning the game or taking a walk through memory lane, but for beginners this is still near the top of the list.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 16, 2022
Solid needle game split into 4 stages. I don't think I need to say what these stages represent, given the title of the game.
- Spring: Probably my favorite area of the game. Has calming visuals, great music, good level design, and it's overall very relaxing. It's quite easy, but still very enjoyable.
- Winter: Cold, very cold. I liked this stage a lot, even though in practice there's not much of a reason to. It's a jump trials stage that takes you through a trip of named jumps and even some unusual jumps. The difficulty curve is completely messy but, in retrospect, maybe it's better this way. It allows the player to progress quite a bit before they get stuck, which should lessen the feeling of frustration from hard jumps in a somewhat long stage. It shouldn't be anything special, but I guess the visuals, music and organization of the jumps in general makes it way better than the average generic needle that attempts to do the same thing. Easily my second favorite stage, not too far from Spring.
- Summer: I usually hate summer-themed stages, but somehow this one managed to be catchy. The music is clearly the most fast-paced in the game, but it still manages to be a bit slow and calming. The visuals are a lot focused on the sun, and by that I mean that the screen almost seems to be shining in this stage. It's very beautiful. The level design is nice, too. The sunflowers can be distracting, and it's easy to forget that you can step on them, but that aside, a really lovely stage.
- Fall: The place where I'll throw most of my complaints. This time, you can enjoy vine-climbing while doing needle jumps. Somehow, this stage sounds a lot happier and brighter than the fall-themed stages I usually see, being far brighter than Spring. The vine climbing isn't really used to its maximum extent, and as a result, you can see plenty of repetitive jumps. There's also one Chokochoko-like save that is really annoying. It's still a good stage, but with a couple annoying thigs that you won't see at other stages.
Another complaint I have is that when you beat all the stages, that's it. No "Thank you for Playing", nothing. It doesn't really seem to have any secrets, so that's it, probably.
Overall, it's a great needle game, mainly thanks to the atmosphere that each stage brings forth. Would recommend to anyone, since even Winter isn't that bad at all (There are saves everywhere, anyway). Also, thankfully there's no death sound.

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Rating: 7.1 71       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 17, 2015
Chill needle, at least for Spring, Autumn / Fall and Summer.

Winter is mostly generic short save needle that adds up in difficulty for no reason, at least you can have a few breaks in the hard late screens.
On occasion there are a few unusual jumps that fills some space as well.
There are a couple of tough spots where visibility can be weak due to the background.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 49 49
Jan 26, 2022
A season-themed needle game split up into four areas with many screens per zone. This game has a lot of content for such a simple idea and execution, and aside from minor graphical nitpicks (like the almost unreadable starting font) it seems to have put a lot of attention into presentation and thematic aesthetics. Each area looks exactly like you'd imagine that season to look, with a soft theming element throughout. Spring is single save/screen needle with no particularly hard jumps but a lot riding on consistency. Summer is more open needle with soft pathing and a few more drops than jumps. Fall uses the only gimmick of the game: vines. It's safe to say they're underutilized at best, and downright painful at worst. One section towards the end will haunt me for some time to come, even after finding a setup for it. Winter was my favorite season: it is 'named jumpland' extravaganza, with nothing but shapes you've seen before (or maybe haven't) and a save after almost every jump. I started with this season, and it was totally my jam, but I'd recommend doing your playthru in the order that seems most appealing. Leave the bad stuff for last or get it out of the way first... I'm sure you know how to eat your dinner by now.

As a bit of a bummer, there is no clear screen or signifier that you've cleared all seasons aside from their emblems appearing in the main hub. I also don't think there is a 'go back to hub' key, so if you accidentally save in a season you've already beaten, have fun (this happened to me—luckily it was winter which was fun to play thru again anyway).

Great and lengthy simple thematic needle with maybe a few smudges in terms of production value. Was a blast to play overall.

Time: ~1hr30min
Deaths: 1140

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 41 41
Dec 31, 2021