I Wanna Kill the Sudoku

Creator: Aelya

Average Rating
5.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
55.9 / 100
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Needle (3) Trap (1) Medley (17) Special (5) Meme (11) Troll (10) Joke (1) Sudoku (2) Troll_Boss (1)


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36 Reviews:

'this game contains a portion of games that we consider... "special".' - Aelya, 2015, Readme file.
I'd say that most of the fangames featured here don't fit in this category, though. There are the 'special' ones, but most of them are simply bad.
That aside, this game can actually be fun, sometimes. Just like the normal Medley games, it depends on what screen are you playing. The only problem is that for each fun screen, there are at least 5 horribly boring ones. Every single screen is carefully chosen to somehow mess with you, no matter how (Traps, puzzles, simple luck, the list goes on). There is also an original stage that brings you more of the same.
The boss is actually interesting (The Strong strikes back), and the musics aren't bad (Some are even funny), but the gameplay at most screens is bad enough to get a negative rating (Yes, I mean it as in negative numbers), and there are quite a lot of glitches and design flaws (Like in the first save of Shameless Selfpromotion, where you can save upside-down at a point where you shouldn't, causing you to get stuck there). Plus, the readme says that there are 10 stages with 5 screens, but the only thing that changes is the music, so it's as if there is only 1 stage with 50 screens, there isn't any stage transition or anything.
I really wanted to give this game a higher rating (The concept is indeed original), but I just can't. You know what is it about, so if you still want to play it, go ahead. And don't forget to back up your saves.

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Tagged as: Medley Special
[3] Likes
Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 58 58
Apr 19, 2015
Aside from stage 10 this is pretty funny and almost competent. Stage 10 suuuuuuuuucks tho. Good shit if youve been in the community for a while

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 56 56
May 14, 2017
Even though it lacks a lot of production value, and "good looking-iness", I actually had a lot of fun playing this! Sure there are 2 or 3 screens that where just painful to play (rainbow road immediatly comes to mind), but overall there isn't anyhting that I would call downright blasphemous.Also,the final boss was actually pretty funny, in my opinion at least.
So yeah thats it i guess.
(oh yeah the game is pretty much just a huge meme, and i like that, deal with it)

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Tagged as: Medley Meme
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 50 50
Apr 10, 2016
I had fun with a lot of screens, I really did. But the penalty room in F Stage brings this down from at best a 7/10 all the way down to a 0/10 for me. It is THE WORST experience I've ever had in a fangame so far.

BIG EDIT: So since I played this entire game muted, I was only JUST informed (after already clearing the game) that in the Gay Lizard penalty room I mentioned above, your controls are only reversed after a sound is made. Since I played muted, I thought it was completely random which is why I considered it to be the worst experience I ever had. (Seriously, try clearing that screen muted 10+ times like I had to) Turns out I'm just an idiot so I'll bump this up to a solid 5/10.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 55 55
Aug 14, 2021
Shameless self-promotion and Rainbow road stands out as the worst screens to me.

Also, seizure warning as this game does have flashing colors in the later stages.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 60 60
Aug 24, 2020