I Wanna be the Excalibur

Creator: dagger

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1.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
76.5 / 100
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Needle (1) Avoidance (2) Trap (1) Gimmick (1) Secret (1) Required_secrets (1)


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Rating includes extra (And I kinda hate myself for that).
This is one of Dagger's older games, and it definitely shows. You can clearly see traces of the variety that Dagger's fangames usually display, but done in a much worse way than he usually does. There are some creative ideas here and there, but most of the platforming consists of poorly implemented gimmicks with a handful of traps to make everything worse. There are plenty of unintuitive saves (Among which my favorites are the one with multiple screen transition traps in Stage 3 and the one with a hidden switch in Stage 4), unfun saves (Everything in Stage 2's last screen), unbalanced saves and generally almost every save up until Stage 4 is awful in some way (Stage 4 is mostly nice, actually).
The bosses are mostly avoidances. Most of them are just bad pattern-heavy stuff (Lots of filler attacks combined with some annoyingly precise attacks that are there just to make the fight somewhat difficult - And boring), but I actually liked Stage 3's boss. Knowing how awful the concept of an avoidance with ice blocks sounds, I was surprised to find out that the best part of the game was this boss. It is a bit more RNG-heavy than the others, and most of the difficulty comes from maneuvering on the snow (You have to jump all the time). It's fun.
Once you beat the first four stages, the last stage will be unlocked, and you'll be welcomed with MORE bad gimmicks, although one or two of them are actually nice. And then, it happens.
This game actually requires secrets to unlock the last boss. 5 of them, one at each stage. The thing is, these aren't just normal secrets, they are the stupidiest, most unintuitive secrets I've ever seen in a fangame (Locus' Secret 2 is a close match, though). Not only they are awful to unlock, they are also awful to get. My favorite one on that matter is Stage 3's secret, which actually is ICE NEEDLE. Not normal needle jumps with ice blocks, but actual ice needle, which forces the player to use the ice physics to get through the jumps. Probably the most disgusting platforming section in the game, although Stage 4's secret is a close contender. Speaking of which, Stage 3's secret and Stage 4's secret also happen to be most annoying secrets to find.
Your reward for stomaching these 5 pieces of art is the hardest and maybe the worst avoidance in the game: The last boss. It's one of those wonderful avoidances that start out slow, then proceed to launch a lot of pattern attacks, and end with really hard RNG attacks. Reminds me of Blood Festival's Miku, but at least the pattern attacks come before the RNG part. It's still incredibly boring nevertheless, specially due to the exaggerated amount of filler attacks.
It starts out bad, and then it becomes worse and worse. There are very few good sections in this game, and they are definitely not worth playing for. Highly not recommended.

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Rating: 0.6 6       Difficulty: 79 79
Mar 3, 2017
This game was very interesting. At first glance the game looks really ugly and unfun, however it was not that bad honestly. This game at least tried to create something interesting. I mean, there are not many games out there that use reverse gravity and ice physics in avoidance fights. Making four avoidances for one's first game proves that the creator put lots of effort into this. It also features some gimmicks, which are reused in dagger's later games. I'm not saying that I'm recommending this game though, don't get me wrong. There were also some cancer saves and jumps, and playing through this game while not knowing that this game has secrets is going to be so painful, because you can not access the final boss if you didn't collect all secrets, mandatory hidden items, you know. There are many empty parts on the avoidances, making it slightly boring. Despite these bad things, I would recommend this game to those who are interested in this game, but if not, just go play Pendulum and Scapegoat or something lol.

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Rating: 2.2 22       Difficulty: 74 74
Dec 12, 2021
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Dec 6, 2021