I Wanna Be the Fortress Returns

Creator: ヨーヨー

Average Rating
4.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
40.4 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (6) Trap (7) Gimmick (2) Boss (6) Secret (4)


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20 Reviews:

Got this while played K2Mania.

Boring. You need secrets to clear the game.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 30, 2018
Review and rating are based on 100% clear until "Thank you for playing!" screen in credits.

This game probably is sequel to one older Yoyo game, which is a lot worse than this game and almost doesn't have anything similar to each other. But still, this game is still one of older Yoyo games, thats why style is very similar to I wanna be the Salt, but still it is better.

To clear game normally, you have to beat 5 areas and final boss. To get to credits, you have to plus get 6 secrets and beat final stage and true final boss.

Platforming segment for the game is pretty easy to deal with and have pretty standart design ( except for dark, which is only area with more original tileset). Platforming has some gimmicks, like different gravitys, riding platforms and etc., but only memeorable are both final bosses.

Standart final boss, I actually disliked, however it has nice idea and background music, but I didn't liked, that it is that crazy, and you need to concentrate a lot to get rid of crazy rng. And boss is little bit too long in my opinion. Seperately attacks are interesting, but together they make unenjoyable last boss, like in IWBT Salt.

True final boss was very enjoyable for me. It has nice soundtrack, and wasn't that crazy. Basically to clear it, you need right strategy how many times shoot each of them, which to shoot first and never missed about it. For me this boss was even easier than final boss too.

Secrets are well-hidden and are fun to get. And items have animation too at least. Only I didn't get from what I should guess code to get to k2 screen, where is secret , but otherwise I liked ideas about secrets.

Basically, I would recommend this game only if you play with k2 savage mountain challenge rules, because for normal any% clear this game is not worth of playing, just because of final boss. Would recommend this game for little bit average player too, not for beginner.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 40 40
Jul 15, 2017
Rating includes extra.
Sloppy level design, generic traps and four stages using the same tilesets, three of them being visually the same. And among the other three stages, two just recolored the tilesets. There's a limit for how much of the same can you repeat.
The secrets are a bit better, going one step further than just fake blocks in a random place (Two of them are exactly that, but it's just two of them), but two of them are particularly annoying to find (Never put a secret path at one screen, and the trigger to unlock the path at another screen. Please). Also, they're still flawed gameplay-wise (They can be boring, or the save placement can be unfair, or both at the same time).
The best part of the game (Which isn't saying much) are the bosses. These are actually good, and give some action to the game. Even so, the last boss has way too much HP, mainly since there are two of them. Or, actually, the best part of the game is the ending. No, it's not because the game is so bad that you keep hoping for it to end (Well, it's a reason, but not the only reason). The music for the credits is nice, and there are some nice effects around. It feels like a stand-still avoidance.
Even so, you must go through the platforming before you get to these good parts. And that's...Not a very pleasant task. Wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 40 40
May 15, 2015
Rating includes 100%.

ヨーヨー is a very unpredictable fangame creator. From Gel to Little Runner, he has offered many difficulty scales and also quality content, and right in the middle of both criteria, you find this oddity, one of the laziest fangames ever made in terms of visuals: game has 5 freaking stages and four look the same (well, three if you ignore the fact that the tileset for one of the final stages is the same, but only the background is changed to black). However, it is partially compensated by two boss fights, one of it being secret. What kills the game even more is that, although not heavy in terms of traps (which is appreciated), you DEPEND on the secrets to complete it. One is very creative and fun to find (the route is quite obvious), but the fact it is actually a visual puzzle was a nice touch. However, there is one cursed secret where the trigger is exactly one room above, which kept me 20 minutes looking for it. Why? It doesn't make sense. The trigger is kinda obvious because there is 'that' empty spot, but you have to backtrack. You never do that. At least make the spike fly upwards quickly so that it is visible that something got triggered down there (no pun intended), but still, that is something that should never happen.

Speaking about the secrets, why did I get only four in my first playthrough and still unlocked the hidden final double boss? After beating it, I realized I had two more secrets two go, which I searched for and collected, and nothing happened. No buffed versions of the stages or bosses, no extra stage, no nothing. You can actually finish the game with four secrets out of 6. Why?!

15% of the time spent on gameplay are the bosses, which are kind of nice. The "final" one is fun to mess around with, but it has really bad RNG in its second phase. The other double boss does not suffer from this; however, you have to wait for a really long fall and then a wait time before you get to it. There is no "S" key here to skip. It is boring and makes no sense. However, it is a rather balanced challenge. The remaining time is spent on "five" stages that could have been basically just two, and finding secrets, one which is just unforgivable in its finding.

Also, why is the platforming of the secrets more interesting than the normal stages? Not cool either.

Only recommended for those climbing the K2 mountain.

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Rating: 1.9 19       Difficulty: 45 45
Jul 11, 2019
The game itself is kinda lame. The songs used in the stages are kinda poorly chosen since 3 of the 4 stages have songs from the same franchise (Kirby) with the other one being the HUB song (Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2) which is one of the default songs from the engine. The last stage doesn't have any music at all. However I did like the songs used for the bosses and the ending though. There's also a lot of use of the same tileset in different stages. One of the secrets is just "why did the creator put this here if all the others are harder in difficulty". The only real thing I liked about the actual game were the two bosses. For once they are original characters(?) which you don't see often. I liked one attack of the first boss where the screen moved to the right and you have to dodge the fruit that's coming to the left of you. I also have no idea what the winged character at the right side of the final boss does after you kill it. I know that the left one spawns an fruit which chases you around the whole fight, but I have no idea what the other one did.

Would I recommend it? Yes and no. Yes if you have some spare time left, want to check out the bosses or just doing the Savage Mountain challenge, but no if you are looking for a decent fangame. This one doesn't have a lot of charm in it.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 32 32
Jan 12, 2018