I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI

Creator: snow

Average Rating
5.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
64.5 / 100
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Avoidance (3) Takahashi (1)


  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by GaspacoZanis

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Didn't like it. This avoidance has terrible balancing, first half is pretty doable, with a couple of very bad RNG attacks, whereas second half is very hard to read. Especially red rain + blue curving attack is literally crazy. I couldn't enjoy getting walled half the time I get to the left and right blue attack in the middle. I don't recommend it.

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Rating: 3.8 38       Difficulty: 67 67
Jan 5, 2023
When you game on clear screen calls you as 'Not Human', you might already know what to expect from this game. [url]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/602623170205319178/607919246072217600/clear.jpg[/url]

This is quite old avoidance game made by snow, creator who is not so famous among other fangame creators, even though has made a lot of different games. Probably one of the reasons is that most of his games are private at this point, including this one. I got access to it and was interested in particularly this one since I saw that zero81kuro liked it and avoidance looked very fun and dynamic. Also for people it didn't take too much time. And I was wondering, why this game was made private, but now I quite understand the reasons...

As I said avoidance is very dynamic to the EBONY & IVORY soundtrack. Design of the layout is pretty simplistic, but I don't think that it is a problem. It is less than 2 minutes long, and the beginning looks very fair, more or less. It has several random attacks, some pattern and everything is fun and sweet, but then you meet the first attack, on which you may struggle a lot out of 5 hard attacks, in my opinion. It is when you have to be at the left side, have to dodge from left side RNG fruits and then have to dodge from the centre blue fruits, which after that will fall down. Luckily, you can get consistent to it if you play a lot of it, but it can also give walls very easily. After that starts second problematic part. Purple fruits from right and right after red fruits fom top. It isn't really unfair, but you should be really concentrated to not die, and I would suggest to avoid being in centre at the end of the attack, since most likely next attack will kill you. Then after small amount of time, there starts sea-blue (or something like that) coloured fruit bursts from left and right. It was very problematic attack for me, because I just couldn't understand what I have to do. It doesn't really give you walls, but it is just very hard to react to that and most likely you will just pray for good RNG. Interesting part starts after that, it is slow attack, which design I liked quite much, since it was very fitting, even though sometimes it was also quite hard, but nothing too problematic. The problem starts short after this attack ending. Blue fruits from right are more or less fair, but if they want, they can give you really bad RNG to react, but the biggest probelm was the next attack. Red and blue attack. I still don't know what you really have to do, but you somehow should avoid very fast falling fruits and jump very carefully and should pray that RNG won't kill you. I cleared this attack like 3 times, yes, you can die at the last attacks too. Light blue attack is very RNG and I died once to it, and once I died on the last burst of fruits, when I had like 5 hours on timer... Back then I wouldn't expect that I will need 8 more hours to try it once again. Only weird feeling for me was when I had winning attempt, I had feeling on red-blue that you can actually read it if you jump very carefully, but maybe I just had good RNG.

To sum up, I wanted this avoidance to play to relax, but at the end it turned out, that I had to grind it instead. Personally, I was on half disappointed about difficulty of many attacks, but in the same time it was quite fun to play. I guess if you have god's reaction, then you may even have very fun time with it, but if you don't, then this will be really painful. I wanted to enjoy it, but at the end, I just did in half. At first I wanted to give rating around 8, but now it is quite lower, but not too low, which may seem quite surprising. I don't know are other snow avoidances so crazy like this, but so far seems like this is very special his avoidance, and I see why there are people who enjoyed it very much. From clear screen, I believe these high speeds were made intentionally to make avoidance very hard and quite insane. But still at this point it is hard to say would I suggest this game. I believe that if you think that this description sounds appealing to you, and you like fast-paced avoidances, then this may be a good decision, but if you have quite slow reaction like I do, then maybe better avoid it until better times. For beginners I would definitely not recommend though, it is not a beginner game, like I thought at first.

Edit: If you ask me why this game is called as I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI, then I can say that surely I don't know, however, I guess these 'Cat boxes' are Takahashi and, knowing difficulty of an avoidance, I am not surprised why it is a beast. However, probably it is similar situation like with I wanna rape flower weather, where you don't need to find logic, where it is missing in the title.

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Rating: 7.6 76       Difficulty: 62 62
Aug 5, 2019
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Dec 7, 2021
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Apr 3, 2016