I wanna be the Permanence 2

Creators: つたしん, ダレビッシュ

Average Rating
8.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
66.7 / 100
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Adventure (4) Needle (4) Avoidance (5) Trap (6) Gimmick (4) Boss (2) Long (5) Puzzle (3) Troll (1) Lovelive (1) Uhuhu_Needle (1) Orbit (1)


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41 Reviews:

By far my favorite fangame. This game continues from where the first Permanence stopped, using fangames that the first Permanence didn't use (The only exception is Nature, which is used in both. I don't really know why). This game is a massive improvement over the first one, with the best game over screen I've seen so far (The death sound gets a bit annoying on needle stages, but other than that, it's great as well) and original stages that are FAR more enjoyable than the ones in the first Permanence.
Also, if you miss the first Permanence's last boss, don't worry, there's an extra with a harder version of this boss, along with some other bosses. It seems like there are secret items in the game, as well, but I didn't find any, so I'm not sure.
Another improvement over the first Permanence is that the stages are even more different than each other now. Even stages with the same theme, such as Assaulted and Orbit (Both are troll stages), have their own identity, and you can feel the difference between them. Also, unlike in the first Permanence, all the stages have bosses now.

- Nature's Stage is the easiest stage in the game. Almost everything is made from the scratch, the only thing that was taken from Nature are the visuals, which is a good thing, because that's pretty much the only good thing in Nature's first stage (The one that is used here). The egg-shooting gimmick is the main attraction in this stage, and will be used for everything, including for fighting against the boss.
The boss was also made from the scratch. The sprite is the same as Nature's first boss, but everything else is completely different. It's quite well-made, but I don't like this boss thanks to plenty of reasons. First, he moves in a completely random way, which means that he can block your path completely, or even run over you, and you basically won't be able to do anything about it. If he corners you, your chances of escaping are quite low, and even lower if he does so on his second phase (He can run over you, blow you away with his wind attack, or summon birds from behind you, and any of these attacks has high chances of killing you). Also, on his last phase, most eggs will fall on the abyss, so you'll have to wait a lot until you can get one of them. It's a well-made boss, but could use some balance at some particular attacks.

- Uhuhu Spike 3's Stage is a hard-ish needle stage. Personally, I wouldn't call it as good as the first Permanence's needle stages, but it's still great. All of its screens really look like screens from Uhuhu Spike 3, which is good.
The boss is an avoidance borrowed from Dead the Hyper, since Uhuhu games don't have bosses. I don't really like this avoidance, because it's way too RNG-heavy (Getting impossible/way too hard to avoid RNG is almost casual), which would be bad enough without the troll attacks at the end, and because I don't like the music. It's simple, and can actually be fun, when you get a decent RNG.

- Rose Gear's Stage is split into two parts, based on two of Rose Gear's stages, and these two parts use gimmicks from the other two stages as well, which means that most of Rose Gear is covered on this stage. Tricky platforming and some fun puzzles, along with some traps at the right points.
The boss is a medley of Rosegear's two main bosses and a couple other things. There's too little RNG, which can make things a bit boring after a few deaths, but the boss is mostly well-made.

- Promin's Stage is the most unique stage in the whole game. Based on Promin's second stage, it's a RPG-like stage with random battle encounters. These battles are no different than fangame's normal battles: 2D, shooting and avoiding stuff. Lenghty, lots of different enemies (Once in a while you'll have to fight against two enemies at the same time), very good-looking and there's a part of the stage themed on Promin's first stage, as well. There's even a mini-boss on this stage!
The boss is a lot more fair than the original one. It's Promin's first boss, and it's one of the few bosses in the game that are mostly unchanged. There's still a short avoidance phase, a couple orb shields and...some extra fun surprises. It's probably one of the most fair bosses in the game, once you understand how does each of her attacks work.

- Assaulted's Stage is the first troll stage in the game. Lots of well-made traps and the iconic "Love together, love together" room. The second save is far, far too hard compared to the other saves in the stage, though, which makes things a bit too unbalanced.
The boss is a lenghty and well-made avoidance (A bit less than 4 minutes). Some attacks are quite hard to avoid even when you know how to avoid them, and the avoidance is quite fast-paced for the most part. There's also an attack where you can't actually see the kid, but it doesn't take too long, and the projectiles are usually easy to avoid. It's mostly enjoyable, although it doesn't force you to move as much as the first Permanence's avoidances.

- Permanence's Stage is based on Permanence's original stages, which means that it's a disaster.
Just kidding, it's actually nice. Uses some gimmicks introduced in Permanence's original stages, but also uses some gimmicks that weren't in Permanence, which is a bit sad, since Permanence had a lot of gimmicks that actually had potential. It's mostly puzzle-ish, with plenty of difficult puzzles along the way. Requires a lot of platforming skill, as well.
The boss is a heavily nerfed version of Permanence's "Original Girl" (Original stages, third boss). The last attack is the only original one, as well as the only difficult one. I personally enjoyed the original version more, but this one is good too.

- Orbit's Stage is split into two parts. The first part is a very good-looking stage with a fair share of trolls and plenty of difficult jumps. There's also a mini-game where you have to collect green bananas. The second part is the true troll stage, with a HUGE amount of traps (Far more than in Assaulted's stage, or in the first part of this stage), and a couple "Enjoy your lifetime" trolls around. The stage isn't all about traps, but they are the main point of this stage.
The boss is probably the easiest boss in the game. Starts with a robot that dies rather quickly, and then you are teleported to the actual boss fight. It's an actually enjoyable Touhou boss with a mostly easy shooting phase (Unless you get a really bad RNG) and a harder avoidance phase.

- Preference's Stage is themed on Preference's HP bar stage, and was the biggest surprise in the game for me: It's actually good. Incredibly good visuals, borrows a couple gimmicks from other stages from Preference, and the HP bar gimmick is a lot more polished than in Preference. Here, it becomes a time limit, and the placements for the +Time and -Time items are far better, and there are less of them, which makes the platforming a lot more straightforward and enjoyable. One of my favorite stages in the game.
The boss is a mixture of Evangeline with the Preference's Trials' Stage boss. The Trial's physics aren't really my favorite (Too heavy), but overall the boss is nice, and fairly easy.

- Asyury's Stage is the first original stage in the game, and one of my favorites. It alternates between a mostly needle-ish stage and a very enjoyable mini-game of collecting points. The mini-game is properly explained, which is something that really should be done more often at fangames.
The boss is themed on the mini-game, and its main purpose is to help you to reach the required score, which is actually quite hard.

- Space Invader's Stage is the second original stage. Just like Asyury, it alternates between actual platforming and a mini-game. This mini-game is also properly explained. I didn't enjoy the platforming that much, but it's still nice. The boss is themed on the mini-game, and it's really good.

- The last original stage is the same as the last original stage of the first Permanence: A medley of the previous stages. Rose Gear's second screen didn't really seem like Rose Gear at all, and Orbit's screens could use some trolls, but the medley didn't fail as much as in the first Permanence.
The last boss is a really unique fight, and definitely suited to be the last boss. I really wish that the projectiles would disappear after you kill the boss, though, it would avoid some...Unpleasant experience regarding deaths after killing the boss.

Overall, it's an incredibly good game that definitely deserves some spotlight. I really hope that Tsuta continues to make good fangames so that we can have a Permanence 3 in the future. Highly recommended.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Long Puzzle
[9] Likes
Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 71 71
Aug 6, 2015
I'm a huge fan of this game. The game is sort of a quasi-medley of sorts where the various stages are based on other fangames, but the screens are all unique. This is a pretty long fangame, with some above average difficulty bosses, and 2 avoidances. The platforming is not easy, and there are a fair amount of trolls and traps. Many of the trolls are interesting and humorous which helps spice thins up a bit.

On the boss front, some of them can be outright brutal, especially if RNG goes bad. One of the avoidance fights is short, but heavy RNG, the other one is long but almost entirely pattern, which can lead to these parts dragging the game down for the grindy nature of them.

This is definitely not a fangame for newer players, but for those who are good enough to play it, you will find a lengthy and challenging game loaded with all sorts of gimmicks through the stages. Some of the gimmicks are more annoying than others, but overall this is a fangame I highly recommend for those who have the skill to play it.

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[8] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Jul 28, 2015
One of the best fangames out there! Just play it and you will understand.

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[4] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 64 64
Aug 11, 2017
Tsutashin absolutely outdid himself here. Essentially, this is a pseudo-medley of his past games, divided into three hubs each leading to levels based on certain games.

The first hub:

Uhuhu Spike 3 area is straight needle. As with the game it's based on, everything is fun, although you'll want to be able to 2-frame. The boss of this area is a very fun, short, and RNG-based avoidance apparently based on I Wanna Dead the Hyper. The song's great and almost every attack is fair every time. Probably my favorite boss of the main game.

Nature stage is based around Yoshi's Story for the N64. The level design is heavily based around throwing eggs with X, and requires some creative thinking due to either traps or level design. I consider this the easiest platforming in the game. The boss for this area is Cloudjinn from the same game. It's not fun. Again, you have to throw eggs at him, and so you have to wait for eggs to spawn so you can get damage. The fight gets harder as it goes, so it's pretty easy to choke. Worst boss in my opinion.

Rose Gear stage is based on two areas of the original: the thorn area and what I presume is the final area. The thorn area revolves around picking up bubbles that give you infinite jump for a certain amount of time. There's one particular room which is really long and annoying, but I mostly enjoyed this area. The next area is filled with gears as well as spikes, so you end up doing some interesting platforming. There's a few parts where you control an apple with the arrow keys in order to progress, which I found pretty neat. Unfortunately, this area is pretty ruined by its boss. It's comprised of some of Rose Gear's bosses, most of which are pretty bad. Not to mention that the avoidance (ie the best part) is barely represented. Fortunately it isn't particularly difficult.

The second hub:

Promin area is pretty strange. You start off in a Dragon's Quest-esque area, traversing an overworld and battling random encounters. The first pool of encounters are pretty easy; nothing really noteworthy. Since the game's text is in Japanese, I'll detail what one needs to do here. You're memant to go to a town in the north and talk to an old man who will open up a cave further. Once you do so, you go to the cave and go back to normal gameplay for a while. This area is mostly needle, but with some swinging vines that break when you jump off and some spikes stuck in walls that you can stand on when you shoot them. Pretty fun area with a kickin' song. Once you get a key, you backtrack and head onto the overworld again, and make your way to the next segment. The random encounters here get more challenging, especially the blue ninja. You'll probably end up dying close to your destination, a huge tower to the south. Here is where the encounters get really interesting. Most "normal" encounters are replaced with the likes of Pikachu, Nico Yazawa, and some weird drawing of a turnip monster? Anyway, the tower dungeon is somewhat puzzle-based, requiring you to flip switches and hunt for buttons. There's a miniboss who uses swords as well. After some more stuff, you're thrown in to the area's boss, Yuyuko Saigouji. She's divided into three phases, with the first and third being shooting and the second being avoidance. In the third phase, however, she gains a ring of spirits you need to destroy to finish her off. Each one throws a different attack, and some of these combined with her natural attacks can be pretty deadly. Look out for slide lasers! Overall, though, pretty fun.

Assaulted stage is heavily based on traps. Fortunately, Tsuta really upped the creativity, and most of them add to the platforming while being humorous. Not much to elaborate on. The boss here is a super fun, long, mostly pattern-based avoidance. It seems pretty daunting to learn at first, but the difficulty doesn't really increase throughout the fight, so it's mainly a matter of not choking later on. (If anyone has this version of Orange Genome on hand, I'd much appreciate it btw.) My second favorite boss.

Permanence stage is, funnily enough, based on this game's prequel, which was in a similar style. Pretty meta if you think about it. This area is pretty damn creative gimmick-wise; no two rooms play the same. There's some puzzley gimmick rooms involving water bubbles, but they're not too hard to figure out. This area is noticeably longer than the rest as well. I could go into everything offered here, but it's better to experience it. Unfortunately, again, the boss drags this area down considerably. It's an anime girl that moves around the platforms of the room shooting rng. As the fight goes on, it incorporates gimmicks seen previously. In concept it's cool, but it just wasn't implemented well. It's also one of the harder bosses.

Hub 3:

Orbit area, like Rose Gear, is divided into two areas from the game. You start off in the Donkey Kong 3 world, traversing a pier with Zanto bees. Eventually you get to a minigame where you have to collect a bunch of bananas with a shitty insta-gib at the end. Soon after you get to the Assaulted-based area, I guess. It's full of traps again, and even funnier and more intricate ones than before at that. One of them was excruciating to pull off, but it's not the worst thing ever. The area boss is comprised of two of Orbit's bosses. Phase 1 is an easy segment where you shoot a robot. Then you take a portal to fight Marisa Kirisame, who herself has multiple phases. During phase 2 you shoot her while she does random stuff, similarly to Yuyuko in Promin. Eventually she'll float up and start barraging you with spellcards while a koopa shell moves back and forth. You get a small tidbit of Orbit's final boss, then another iteration of phase 2 and the fight ends. Overall pretty fun area.

Preference area is really weird. Instead of behaving like a normal fangame, it's based around a time limit gimmick. Picking up pink candy gives you more time and picking up blue candy or hitting spikes makes you lose time. The big issue is that hitting spikes also stalls you, so you end up losing 8 seconds instead of the 5 advertised. Even though the saves are pretty long, most of the platforming isn't that bad. There are a few puzzles and a shooty enemy spread throughout however, mostly near the end of their respective save. Still manages not to be terribly grindy, however. The boss for this area is pretty neat, consisting of an anime girl using ice attacks and cutaways to WarioWare-like minigames.

From here the medley element stops, and the kid flies off into the Asyury stage, which is probably the most hilarious Engrish I've ever seen; it's meant to say Ashley, since that's who you play as. Anyway this stage alternates between segments where you fly around and try to keep up a streak of collecting purple orbs in order to pass a certain score and segments of normal platforming. The atmosphere is very upbeat and keeps you wanting to continue. Not too much to say.

After defeating the boss in Asyury (it's just a bunch of cookies), you're taken to a strange Galaga-like area. Like with Asyury, it alternates between Galaga segments and platforming. The platforming itself is interesting since it also makes use of the aliens in traps and as goals to complete rooms. The boss for this area is, yet again, an anime girl. You alternate between shooting down aliens and getting out of your ship to shoot her. Interestingly, the aliens' bullets will still kill you if they hit the ship while you're still outside, so you need to keep that in mind given that some non-necessary aliens spawn constantly and fire at you. It's okay, I guess; wasn't a particular fan.

We're almost at the end, as it's time for stage rush. This takes one or two rooms in the style of each of the referenced games, from Nature to Preference (Note: the order I wrote the worlds in isn't the order of this stage). The screens are varied, from straight needle to puzzle, and all make good use of what each area offered.

Finally, it's time for the final boss. It's some robot from Super Robot Wars, although I only see it as a fuck-ugly demon. It's divided into a few phases, each using its heads in different ways. I would explain each phase in detail, but frankly I've drawn out this review long enough. I'll only say that each attack was fun in its own way and final phase feels really intense while not being a total choke-fest.

But that's not it! There's extra content! So far there are two extra avoidances based on Orbit and Permanence, and a series of achievements found by getting hidden items throughout the medley stages. All this leads up to a third, completely original Love Live boss. I haven't cleared any of the extra content yet, so I've left it out of my review. Overall, this is a must-play.

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[3] Likes
Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 61 61
Feb 2, 2017
One of the most disappointing fangame experiences I've had. Of the 3 stages I played, they were all overly obnoxious, and ended with terrible boss fights. One of them is a luck based boss based on a badly implemented gimmick, the other is a luck based avoidance with a dick move at the end, and one is a boring pattern avoidance with an obnoxious rng rock attack that keeps walling me. I played that far and realized I wasn't enjoying this game at all throughout my entire playtime with it. The traps didn't come off as funny, only obnoxious and stupid, complete with a really fucking annoying death sound that is hell when you have to put up with needle. If this game is supposed to be better than permanence 1, I don't know why I enjoyed that game to the extent I did, and I don't feel like replaying it to find out if I am nostalgia blinded. I gave this game a good 2 hours before throwing it in the trash. I can see why this game is private.

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[2] Likes
Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 14, 2020