I wanna be the Another

Creator: (∮A∮)トカレア

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1.5 / 10
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45.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Trap (2) Boss (2) Special (1) gachiGasm (1)


  • by infern0man1
  • by infern0man1

2 Reviews:

This is what a 2010 Japanese meme game looks like. It's fairly long and it's just so bad, to the point to where you want to continue to see where this adventure will take you.

You start straight off in the standard engine room; because this was made in Tijit's engine, there's no title screen. These screens look to be completely unchanged from the original; you're then thrown into the beginning of Guy's Megaman area, with a portal that you're forced to go into right at the beginning. Then the fun begins.

Any production value that may have existed prior to entering that portal goes down the drain; you have invisible blocks, spikes and apples spammed in certain areas, places that kill you for seemingly no reason, blocks that move at the speed of light, the usual. After this stage the memes begin to really kick in, with some pretty low-quality meme music. The production value is pretty much nonexistent anyways and the next few areas are basically the same.

Then you get to the best part of the game, as seen in the screenshots. There's not much I can say about it, although it drove my curiosity to see how bad the game could get after that.

Then you're thrown into a really fucking bad boss; it's a bouncing low-quality image of who the hell knows what, it's probably a cat inside a rotten orange covered with semen for all I know. It has way too much HP and it shoots animated bounds with really weird hitboxes, so often they'll defy all physics and bounce in completely unpredictable angles.

After that boss you get to the Super Mario World RPG area Kappa. This ends with a really weird boss that, while you can actually tell what the image is, it's still pretty bad, although it's much easier than the first boss was.

Then you'll get to the most ridiculous boss in the game. I'll leave that for you to see if you can stomach what came before.

This is for Gaborro 4Head

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 1, 2016
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 19, 2018