I wanna be the Avoidance

Creator: ☆阪神☆

Average Rating
4.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
51.0 / 100
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Avoidance (2) BossRush (1)


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"You can't call yourself" an avoidance player "if you haven't beat this one yet"

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May 7, 2020
After another Hanshin's barrage game's clear, I am writing review about it and my impressions of this old classic game!

I wanna be the Avoidance similarly like Hanshin's other game I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, is basically game, where you have to beat bossrush and then final boss to clear the whole game. This one was made before I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, so there can be seen differences between games. Actually, as creator tell in credits, this game originally was meant to be I wanna VS.VOCALOID 2nd, even though he dropped that thing, and made this one, where as I think, there are no vocaloid songs at all (mostly anime songs). Even though the game was made somewhere around 2011, some bosses are still quite known (particularly the final boss). And, yes, game is easier than I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, and instead of 57.5 hours, it took me 12 hours. But let's look on each boss and how good or bad are they.

In this game's bossrush there are 6 bosses that you have to beat (not 5 like in his later games), and most of them aren't as hard as they look. My first boss, which I cleared, was upper-middle avoidance. It took me like 10-15 minutes, and it was one of the easiest ones. It is 'Very melon' themed avoidance from ZatchBell movie (if I get correctly). Avoidance itself shows different attacks from melon, bulb or 'V' sprites. Mainly there are aiming or different burst attacks, and there are just few unfair attacks, which can easily be first-tryable. Some trolls are funnier others less, but still wouldn't call like something too special, mostly track makes funnier avoidance than its attacks, even though I liked the last troll. That's it. Pretty much the same thing, as the carrot avoidance in I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, but still more or less fun.

Rating: 4.5
Difficulty: 35

As second one I chose the upper-left one. Its cirno avoidance, which took me around 20-25 minutes, but in difficulty its still not harder than previous one. This one is also meme-themed song avoidance followed by random arrows or orbs. Patterns are pretty easy to dodge except few in the middle and in the end of the avoidance. Random attack are reactable even though orb attacks can give some unpleasant experience. I really liked the track, so even though attacks were pretty much in the same quality as in the previous avoidance (maybe just little bit better), I will give higher rating, since I had more fun, and for me it was more rememberable avoidance.

Rating: 5
Difficulty: 35

The third one, I chose the downer-right avoidance. It is just 1 minute and 19 seconds long (and is the shortest avoidance here), but I didn't like it. There are Digimon Xros Wars song, which isn't really like anything too special. Gameplay here is pretty much horrible. We have wierd aiming attacks from 'V' sprites, we have screen, which changes its direction and the view. Also, there are few luck-based attacks (which probably are easier to dodge if you have skill to dodge with differently directed view. Sprites are badly chosen and even though I cleared this one in about half an hour, I didn't have fun at all. It isn't like too hard, but still bad one.

Rating: 3.5
Difficulty: 40 – 45

The next one I chose downer-left avoidance, which is Utsuhu avoidance followed by meme-themed soundtrack. Avoidance was pretty fun and took around an hour. Kind of reminded me of Cirno, but had more different attacks, which even looked better. The chosen sprites looks good with this track, even though gameplay has problems. Some attacks are as unfair as horizontal or vertical raining in Steinsgate avoidance in I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II. Still, attacks are not as hard, so it shouldn't be too hard. The other weird thing was to make in refrain savespot in the middle, even though sprites looks really good with the track. Harder than Cirno, but still not as hard as it could be. Probably the best avoidance in the game. I had fun time.

Rating: 5.5
Difficulty: 35-40

The next one avoidance took me only around 30 minutes even though I was sure that it would took more. It was the upper-right avoidance, which is followed by LoveLive track. The avoidance itself consists only from different attacks, which all have only different coloured note sprites. Has few unfair attacks, even though it felt like really fair avoidance. Some attacks were more unique than in other avoidances and felt fun to play.I didn't like it as much as Utsuhu, but it is decent, that is pretty much everything hat I can say about this avoidance.

Rating: 5.2
Difficulty: 40

So if for me 5/6 avoidances took less than 3 hours to beat as well as took less than 200 deaths, then the next one was the hardest avoidance in the game for me. It is downer-middle avoidance, which is 4 minutes and 31 second long (the longest avoidance in the game). This one took me little bit less than 9 hours and around 450 deaths. What are hard things in this avoidance? This avoidance has many unfair random attacks, many attacks, where are hard patterns and has many attacks which you should learn where and how to dodge things. I won't retell all boss in details, but some attacks are really boring to dodge especially so many different aiming attacks and some random attacks too. There are some unique things, so I won't really give really low rating but still it was pretty horrible.

Rating: 4
Difficulty: 51

After you have beaten bossrush, you will be lead to the final boss. This one is Mami avoidance. It is the second hardest avoidance in the game for me, even though I managed somehow to beat it under 40 minutes (even though I waited10 hour grind), and even firstried more than half of the avoidance (everything after second super random attack). This avoidance is really luck-based and skill-based in the same time. The biggest problem here is to pass 3 really hard RNG attacks, which consists of different small squares and has little space to dodge. Other than that there are few bouncing and randomly directed horizontal fruits, as well as hard to react pattern from fruits. Weird thing was to add random grey block wall and between which you should avoid easier square-attack. For me it felt like the third hard random attacks was actually easier than first two, but I am not sure, since I first tried it. The avoidance wasn't like anything special, and I didn't really like it. Personally, I didn't really enjoyed this avoidance and won't call it as something special. Pretty much nothing too special. Probably one of the worse avoidances in the game. Oh and this is the only avoidance, which attacks I looked on youtube.

Rating: 3.5
Difficulty: 45-50

After you have cleared Mami, you get to credits and 'Thank you for playing!' screen. Credits are like in I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, only here creator tells some things about the game, and you can actually extract signs in converter, not like it was with I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, where the main problem was the background.

Additional thing to talk, is the technical plan of the game. It was actually worse than in I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II. Making option to choose avoidance, by clicking with mouse cursor twice on the barrage (except for the final one, where you can click just once), wasn't the best idea, since it can be really annoying every time to click and then get back to keyboard. The quality of background was horrible, since you can clearly see how blurred the background is. Sprites itself are not like anything too special, some are chosen better, some worse. Tracks was OK most of the time even though they could be better. Pretty mediocre, so I wont give more than 4 for the mechanics (I could give even less, but I won't, since it wasn't as horrible as it could be).

Bonus rating: 4

So the average rating with bonus is 4.4 (without bonus it is 4.5 if its round up). With that said, I can say, that this game clearly is worse than I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, and it can be seen that this one was made less serious and more meme-based. Game has few more or less fun avoidances, so you can try to beat few if you don't have anything else to play and if you somehow has this game. Game has some funny stuff and tracks, but won't provide with really fun gameplay. So I probably wouldn't recommend this game for the most of the casual players, even though some old classic fangame fans probably would enjoy stuff in this game. Pretty much the same thing as with I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II: if you feel for it, then try it, otherwise better don't touch it, you probably won't be satisfied.

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Rating: 4.4 44       Difficulty: 51 51
Jul 1, 2018