I wanna be the King!

Creator: pserafi

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2.0 / 10
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70.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Trap (1) Long (1)


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Rating is based on 100% (8secrets, pretty sure there's no more; this game is unfinished either way)

I wanna be the King is an interestingly flawed fangame, it has a lot of effort and passion put into it, every area not only has a secret but they also award the kid with an outfit, every boss has voice acting as well (which is pretty bad but it's very funny to listen as the dialogue boxes are poorly timed so the voices will stack),the Galaga section is well made and there's even a secret boss (he seemed very unfinished though) once you collect every secret. That said, effort and passion won't get you far if you don't understand basic game design.
Way too many invisible blocks everywhere, annoying traps, bad save placement and just so, much, mashing. Like holy shit my finger is literally on fire after playing this, not only do you have to mash on literally every boss; some are extremely hard to hit, either just flying everywhere very fast or just having a diminute hitbox. The bosses are easily the worst part of an already bad game. In fact I would argue it has overall, the worst boss quality in any fangame ever made that's not intended to be shit. In the spoiler pretty much what every boss does

-Halo boss: Bounces around spawning a lot of enemies and you mash it down
-Metroid boss: Literally a mash test, it follows you around and you have 45 seconds to mow it down
-Pokemon boss: Actually has a varied amount of attacks but it's very heavy on the rng, an attack can literally be unavoidable if you get unlucky. This boss can also rotate the screen the entire fight instead.
-Half-life boss: Nihilanth is literally one of the worst bosses ever, not only is he very hard to hit but the only platforms you have are random; sometimes you get good cycles, other times you get dumpstered; he also shoots a ton of projectiles.
-Pitfall boss: Actually very mild, definetly the best boss in the game as he's very straightforward and easy on the mashing
-Computer area?: Boss is named Aquana, it has 2 "phases" first one you shoot 4 bosses while some drones follow you around and the second phase she zoops around at lightspeed dropping literal nukes on you, not only is she hard to hit but she moves in such an annoying/unpredictable way that you will most definetly get hit, also has a trap after you beat her, which just... why.
-Final area: Yellow devil but he's purple, has a very very small hitbox, you shoot at his eye like in megaman yet his sprite isn't scaled like in megaman so it's very tiny, he then turns into some sort of anvil(?) and you have to get lucky while mashing to hit him.
Final Boss: The Burger King is a very underwhelming final boss, it's clear that he's not finished as even in the game files his theme is called "phase1", you just reflect his own projectiles a few times and you win
Secret boss: You just mash him down, he has some mildly annoying rng but it's nothing special, again feels like he didn't bother finishing them.

Difficulty rating is on a weird spot for me, this game is very incosistent with it's difficulty, there's rooms that are an absolute nightmare in this game but mostly I would say it's not hard at all; if a little annoying at times, it's just those little hiccups that fuck everything. I could have easily stayed hours upon hours on the Half-Life boss had I not gotten extremely lucky yet the Pitfall boss took me 3 tries. I think the hardest part is definetly going to be having the patience to try again after mashing like a madman only to die at the end.

The production values are pretty bad though, drawings made in MSPaint, ugly tiles and backgrounds are things that you will have to deal with for most areas of the game. It also has resetting music if you hate that but that was very common when this fangame came out. Speaking of things from old fangames, the saves in this game, pretty easy to both softlock yourself and abuse to your advantage. This game also has a good amount of traps, most of them are awful and some are just egregiously bad; one trap has you choose between three paths and it crashes the game if you guessed poorly, this happens literally after a boss and the only thing saving you is a Wuss save so probably play this on Normal.

Overall, I think there was definetly potential in this fangame, there was definetly the desire to make a fun and interesting game here; this is from a different era where there was not a lot of worry on getting playtesters and having a non tedious experience in the long run so I can't really fault it.

Should you play this? Definetly not, but I would be lying if I said I didn't want more people to play this game, it has a lot of sudoku potential and as I said, the dialogue is just so funny; it's a terrible experience but I would love to see someone else suffer through this.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 70 70
Sep 18, 2021