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Adventure (2) Trap (2) Gimmick (1) Long (2)


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3 Reviews:

Terrible Touhou-themed fangame. It's extremely long, and extremely repetitive. Stage after stage of bland platforming that features a LOT of flying spikes and invisible blocks, with some fake blocks here and there to add more variety to the game. Actually, the majority of the game is all about fake blocks and flying spikes. The amount of screens that the game dedicates specifically to those two things is absurd. The design is just as repetitive, many screens look almost exactly the same because their structure is exactly the same. I lost track of how many horizontal chase segments with traps and invisible blocks are there in the game.
That doesn't mean that the non-repetitive segments are any better. Actually, many of them are even worse. Stage-specific wonders include an annoying, confusing invisible block maze with blocks that don't appear when you touch them (With visuals that make it even more confusing), a screen where you have to wait for like 20 seconds for an extremely slow moving platform to come towards you and then ride on it through a path filled with invisible blocks, and an extremely tedious vertical platforming segment that includes an invisible spike, a trap involving this invisible spike, the standard invisible blocks, and killing a LOT of annoying fairies with plenty of HP that try to chase you. There's also a horribly done spotlight stage, saves where you can easily softlock yourself and a trap that comes right after you kill one of the bosses (Obviously, placed before you can reach any save). And if that's not enough, you jump with the space bar, which feels a lot more awkward than it seems like. At least the physics aren't bad. Musics are alright, and the stages that aren't joke stages have some nice visuals, but it's hard to give the maker any credit for these when the rest of the game is so awful. Also, the musics restart, and the death sound is really annoying.
The bosses are at least as bad as the platforming. I have to give the maker some credit for actually making the bosses feel different from each other, despite the fact that every single of them only uses one attack, which happens to be throwing aimed projectiles at the player, while their underlings (Which you can't kill) also throw their aimed projectiles at the player. Interesting to know, yet it doesn't change the fact that the bosses are terrible. There's no HP bar, and many of those bosses either, have huge amounts of HP, or are really hard to damage, or both. The last boss, particularly, is hard to damage, has an absurd amount of HP that makes you wonder if you're even dealing any damage at all, and can wall you with extreme ease due to the confusing amount of projectiles that are thrown at you. It also features fast moving platforms that can easily screw you up by pulling you up when you really don't want to jump, or by pushing you down when you clearly don't want to fall. Easily the worst boss I've fought against in a long while.
And finally, when you defeat the last boss, your reward is yet another save of bland platforming and invisible blocks that ends with a portal that kills you and then sends you to the title screen. Brilliant.
The best part is that I'm pretty sure that I'm forgetting to mention a fair share of the bad stuff in this game thanks to the huge amounts of repetitive screens. It's simply terrible. Highly not recommended.

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Rating: 0.1 1       Difficulty: 67 67
Mar 26, 2016
So got a download of this thinking it wasn't going to be as bad as the reviews say it was. I was wrong. Simply, it is stages of generic platforming mixed with spikes suspended in the air and a shit ton of invisible blocks which make the game infinitely worse. Can't be bothered to review this further but trust me there is nothing here of interest and is not worth playing in the slightest.

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Rating: 0.8 8       Difficulty: 58 58
Aug 8, 2016
Level Desing:2


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Rating: 0.8 8       Difficulty: 65 65
Mar 3, 2016