The end of year Endurance Tournament 2015(一般公開版)

Creators: ケフィ, くまお, プーチンマーチン, ノベボー, Betty

Average Rating
8.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
85.5 / 100
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Avoidance (5)


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10 Reviews:

Rating based on Nobebo, PutinMartin and Kumao only. (I already cleared)

Nobebo: 8.5/10
Good easy and chill music avoidance.
The creator is Japanese and he make some English song avoidance, he make Papercut and Rainbow Road few year after, it's also good, recommend these all.

PutinMartin: 7.0/10
This avoidance only last 1 minute 40 second long but it's really hard and luck based, only before 0:34 it's skill based, the bouncing always wall you, pattern is easy after learning.
Final is the hardest attack, there have RNG and first part pattern just stand still, and the second part need remember all the fast pattern.

I have 13 final attempt and 2 last second death.

Kumao: 9.0/10
This avoidance is a great banger, and is one of my favorite. The song is Sky Train. This boss mostly pattern but some you can reaction like RNG. Intro is long but it's not a issue, also first half is harder than second half.
This is the best avoidance in this game to be honest.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 80 80
Feb 28, 2022
Rating based on my overall thoughts, this sure is a game.

Kefey: 1/10
Most of the attacks in this avoidance are really boring and uninteresting, combined with some pretty unfair rng, this was not fun to play at all. It gets one point for the song, but it's instagibby and learny and it's just not fun at all.

Putin Martin: 4/10
This one has some cool attacks, but there's of course more bs here and the pattern part is incredibly stupid, way too precise for being in the middle of an avoidance.

Nobebo: 5/10
Nobebo's avoidance has a super banger song with some spot on sync, but sadly that's what carries it as most of the patterns are uninteresting stand in a spot and you don't really have to do much else.

Kumao: 3/10
This avoidance has a banger song, but it has a really boring intro, some pretty bs rng and some of the patterns suck to pull off. It's also really learny and instagibby.

EX: 8/10
This avoidance is what carries the game, song is a banger, the attacks are really fun, it's pretty rarely unfair and the patterns are interesting and fun to pull off

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 62 62
Oct 31, 2021
Rating based on clearing the extra.
Highly recommended to anyone who is very good at avoidances.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 94 94
Jan 13, 2016
I didn't clear Kefey stage and ex,and I will never play them in the future.So this review doesn't include them.

Putin Martin stage:6/10 & 65 difficulty.
A cool and short rng fight,kind of unbalanced tho.

Nobebo stage: 8/10 & 10 difficulty.
Chill music,nice visual, tbh I don't find it boring at all since you just clear it with simply first try.No grind no pain.

Kumao stage: 7/10 & 50 difficulty.
Great music, great flow,but it has some shit patterns so I don't recommend much.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 28, 2022
This game isn't for me, I'm way too far from the skill level I would need to clear it.
I saw the extra on stream and it is super fun to watch... but I can't know if it is fun to play... if you are a god of avoidances, probably... but I'm not ^_^

I just did few attemps on the four first bosses, I hate the putin martin one, I love the nobebo one!

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 95 95
Jan 15, 2016