Not Another Magic Tower Game(共同開発)

Creators: Light, Koala, Nikaple

Average Rating
9.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
78.1 / 100
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Adventure (15) Needle (8) Avoidance (14) Boss (12) Long (10) Hard (1) Puzzle (13) Taisa (1) HP (1) Incomplete (1) Unique (1) RPG (4) Softlockable (2)


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50 Reviews:

This review is based upon reaching the true end.

This is a massive and challenging fangame with heavy puzzle elements. The production is great, and concept is interesting, and the game has a ton of content with multiple endings.

The problem with the game in general is the ability to get yourself stuck in a softlocked state where you are unable to reach the better endings. Key management is essential and can be brutal on your first play if you don't know where the secret walls are and knowing which doors don't need to be opened. The game also contains mandatory avoidance fights scattered throughout the game that can be unfair or brutal at times to grind.

I recommend this game to veteran and experienced players only, and recommend you not go in blind to avoid having to restart the game many hours in. Below I have a link to a video guide which will contain spoilers, but will ensure you have the resources needed to reach the final floor.

Video Guide Link:

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Boss Puzzle
[10] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 80 80
Feb 6, 2016
NAMTG is a game pretty much unlike any other, for better and for worse. There's not a lot of experiences like it. From both how you progress, to what you do to progress, is unlike much you'll find anywhere else. It's a chaos of variety, from mini-games to avoidance's to auto-scrolling needle, it's a bunch of things that feels like they'd never work together, but they kinda do here.

NAMTG doesn't have too hot of a start, with some very slow enemies and weird generic jump filled needle, but it'll be a fond memory by the end. See, NAMTG does something better than basically any other fangame you'll find: Its sense of progression. By the end of the game, after fighting slimes that do nothing but hop towards you slowly, you'll be fighting stuff that are absurd enough to count as fangame bosses by themselves. This, accompanied by a production and presentation jump for alot of the endgame enemies and the feeling of power you get by stomping over the earlier things makes the game incredibly satisfying to go through.

This only really takes a hit at the near end-game, where you're bombarded by a ton of bosses very close to eachother, alot of which your stats don't really mean anything besides the ability to fight them. It's an unfortunate stopping point that hampers the pacing of the game in a bad way. I might feel differently if I enjoyed the majority of the bosses in this game, but alas I don't.

The bosses in this game range from hideously long, gimmick-fueled suicide assistance or generic avoidances with good (and in ones case, fantastic) music. And some of the RNG, not just in them but in some of the enemies aswell, borders on some of the most volatile i've seen in terms of how easy vs how hard it can be. This is moderately saved by the (current) final boss, which while having a bit of a slow buildup perfectly captures the sense of progression you've gotten from climbing the tower itself.

Unfortunately, the needle in this game isn't fantastic either. Most of it is extremely short saves that are just doing one or two excessively precise jumps that you can just randomly mash your fingers on and get through. And then theres stuff like the horror story that is the auto scrolling room, which isn't that long but is boring as sin the entirety of its duration. The only real, true attempt at 'platforming' in the game feels like it's in the minigames. Which, as an aside, are actually all quite fun! I wish I had the brain fortitude for echo-shift.

It probably sounds weird saying that I enjoyed this game alot after saying I don't really like its bosses or its needle, but a big part of the game is its variety. For better or worse you'll see a lot of different things and enemies in this game. You're not bound to like all of them, but you'll probably like something. Basically, when it works, it >really< works, no matter what other problems get in the way. You'll feel great ascending the tower at the end. And what waits for you is worth it.

(And as an aside: I find the reputation of this game to be very strange. You'd think people were talking about noesis when they mention how hard this game is, but honestly outside of the end boss and weird needle style, the game is pretty accessible on all fronts. Not an easy game, especially for a beginner, but if you're not trying to no hit the bosses then honestly I don't see why this game has its ball buster difficulty reputation.)

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[5] Likes
Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 67 67
Nov 29, 2018
So im very bad at this game but I got somewhat into it but can I request an "easy" mode for people who want to play the game but cant get far? Well anyways I love this game and the concept of fighting monsters. I love the mix between needle and "bosses" (more like enemys) and its just out right fun!

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[4] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Oct 1, 2016
Очень и очень специфичная игра на любителя. Эта игра пытается быть хорошей и разнообразной, изредка у неё получается, но почти любая хорошая идея здесь заруинивается чем-то унылым или скучным.
Я хотел её дропнуть минимум 3 раза, но всё же домучил до самого конца (до DEMO блоков).
В целом я не могу сказать что игра прям отвратительная, но лично на мой вкус здесь было слишком много унылого контента, который я играл через силу, и тем не менее видно, что в игру вложено не мало сил, поэтому оценка выше среднего.

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Rating: 5.4 54       Difficulty: 75 75
Mar 7, 2019
My rating is based on reaching the current "true end" of the game.

The game is influenced by the Magic Tower game. So an important factor of the game is using your keys and HP which you find through out the game, as efficient as you can. If you don't you can softlock your game really easily. The game has a neat backup system to prevent this if you use properly.

The fights in this game start of very slowly and boring. But you quickly realize that the creators really loved to put some RNG into them. And this is also one of my main critics for this game.
Some of the RNG in this game is just unbearable. Of course you try to manage your HP as good as you can and try to avoid any damage in any case. But if you get hit by an undodgable RNG wall or a bullet spawns right into the kid, 3 minutes into an avoidance fight, you can just shake your head. I felt like the creators didn't care for it because you have HP anyway and either you can make it or not, so they can put as much BS RNG into their fights as they want.

It get's especially annoying if you unlock some of the later challenges and try to beat several fights in a row with a limited amount of allowed hits.

Another main critic are the "puzzle" areas in this game. I don't know how you can call them puzzle, if it takes 5 minutes to figure out what to do, and then 20+ minutes to execute them right, because they're full difficult jumps which you usually have to do in a hurry because every "puzzle" has a time-limit aspect.

But anyway, the game offers such a great variety in terms of boss battles, gimmicks and platforming that I would definitly recommend it to more experienced players. You can see how much more thoughts were going into the fights as more you progress into the game. If the creators care enough and would work on the points I mentioned above, I would definitly give this a 10/10.

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[2] Likes
Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 1, 2017