I wanna be the Twinkle Days

Creator: マツ

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7.9 / 10
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62.9 / 100
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Avoidance (7)


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Potential spoiler alert!

My new favourite avoidance! This is truly incredibly well-made masterpiece by マツ (Matsu) !

This is contingently 'old' avoidance, made more than 4 years ago. Yet it is very well-preserved even for modern standards. It is my first beaten avoidance, which is made by this creator. Surprisingly, it is one of the creator's first avoidances if you trust delicious-fruit or zero81kuro's old avoidance list (not going to link it here, since I think the public was removed) . If someone is interested, then, according to zero81kuro, this author has made also avoidance games in 2017 under different nicknames, like 'ゲンムのやべーやつ' (I wanna Poppi Pipo Papo) or '梅' (I wanna magician's operation and I wanna TRIGGER HAPPY) . Under 'マツ' nickname he has made several games after year 2017 , like I wanna Explosion! , Ate chicken? and I wanna pop team epic. There are 3 unmentioned games left: I wanna Anti Beat, I wanna be the Kataomoi C and I wanna be the Twinkle Days. I wanna Anti Beat is author's first avoidance game (maybe even the first fangame?) made in 2015. I wanna be the Kataomoi C looks like is author's third game, which according to delicious-fruit was released 5 months after the initial release of I wanna be the Twinkle Days, which looks like is creator's second game.

For someone's second game this is just unbelievably fabulous. Game's style reminded a lot about Karigito's (かりぎと) avoidances like I wanna Wonderful Rush or I wanna Unite Dreams, however マツ released his game more than a year before Karigito released his famous avoidance. Moreover, this game had vibes from Chip's (more known as 'アナザー・ゴッド・ポーテツ') if(I wanna get the good luck){with(kakki){destroy! kill! genocide!}}柿デスver and if(I wanna be the GOD){with(†耐久神you†){instance_destroy()} 神デスver . And yet I wanna get the good luck was released almost a half a year after. The only inspiration could be I wanna be the GOD. But it does not rip-off Chip's style. It makes avoidance in his own, personal style, which is very unique, in my opinion.

Why I am referring to Chip and Karigito? The main reason is that this avoidance is rich both visually and in gameplay. Visuals and designs are very aesthetic and gave me Karigito vibes. Gameplay consists of many very smartly-made attacks. And made me even more impressed was the fact that game had several Easter eggs, like it can be especially seen in Chip's second 'if-avoidance' , i.e. , I wanna get the good luck. You can find in several places 'Miku constellation' or a picture from the song's video clip. Sometimes there are even possible Easter egg variations! For example, in this screenshot I had shown one of the possible Easter eggs [url]https://delicious-fruit.com/ratings/screenshot.php?id=20991[/url] . If you wonder then you can also get the 'usual' Miku sprite. At least I got it once . Avoidance is very creative and author tried really hard, as you can see.

I can say, that I have actually always been afraid of this avoidance. I put it in my 'avoidance wish list' , yet I was unsure about the difficulty. Everyone gave this avoidance very high marks. 67 on delicious-fruit ; 40 in zero81kuro's avoidance list (if you wonder, it is the same difficulty he gave for I wanna be the White & Black and I wanna be the xx) and 69 in pyuw's list ([url]https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Iofw0kdP7l2KV1WGTC7jCx0ChCCGYeC9Z34dQ-oJFw[/url]), which is just 1,3 difficulty points lower than Rin from I Wanna Be the Catastrophe . I mean, I knew that these rating are mostly for the blind playthrough, yet it is not very helpful, because I wanna be the White & Black took me 100+ hours not blindly and Rin from I Wanna Be the Catastrophe took me more than 10 hours. 10 hours isn't too much, but it requires a lot of free time. Despite everything, I actually managed to beat this avoidance very fast. 02:12:47 in game time and 249 deaths. However, the fact that pyuw originally gave this avoidance 5 out of 5 stars in quality (and he said that for him personally it is still 5/5 avoidance) really made me interested in this avoidance.

Avoidance itself is more than 4 minutes long and consists pretty equally both from pattern and RNG attacks.

Avoidance already starts from several pattern rings and RNG blue fruits. Rings can look quite precise, yet at least 2 of them can be dodged if you align with the nearest block. RNG is mostly readable, although it can give pretty unreadable stuff, yet fruits stop killing you, once yellow RNG fruits appear. Moreover, you do not have strict restrictions where to dodge, you just have to get on platform up before the next pattern, but author made it pretty convenient to get up, without precise timings.

After that there appears title 'Twinkle days' and after that starts attack, which unites the whole avoidance – you have limited space, because of red and blue fruit walls, and you have to dodge yellow RNG. It can be sometimes hard, but I think it is not much of a problem, since it is the beginning of the avoidance.

Then you have to time correctly when you can jump (and when these fruits stop killing you) to dodge the next attack. You have to be under the central platform. Seems harder than it is, in fact, it is very intuitive, in my opinion.

After that you have to get up. Starts easy and then there is this attack – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=48[/url] – and I am not going to lie that it seems very confusing. Yet it is not as hard as it looks like. Just use the strategy of pyuw's, which clear video link I gave. Just double jump at the right edge of the platform to dodge yellow fruits and then jump and double jump carefully to the left. I am a little bit unsure about how low is this jump. It seems like 3 frames, however I think it can also be 2 frames. I played on pretty good keyboard, so it didn't give me a lot of problems, although I had died several times there and I was perplexed about why it happened.

Anyway, on the next attack you have to get down pretty quickly. There I used my own strategy for this attack –[url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=53[/url]. Just go to the left wall. There is a savespot for some reason, which works all the time. Besides, I think you can always dodge the first curving there too, although I am not 100% sure about that. Anyways, it shouldn't be too hard to dodge following curving, just find the empty space between these curvings, which in many cases are pretty easy to find.

Then there starts a star attack. I tried both sunbla and pyuw's strategies, but I think that pyuw's strategy to be close to the left side is very good – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=59[/url]. Before transition you can rush like sunbla and go up [url]https://youtu.be/iijB18c0ve4?t=67[/url] or just wait until everything is calm enough to jump to the platform, like pyuw did it [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=68[/url]. You have enough time to get there, yet I think the strategy to rush is not very difficult, since I never actually died, when I tried doing it.

Before we get to the chorus part you have to look carefully on the sky, where is a big dusty colour cloud and several fruits, which can be barely seen. Basically, they fall down. It is funny how similar it looks like one of the attacks of SpiCa Miku boss from I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II . I am pretty sure that author didn't inspire it from there, but it is pretty amusing, still.

Right after you have to carefully dodge everything and try to get to the left side. There you have to dodge several attacks. And right after you beat this attack – [url]https://youtu.be/iijB18c0ve4?t=82[/url] – you have to jump up and look where it is free to jump, because white fruits are going to get up. Surprisingly, it is pretty fair attack and I didn't die even once there!

Before getting to the second couplet, you have to dodge several rings and small fruit RNG bursts at the left side. I though at first that there are pattern bursts, but I was wrong. Most of those attacks are RNG or depends from something, like position or anything else. Even the last curving is random, so make sure to read everything as best as you can.

Second couplet starts with the 'uniting attack' , which this time is more readable, since you have limited space to go vertically, but you can pretty freely go to the right and left (it is opposite to the beginning, where you had limited space to go left and right) . I died once, the first time I got there, and that is it.

On the following attack you have to go to the middle and dodge pretty fair RNG and not so difficult patterns. And then we have an instagib, which can seem pretty confusing. I think I died once, and then I found a good visual spot to rely on. Basically, doing as sunbla [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iijB18c0ve4?t=130[/url] is pretty simple if you understand that you have to start with being under this star – [url]https://prnt.sc/szf7l1[/url]. It is pretty noticeable, I think.

If you get up quickly enough then try to dodge everything on the left side and try to get quickly to the right side, like pyuw does it –[url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=135[/url]. There is a savespot, which helps a lot. Just be careful, since RNG can be pretty unpredictable, may fruits can be invisible under the blocks.

After that you have to dodge carefully following stars in pretty free maneuver. I tried to combine pyuw's strategy on getting to the central part – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=144[/url] – and sunbla's strats to dodge everything in the center – [url]https://youtu.be/iijB18c0ve4?t=144[/url] . Just be careful and do not do something in random, otherwise you can mess up the timing and die in silly ways.

Then I followed pyuw's strats to the end of the avoidance (starting from this point – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=153[/url]). Funnily enough, I died only 3 times after following star attack. I think 2 times on this attack – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=168[/url]– and once on this one – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=211[/url]. It does not mean that it is easy though. Anyway, back to the point.

Before the second chorus, make sure to be on the right side. Dodge random fruits and be prepared for the actual chorus part. In the beginning of the chorus part – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=160[/url] – I recommend to not jump at all, but just carefully to go left. Then there is a yellow fruit attack, which is random. I died twice, yet it does not seem very hardcore, to be honest. Just be careful.

Right after make sure to get up. Although you actually CAN dodge this attack – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=172[/url] – on the ground, because I managed to do that on my final attempt. I am pretty sure that I was extremely lucky and it is hilarious that it even worked. And I did it just because I forgot about that attack. Just make sure to remember about it, really.

Then there is a 'barrage-like' attack – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=189[/url] . I like it very much. It is very fun, very fair and looks very fitting. However, the next problem and attack, which I personally disliked was this one – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=212[/url]. You have to go carefully to the opposite side of the screen, control the aiming and not to die on the ground fruit petiole or when you jump from one platform to another (I died like that) . It isn't horrible, but I think there could be something more original, to be honest.

Anyway, after you pass that attack, make sure to be in the center. Dodge everything carefully enough, and pay attention, when some blue star appears on the screen [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=234[/url] . It is a sign that you are close enough to the pre-finale phase. But before it, I would like to notice that this star rang a bell for me. Again, I doubt that it is intentional, but for some reason, it reminded me a lot of falling stars from I wanna intense the refrection, which were also before the finale [url]https://youtu.be/HVgY7mYE2wc?t=88[/url] . In my opinion, it is a great way to prepare the player for the epic ending. And it is epic, in fact.

Basically, dodge this blue star carefully enough – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=235[/url] – and then try to read RNG, while dodging on different platforms. Just make sure to dodge this star on the left [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=245[/url].

Right before the finale try to dodge everything in the center. It is difficult, and I was very nervous about it. I already had experience from I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, where on Steins Gate I had similar attack, in which bullets spawned both from the ceiling and the ground, and there boss took me 20 hours. Luckily enough, I think here the attack is fair enough.

And, for the grand finale we have the last attack, which unites the whole avoidance. We have red&blue walls, now put diagonally and random yellow fruits. Moreover, we even have an infinite jump. Connection through the whole avoidance is a very good idea, and makes avoidance very sincere, in my opinion. It is pretty short attack, but I can say that I was very nervous on it, anyway. I knew that even Sugar (シュガー) died on it. Yet I was lucky enough to not die there. And it was an extreme relief for me, when I cleared avoidance. It took me around 40 minutes to pass my previous PB and to first try around a minute of the avoidance. And I was truly shocked and impressed from it. Besides, 2 hour mark is a very good time for me.

As you can see, I had a real adventure through these 2 hours. Originally, I thought that this avoidance is going to take me more than 10 hours, and I would never thought that I could beat it just an hour longer than pyuw or zero81kuro, and 12 minutes after Sugar's clear. Moreover, I couldn't imagine how fun this avoidance is. I enjoyed the song, attacks, visuals, everything. This is really an almost 10/10 avoidance for me.

Almost. The main reason why I cannot give 10 are small complaints about the gameplay. First of all, I quite didn't understand why this avoidance had savespots in the corners on these 2 attacks: 1.[url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=53[/url] ; 2.[url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=139[/url] . I quite cannot understand how and why it actually happened. It seems like it was not intendend, but then it seems whimsical that on one corner savespot does not work, but on second one it works for some reason. Moreover, it is even more weird that there are 2 attacks on which you can use a savespot. I mean, it is pretty cool, but I think it is a small imperfection, because attacks lose its point. And if it is intended then I am even more confused, because why there could not be different attacks then? Anyway, it isn't much of a problem. The main disadvantage and unfitting attack was the aiming attack about which I talked before – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=212[/url]. For me it seems rather unoriginal and a little bit non-intuitive. I would prefer something different, to be honest. About RNG I can say that there are some questionable parts in the avoidance, but mostly I do not think that it is a big downside. I mean, I would nerf or change random on attacks like this one – [url]https://youtu.be/u5nIJWng_x0?t=91[/url]. It can give some unpleasant situations. However, I wouldn't lower more than 0.1 from the whole rating, because of this.

Avoidance is very fair , and I had ton of fun playing it. I had never felt that I am grinding, and had almost no negative emotions at all. For me this is a chef d'oeuvre and even a pretty hidden gem. The only problem I have with a difficulty rating. I understand that I cleared it so fast that I have a trouble rating it properly. I still think that it isn't as hard as many people say. It is long, but attacks are very fair and there are not so many precise patterns. The main difficulty are random attacks, but they are readable. Anyway, I am probably going to change my rating in the future. But for now I am assured that any player who can deal with upper-average avoidances, can beat this avoidance too. Of course, I recommend playing this not blindly, since I am a little bit unsure how fun it is then. However, attacks and the whole concept is very neat, and song itself is very good too. I know that there are people who dislike these kind of avoidances. Yet I would, personally, highly recommend this avoidance to any avoidance player, unless you are very certain that you are going to dislike it before playing it!

Good job Matsu!

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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 58 58
Jun 14, 2020
This game tries to hide boredom under layers of VFX but fails to do so. The main problem of this game is that it's hella long, and it absolutely fails to keep the player entertained for all five minutes. RNG rips the calm atmosphere as it's faster than the song's pace. Sometimes you can get natural walls. I also had problems trying to remember attacks because I started forgetting them. Twinkle Days is not a very bad avoidance but I'd definitely suggest to play something else. Especially nowadays.

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Rating: 4.6 46       Difficulty: 64 64
Aug 25, 2021
beautiful avoidance!

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 55 55
Oct 6, 2021
Хороший авойд с пасхалками, НО начальные кольца не интересно играть, особенно, когда после них идёт атака, которая может спокойно завалить и опять по новой... Туннель 3/9 раз пройден, ужасное чувство: 2 раза умирал об тупое яблоко в блоке из-за в-стринга. Делать такой сегмент под конец авойда не очень, побольше бы места там или отодвинуть яблоки в блоках об которые можно умереть.

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Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 67 67
Aug 17, 2020
Lovely visuals, good song and pretty cool design of patterns. RNG segments were nice as well. Quite frankly, it's one of the most pleasant and friendly avoidances i've ever played. Cleared blindly and didn't regret at any point. Can easily recommend

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 70 70
Apr 8, 2023