I wanna be the hanamogeta

Creator: はなもげた

Average Rating
8.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
58.8 / 100
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Adventure (11) Trap (10) Gimmick (8) Boss (1) Puzzle (9)


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36 Reviews:

such a fun and creative game. has so many unique ideas and gimmicks and the trolls are pretty hilarious. some puzzlesegments are pretty tough to figure out but it never really feels unfair.
the artstyle in this game is amazing; from what i know he was drawing pretty much all of this on his own which is incredible. can only recommend this game to everyone who likes some challenge and wants to get a good laugh.
hope he will make more games in the future!

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap
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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 59 59
Mar 29, 2016
Rating based on the version 1.10, currently the most recent one.
Incredibly well-made fangame. Consists of an overworld, where the player collects video game cartridges, and the player's house, where the player can play the games contained in these cartridges, which are mini-games with their own set of rules. The overworld features a wide range of traps, some of them being quite funny (There are some generic traps, but they aren't overdone, and they blend well with the creative ones, making the trap sections really unpredictable), while the games contained in the cartridges have a more puzzle-ish nature, with some really creative gimmicks involved. Once you beat the games in the cartridges you found, you'll unlock the last cartridge, which consists of a joke stage and the last boss.
The mini-games featured in the cartridges are incredibly creative, and while some of them aren't very self-explanatory, it's not too unreasonable to find out how does each of them work on your own. The only complaint I have is about the ink stage's last screen, it's designed in a way that doesn't allow the player to use the ink gimmick properly, which ends up turning it into an invisible block maze thing. Doesn't really do much harm to the game overall, though.
The bosses are nice. They are rather simple in their nature, most of them not really being a challenge to the player, but doing a great job on adding to the already wide range of variety that this game features. The visuals are amazing (And cute) and the musics are nice (Sadly, they restart, and the death sound is really annoying).
It's an incredible game overall. Funny traps, creative gimmicks used in creative ways and some of the best puzzles that fangames have to offer nowadays. I love it. Highly recommended.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Puzzle
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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 54 54
Oct 12, 2016
After my...less than enthusiastic experience with BANANAS, I was somewhat wary of this game, but I am very happy to say that Hanamogeta's creativity is much more responsibly applied this time around.

The overworld is mostly good trap game fare, I especially enjoyed the underwater section.
Galaxy is a very amusing take on Mario Galaxy but in 2D. Hopping around the planets definitely made me nostalgic for that game, though controlling yourself while floating through space felt a bit slow and janky.
Shifter and Swapper are the most puzzle-heavy stages, and I enjoyed them tremendously. My only complaint is some of the details of the mechanics could have been made a bit more clear, particularly for one screen of Shifter, as I may have gotten frustrated if I had not had my chat to clarify them.
Ink was super fun too. Maybe I'm just easily pleased by pretty colours, but I even found the maze pretty fun, which seems to be (understandably) controversial.
Canvas is the worst stage by a mile, surprising exactly no one who knows my opinion on the BANANAS mouse stage. Granted, this is infinitely better just because it never makes you draw while platforming or under time pressure. My gripes only really come in with the last few screens, where the game starts requiring more precise drawing and starts employing traps to force you into a different solution. The last screen in particular just says nope right at the end and requires you to pull a pretty galaxy brain move from the start to get past it.
The last stage is just a kind of dumb joke that I luckily already knew about, and the final boss is okay.

In conclusion, even though I'm still not a fan of some of Hanamogeta's particular design quirks, I can't deny this game has a bunch of really awesome gimmicks and puzzles, so my gripes didn't affect my enjoyment too much.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 54 54
Nov 15, 2019
Another one of my favorite fangames from this creator. The same developer as I Wanna Go BANANAS and DAREJAR. The level of production value in those games appears in this one as well. Though, in the case of Hanamogeta, I think it even exceeds it.

This fantastic game consists of a generally small world map. Throughout this world you'll find a few bosses, some warp points, a lot of trolls, and cassette cartridges.

The trolls aren't as over-the-top as the ones in their other fangames, but some of the traps in this game are pure genius and hilarious.

The meat of the game lies within the 6 game cartridges you can find throughout the world. Aside from the tutorial one, each cart leads to an almost entirely new game that focuses solely on its own gimmick. Each one is done amazingly well. A few of these mini-game stages are very heavily puzzle-based. Where as some others use different gimmicks to enhance platforming.

A game of this quality could easily be charged money for. And it would be worth it too.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Puzzle
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 60 60
Mar 30, 2016
Brought to you by the same guy who made DAREJAR and Bananas, this game has the amazing and creative traps and trolls you would expect to see in those game (better in many cases). The player explores a small overworld collecting keys of sorts that allow the player to access various mini game type stages with various themes back at the hub. There's a few bosses along the way, but nothing too hard.

Overall the production level of this game is probably in the top tier of fangames I've seen. The mini stages are brilliant in terms of their gimmicks and the designs around those gimmicks. They are introduced in a progressive way that teaches you how to use each one, while each screen adds another layer of difficulty.

Some of these areas are VERY puzzle heavy. These puzzles are deviously designed but at times can be outright brutal to solve. At times it felt like the puzzles should have probably been spun off into a different game all together considering how big of a contrast these areas are with the platforming troll areas outside the hub. The majority of this game's challenge actually is related to the puzzles.

If you can handle heavy puzzles, this game is a must-play. It's well produced, funny, and a lengthy game.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Puzzle
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Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 60 60
Mar 30, 2016