I wanna be the Descry

Creator: PP

Average Rating
4.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
41.7 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (4) Avoidance (7) Trap (6) Gimmick (3) Medley (1) Boss (4) hub (1) PP_(maker) (1)


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17 Reviews:

Rating does not include EX.

There's very little to like here and there's certainly a lot to dislike. Of the 6 stages, there's only 1 that had some interesting business going on with some minigame-type mechanics, and I'm not sure I would call it fun still.
Every single other stage was long and devoid of anything other than boring platforming or unpleasant traps.
The bosses are just terrible all around. Most of them are pretty long partially because of a large HP bar and partially because you can't really hit them often at all. 2 of them (out of 6 bosses!) can only be hit on certain attacks, which is and has always been the absolute worst thing to do on any boss ever.
And the final avoidance is ok I guess. The trail effect is absolutely horrendous and really just confusing though.

Absolutely can't recommend this game for any reason. The platforming is boring, the bosses are boring and/or bad, I did not have fun. Stay away.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Trap Boss
[3] Likes
Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 18, 2021
This is actually dreadful, horribly put together and really boring

By the way,you can skip the ENTIRETY of the first hub by pressing backspace, which happens to be over half of the game. So that's really cool.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 27, 2022
Rating includes extra.
It's a nice adventure game. Starts out with a main hub leading to four different stages: Left and right are trap areas, bottom and top are gimmick-oriented - Bottom showcasing an interesting variety of gimmicks (Including some questionable ones) and top restraining itself to only a few, combining those with needle-ish platforming. Once you beat all of them, you unlock the next two areas. Once again, one of them focuses on gimmicks, the other one is trap-heavy, the only difference being that I recall the traps in this trap stage being more generic than the ones in the previous stages. Every stage ends with a boss. Those are, on a second look, pretty nice. Some of them have interesting mechanics, and those that don't at least have a nice variety of attacks. Anyway, once you beat the latter two stages, you'll unlock the last stage, which is a scrolling segment that leads to a really beautiful avoidance that is definitely the highlight of the game, although it does have some difficulty balance issues (Like a certain attack near the end being way harder than everything else in the avoidance).
In general, the platforming is pretty fun, although the bosses are just alright. The traps are somewhat creative, and while they gimmicks aren't anything super inovative and don't do anything inovative either, they do contribute to make some pretty fun platforming (Except for the early right stage and the slightly obnoxious maze).
Extra is pretty much a new game. You don't have to do a lot to play it, it's unlocked right after you make it past the credits. It starts out with a pretty fun Mario stage, similar to fangames such as I wanna Travel the Mario World (But shorter), and then it goes downhill when the maker decides to shove in a medley stage. The screen choices are lame at best and atrocious at worst, with only one or two decent picks in later areas. All of them are either, generic trap screens or generic needle. There's one boss somewhere in the middle of it, and then it ends in some random screen, like the maker just gave up on it. Good choice, actually.
It's an alright game with a lovely avoidance and a fun, although super short Mario stage following it. Would recommend, maybe. Just forget that the medley section exists.

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 55 55
Apr 5, 2019
I ended up skipping half the game because I didn't wanna bother after reading reviews, which was a good idea. When making a game with an emphasis on traps either needs interesting gameplay or interesting traps, and this game has neither. The bosses are lame as hell as well. The final boss was really the only enjoyable thing but maybe if I played the rest I'd find something good as well, however I doubt it.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 38 38
Feb 26, 2023
Fangame Clear #44

I honestly didn't hate this, but there certainly isn't anything to like. It's just kind of bad all around, though fortunately nothing extremely annoying. Also extra points for including a way to skip half the game lol. (Hit backspace to do this, I would fully recommend it.)

The final avoidance is, really funny honestly. It basically features the worlds shittiest music, the worlds shittiest cherry design, it's completely unsynced and I swear it's practically untested. It's honestly such a joke that it was just funny to play it in an ironic sense. Don't bother with this one unless you're doing FSR.

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Rating: 3.6 36       Difficulty: 26 26
Sep 7, 2023