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Adventure (1) Trap (1) Boss (1) Sudoku (1) Epilepsy_Warning (1)


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Kilp41 [Creator]
I prefer to pretend that this doesn't exist, don't play it.

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Sep 20, 2021

2 Reviews:

I've only made it to the first boss of this game and I don't think I will beat it any time soon (possibly ever) so I'll review everything up to it.

The game starts with an extremely easy grass stage with a couple traps, nothing too crazy. The next stage is harder and features gravity flipping. The gravity flipping in this game is VERY scuffed. It seems the upside down kid is a separate entity that replaces the normal kid, spawning the normal kid back when you flip gravity back to normal. Upside down kid has his mechanics made seemingly from scratch, since he can only jump once before being unable to jump, has a jump height clearly much higher than normal kid, and his bullets freeze in place and don't work at all. This is only a minor problem during the stage which is pretty standard with, again, a few traps tossed in. Then comes the boss.

The boss uses gravity flipping and is a complete mess. Due to the aforementioned quirkiness of upside down kid, you can only shoot the boss while falling down. In addition, since upside down kid is a separate entity, the targeting apples the boss shoots will go to the upper left corner regardless of where you are. If this wasn't already bad enough, the boss room seems to have a bizarre mechanic (or glitch?) where the kid will keep jumping and bonking seemingly randomly (or maybe it's based on something I'm not getting). All of this combined makes what would otherwise be a pretty simple boss into a nightmare.

I doubt this game gets much better beyond this point so I'll leave this rating for now.

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Sep 20, 2021