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8.3 / 10
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71.2 / 100
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Avoidance (2)


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A really cool design and Kreygasm song avoidance,most attacks are pattern and a bit RNG attacks.some boss effects are from this song PV, so if you have watched it, you can more enjoy the boss!

the beginning and the last chorus are infinity jump, middle part of the boss is usual.I don't know what it is but some attacks actually are depend on the kid position or something,it was annoying honestly.if your position is bad, it will be a wall pattern.
white background with white barrage on outro, but those have a black outline so it was not hard to see and is long compared with an others avoidance bosses.

this is the most important thing about the boss, if you had big lag when you play, the game will stop working. because the game has a system for playing without big lag.

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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 20, 2017
10.0/10 for 0:58 to 1:21
8.9/10 for other parts

This rating is not only for visual effects, but also more importantly for the game experience
All the attacks in this avoidance are pretty fun and rational
Although some attacks seem monotonous, but this is insignificant for the process of playing

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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 70 70
Jun 20, 2021
Pretty much everyone knows that if you use effects from the music video in your avoidance I am probably gonna like it on some level. But it's not just that, I swear!

So, this avoidance isn't super flashy or bright in terms of production, but it makes up for it it by stylizing it heavily. It's more 'atmospheric' than your usual avoidance, if that makes sense. Lots of slow, flowing attacks and teardrop attacks from the roof, along with lots of shades of blue/white, borrowed heavily from the backgrounds of the music video.

It's a really consistent style throughout the entire avoidance, outside of one blackscreen part with multi colored orbs which does feel a bit out of place. The color scheme works well together, and the slow pacing of the avoidance with plenty of room to breathe between attacks lends itself to the calm, flowy nature of the attacks. It's all very ambient and captures the mood of the song (Sayonara by Tiara, by the way.)

The avoidance itself is probably the biggest ruse I have seen. See, watching a video doesn't really put in perspective what the avoidance is like, and relying on them too heavily is going to get you baited (like me, for the first like 3 hours!)

A LOT of the attacks here are 'aimed' in a way. They change heavily based on where your character is when they start. The problem is it is very hard to tell when the 'aiming' starts, and how much it's being influenced. Being off by a few pixels can send things into a benzen level catastrophe of confusion without really being easily understood why. So if you do want to play this, and you should because it's good and the song is great, is don't tie yourself to video positioning too closely. Make some stuff yourself, because your own timing is going to be what you get used to, no matter what.

There's some interspliced RNG and Pattern here and there. Most of the pattern isn't too bad but can be intimidating, and one of the 'jump in the center of this very small circle' attacks can be bit frustrating, but nothing too learny, just timing based. The RNG is also mostly fine... but there's an exception. Right before the first chorus there's an rng spread that comes from the roof and the floor, and this can be honestly kind of shitty. You can kind of autopilot the first bit of this avoidance until this attack starts to see if it's a real attempt or not.

I'm also not a big fan of the black background/colored orbs part. The 2nd curving orbs are fine, but the first part you can die while the screen is shaking and flickering out, which feels pretty damn Lame. The ending barrage is pretty intense and rough, but it didn't feel very cheap. I was kinda worried about white bullets on a white background but they're easily distinguishable thanks to the border.

So all in all, fun and unique avoidance with a fantastic song. Recommended. I didn't see many people talk about or clear this, seems to be a bit unknown.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 72 72
Apr 28, 2019
Overrated avoidance
Before 1:55 some attacks were unfair,that's really annoying. After that the game becomes very easy suddenly.The Final inf jump part was extremely dull and it even lasts for 1 minute.
I wouldn't recommend it tbh.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 72 72
May 23, 2021
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 5, 2021