I want chocolate

Creator: たつぬ

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0.5 / 10
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36.0 / 100
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Avoidance (2) Short (1) Meme (1) NSFW (1)


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Warning: Wild SARCASM appeared!

Ladies and gentlemen! Here comes the most wonderful game in the world: I want chocolate.

This is short game, but you can see good example of highly cultural game. You do not need to listen to the overrated vocaloid songs, which degrade young generation. We can listen and notice expressions of realism in the music! Harmonic sounds of nature and human speech unites us, and shows how much we are connected to the nature. With harmonic sounds I mean sounds of.. flowing water. Yes. Do not be confused by naked Eastern human male's body. I believe it is flowing water, isn't it? Also we do not know is he fully naked or no, because there is censorship with red fruits (I feel bad for them). Simplistic designs fit so much with simplistic attacks. It may seem specific, that when there are sounds of water, there are loads of brownish fruits, but I guess it is visual effect. It seems also pretty easy, however in the same time author is reprehensible for unfair RNG bursts, which are quite many. Sadly, author made this game private (interesting, why?), but I believe someone made critic to him, because of not understanding the deep meaning of this game. This author really makes masterpieces, and I am glad that he is still making games! Oh, what did you say? Why it is called: I want chocolate? It is easy to explain. I have made some research on internet, and found even article which is even called: "Chocolate: A symbol of love and commitment" (link to the article is available here:[url]https://www.slideshare.net/bikanervala/chocolate-a-symbol-of-love-and-commitment[/url]), and I think author tried to deliver this message to the player!

Sadly, I believe not everyone will be able to understand this game's deep meaning, which is the reason why I wouldn't recommend this game to everyone, however if you are ready or seek to find complicated hidden meaning, then you should definitely try this game.


P.S. "Definitely".

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Aug 30, 2019
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Apr 22, 2023
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Dec 5, 2021