I wanna be the Descry2

Creator: PP

Average Rating
5.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
45.0 / 100
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Adventure (2) Avoidance (2) Trap (2) Gimmick (2) Medley (1) Boss (1) Puzzle (1) PP_(maker) (1)


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4 Reviews:

Surprisingly (And sadly) atrocious adventure. The structure is very similar to the first Descry: Starts with a main hub of 4 stages, once you beat those you unlock more stages (2 in the first, this time it's 4), and once you beat those new stages there's only the last stage left.
Every stage has a name, which means I can reference them by name, so I will. The first four stages are mostly alright. Mountain is just simplistic, needle-ish platforming with a couple traps here and there. It's fun, and also happens to be the best-looking stage in the game. Trap is, well, it's a trap stage. Duh. It's a massive mixed bag, with some saves resembling Metamorphosis closely followed by bundles of generic traps. One thing it loves to do is repeating the same trap twice, which is funny once or twice, but not when it happens in literally every save throughout the whole stage. Wasn't a huge fan of it, but it's not horrendous (I mean, when literally every save does it, you start expecting it). Fantasy is a puzzle stage. It makes use of an interesting gimmick, but doesn't quite do a lot with it. It's still an alright stage. Finally, FaSheep is a medley stage. Apparently, it just borrows a lot of screens from I wanna Kill the Maker and nerfs them. Compared to IWKTM, or the extra medley stage in Descry 1, they are actually decent, I guess. Just some simplistic needle.
The next four stages are a mixed bag, but boy, would I not put my hand inside that bag. Rock is just a nice needle stage with moving spikes and infinite jumping later on. Poor thing. Sky is an easier trap stage that probably should be in the first half of the game, trading places with Trap. Kinda generic, but there are so few traps it doesn't matter that much. Then, there's the Pokemon stage. It feels like an attempt to emulate Tsuta's style, and is the perfect example of how to not do so. It's pretty generic, recycles the few funny traps that might show up and the Pikachu save is the most tedious thing I've done in a while. Has a few elaborate(?) traps here and there. Black and White is an abomination. It's a chaotic combo of spikes that appear whenever the maker feels like, backtracking and traps that might be funny or not. Doesn't really matter when you run into a "backtrack spike" every 5 steps. The stage is also ridiculously long, and way harder than the other stages up until now, which makes it all the more atrocious.
Finally, once you make it past that abomination, there's ANOTHER medley stage. This one is more like the Permanence type of medley, so it borrows whole stages and redesigns them. Except that the maker does a pretty bad job here. Lovetrap is just mediocre platforming, same as the original Lovetrap. IWBTG is hilarious. The maker forgot to make hitboxes for quite a few obstacles, so you just don't die to them. Ever. Otherwise, it's a mostly generic trap stage with one or two noteworthy traps. Fangame is probably the most decent out of the four. Ignoring the "only cherry in this game" save, anyway. Traps are more elaborate, including what I would consider the funniest trap in the game (Which isn't saying a lot, but oh well). Magnanimity is kinda decent too. It's still a generic trap stage, but with vine jumps, platforms, moving enemies and better visuals. Also, there aren't that many traps. It's too short to be anything, though, and fake blocks that don't disappear leave a pretty bad impression.
Oh, there is still a boss after the end of each stage. Some of them are nice, on par with the first game, while others lean closer towards mediocrity, with a more limited set of attacks and no particularly interesting mechanics to speak of. The main difference, however, is the last boss, which is still an avoidance, but incredibly lame. It looks like a medley boss on the surface, but in reality it's just an excuse to cramp all the generic attacks we all know from other avoidances into a single boss. Many of them aren't even remotely similar to the original bosses. And the music choice is just...No.
Basically, the first half of the game is nice, and Rock Stage and Sky Stage are pretty decent too. Past those, however, there's no reason to continue playing. In particular, there's no reason to even consider playing Black&White. Ever.

Side note: There are some extra items to collect, one per stage. I don't really know if collecting them does anything.
Side note 2: Once you clear the game, there's a portal section that leads to any stage of the game you wish to go. You better not save anywhere, though, because if you save outside the portal section, you can't go back to the clear screen. The last boss' item won't appear, which means you can't get to the credits again and you'll never have access to the portal section again. Good testing.

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Apr 10, 2019
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Jan 19, 2023
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Dec 5, 2021
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Dec 16, 2018