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Now I have learned 15 easy and different cooking methods of how to cook AnChun! Firstly, it is important to know what AnChun, exactly it. You only find AnChun internation holdings, which "produces ammonia synthesis catalysts, syngas purification catalyst, CO water gas shift reaction catalysts" ? No problem. Just write "anchun" in Google Translate and set to find written language. Be sure to write like I wrote, with these capitalisations! Now you can see that AnChun is 鹌鹑, which translates as 'Quail'. You don't have any idea what it is? Then just google on wikipedia! For those who are lazy here is a link: [url]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_quail[/url] . Now when we learned what we want to cook, we should start with 15 different methods (I like to call better it 15 different recipes how to make good AnChun) how to cook this bird! Even wikihow won't show you more than 3 too obvious methods how to cook - roasting, grilling and sauteed - but this game gives other ooportunities as well, about which you most likely haven't even heard!

Warning! Some of these methods can do only proffesionals, so be careful and better do not try these methods at home!

Method 1: As you can notice from few screenshots of the game, instead of main standart portal we have flying pigeon, I guess, and we are playing not as kid, but as a quail. Also the first pink stage reminds me of some sweet cream bleding. SO, I guessfirst method means that you have to put pigeon's and quail's meat together in blender and then blend them and then warm up substance on stove, and then drink this delicious coctail!

Method 2: Saves in this game are formed as small yellow circles, which I see that symbolyses lemons. That is reason, why I believe that second method is based on making soup from quail'sand adding some lemon juice, but not too much! Quite simple, but I guess it is delicious, right?

Method 3: Similar to method 3, but you should use delicious-fruits instead of lemons. You ask what is delicious-fruit? Delicious-fruit is fruit, which is very tasty for every individual. You can use apple, pear or anything else, what you like. How much? How much you need and feel that is going to be OK for you.

Method 4: Since game events happen outside of home, it means that next method is to cook raw quail's meat on sun. Better if temperature is higher than +35 grades per Celsium. How much you should cook? Better all day, but maybe even 2 days, but make sure you put meat under glass for it better to cook. Additives are on individual taste.

Method 5: First stage involves flowers in background and butterflies. No, that does not mean that you have to cook butterfly itself. You have to fry quail on pan, but have to put flowers on it while frying, and then taking them off, and flowers you should take only those, on which butterfly has sat down, because it gives special butterfly aroma, believe me. It is hard to tell, on which butterfly had sat down, but you can always set camera to be sure on 100%! Also, I would suggest only those flowers on which hat satdown those butterflies which species live in China, because it makes taste better.

Method 6: Stage 2 is coloured in green, which I believe symbolysis different flora species. For example, you can stew for 1 hour or maybe less your meat with different vegetables on your own taste.

Method 7: Second stage involves vines, that means that you have to make a soup from quail and 400 grams of vine leaves. Boiling process should take around 47 minutes.

Method 8: On grapevines grows grapes, so it is great way to use grape juice and mix it with blended quail's meat, it should be delicious for sure!

Method 9: Roast quail's meat as wikihow teaches it ([url]https://www.wikihow.com/Cook-Quail[/url]), but pour on it a little bit of wine (since from grapes you can made a wine), and only then roast it.

Method 10: Make a soup from quail, vegetables, wine, grapes and grapevines altogether! But make sure to boil water for 5 hours 59 minutes 49 seconds and 3 miliseconds, otherwise this recipe doesn't work at all.

Method 11: Stage 3 is water stage, so I guess author suggest to make a broth from only quail and water and boiling for about 15 minutes.

Method 12: Water associates also with snow and ice, so it means that you have to freeze your quail on refridgerator for about month and then putting it to very hot boiling water and boiling it until it fully unfreezes and then use it as a soup.

Method 13: AnChun starts with letter 'A', which means that there is one more hidden method. Make an astic from quail. Greta tutorial, right - [url]https://chestofbooks.com/food/recipes/Waldorf-Cook-Book/How-To-Make-Aspic-Of-Quails-Empress.html[/url] ?

Method 14: Last screen's reminds of autumn's day, so this method works only if you try it on September, October or November. You have to grill your meat, but with special method! You have to turn around it autumn tree leaves and when you have finished grilling, then you can eat it!

Method 15: Quails in this game reincarnate, which means that this method is great for those who are vegeterians. Method is easy. Just do not eat quail's meat! Contradiction with previous methods? Well, neither me nor creator cares about it.

Now you have 15 different quail recipes! Awesome game for those who are gourmets!


But now if serious. This game is very short and involves some pretty easy needle. Reminds a lot of I wanna be the Kaenbyou serie, however idea is quite better, even though needle itself is quite boring. Still, if you don't have good ideas what easy and chill to play I would suggest this game for a few minutes for both beginner and more experienced players. Would recommend.

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Jul 31, 2019
Very cute.

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Feb 10, 2023
Mediocre looking needle, nothing too special.

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Aug 29, 2017
fun and relaxing!!!!!!!

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May 19, 2017
Really enjoyed this. It is short, but the music is nice. It is rather easy, great for beginners. The quail, which I found about when reading the reviews, is extremely cute. (I thought it was a penguin, lol)

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Dec 14, 2023