I Wanna Spook Jam

Creators: Patrickgh3, Polaroid, Dribix, 128-Up, CosmicSense, Damnjelly, DarqSaintDiablo, Dlastons, Erik7654ka, HAEGOE, HopPros, kadykunde, Klazen108, Kyir, Lonetree, Lss, pieceofcheese87, Piranha, QuentinJanuel, RandomFangamer, Raynius, Smartkin, SpicyFishesKiller, Voider, WetWookie, Zapmunk, zebbe94

Average Rating
8.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
47.3 / 100
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Adventure (9) Needle (15) Avoidance (15) Trap (13) Gimmick (13) Boss (15) Long (14) Puzzle (8) Collab (15) Halloween (2) Barrage (1)


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My dream fangame!!

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 45 45
Oct 6, 2018
My rating for the game as a whole is the average of all the ratings I assigned to each stage. Here I'll give my opinion on each of the stages to show why I gave this game this rating. Note that I played through pretty much all of the game on version 1.01, so a few of the things I address in this may not be the case in version 1.02. Also note that I wrote the reviews for some of the later stages a couple of months after I beat them so they won't be very in-depth; oops.

Warning: this is a wall.

128-Up: 8.0/10
I felt this was a really great way to start off the project. The platforming, while being pretty straightforward needle, was still pretty fun to go through, even at its difficulty, and at no point was the stage boring, which is a problem with most platforming of this difficulty out there. I also just had to take into consideration the visual aspect of it, which I found to be up there with the best in the game.

kadykunde: 8.0/10
This was a unique experience that also makes for a really good sequel to the preceding stage. While the stage as a whole was among the easiest in the game, if not the easiest, it still was invigorating to go through, what with the unknown entity following behind. Now, I usually dislike memes in most fangames (and this will also be a detrimental factor in some of the later stages); however, I really do think the ending of this stage was 32 dollars' worth. The exit screen was kind of unnecessary, though.

Dlastons: 6.5/10
To me, this stage introduced the feeling of the project being disjointed a bit, even though that is to be expected of a collaborative game; the previous two stages just flowed so well together, and this broke that flow. Not that that really matters, though; the stage itself isn't bad at all. A lot of it seemed pretty goofy, which is also nice to see with a Halloween game. Some of the triggers were unnecessarily precise to pull off, however, especially in the second screen. I don't have much to say about the boss other than the fact that I didn't hate it, which is a definite plus for the maker; the sound effects were also humorous.

Kyir: 6.5/10
I generally really dislike platforming centered around jump refreshers, but Kyir managed to pull if off without me disliking it. There isn't much more to say about this; my biggest complaint is the fact that the stage is so short.

DarqSaintDiablo: 6.5/10
This stage is based on traps, but not like those found in Dlatsons's stage. Normally, this would be tedious to go through each time; however, a good portion of the traps are easily dodgeable on the first attempt, and each segment doesn't overdo it either. The pacing, as a result, is pretty smooth. What made this stage not quite as memorable as some of the other stages in the game was the fact that it didn't really explore anything else; it's all simple triggers that add spikes to the level. It certainly isn't bad, but I feel there could have been more done with it.

pieceofcheese87: 7.0/10
The needle in this stage is pretty good all around and doesn't get boring; like 128-Up's stage, this had very straightforward platforming, only it was a bit more difficult. There's not really much else to say about the platforming. Then you have the boss; I mentioned earlier that memes would be detrimental to a stage's quality, and I feel this was the case to some extent in this stage. I understand that it was completely by coincidence that the breakfast meme appeared in another stage; however, I feel it was greatly overshadowed by kady's usage earlier in the game. In addition, the fight itself wasn't very interesting, and it felt too drawn out for what it should be. The fight isn't bad, but it could be better.

HAEGOE: 5.5/10
I found much of this stage to be annoying to play through. The idea with the ball of fire that follows the player and lights the area around it is a decent idea; however, I feel it was wasted by the level design. A lot of the platforming involves what old-timers would call "cliff jumps" (for a lack of a better naming), and the low visibility made it difficult to do them, especially with the player sprite. Furthermore, the visibility of the screen was a big problem for me; I have amazing eyesight, and I've said this many times before, but I still had trouble seeing where anything was in this stage, and this hindered my enjoyment of the stage. Looking back, the first rooms were okay, but it was mostly the final room in the area that I had problems with; there were way too many of those jumps for it to be fun for me. I feel that the level design needs some serious improvement for it to really play its full potential.

Raynius: 3.0/10
I'm going to be frank here: I do not understand how or why this made it in. This was easily my least favorite stage in the game. The gimmick used in this was executed very poorly; often you have to wait before you can attempt a segment because the lasers are on when you reset, which itself docked the stage about 2 points from what it was on first glance. The difficulty curve and pacing is all over the place. The graphics are all around just messy. The final save of the platforming felt completely out of place from the rest. Yet, this wasn't even my least favorite part of the stage. I'm sure I'm biased in this since I usually hate bosses, but I despised the boss. 2 of the attacks--the one where he charges from the side of the screen and the one when he aims a laser at you--are just dumb. You aren't given much of a warning for the former and, because most of the boss is already pretty boring, it can catch you off-guard and end the attempt; the latter was difficult to understand and really frustrated me, since it seemed like there was just no way to dodge it, and I hate having attempts end because you can't easily tell how to dodge something like that. I also don't understand why the items fall from the ceiling at random positions; depending on the attack, sometimes you can't get the item, and you'll have to wait another cycle to get it, which was also really annoying and prolongs every attempt to oblivion. In short, either this stage needs to be seriously overhauled or honestly just removed from the game completely.

RandomFangamer: 5.5/10
I feel the biggest factor that hindered my enjoyment of this stage was the fact that I spent around 5 minutes trying to enter the castle; you aren't given an explanation for what you have to do, and I didn't realize you had to shoot the switch to progress, since I'm fairly certain I tried that and it didn't work. The first real screen of the stage is cool and uses the switches well, but everything that follows that screen just seem mindless and are really confusing. The thwomps look to be bugged (I was told that was intended, but it just looks bad). The final real room of the stage is basically the same thing repeated over and over again and is thus the most boring room in the stage. The visual aspect of the stage is cool, but the gameplay needs improvement.

Smartkin: 7.5/10
It was a relief to enter this stage. The platforming was very fun (and I liked the soundbite used in a strange way). The boss was also pretty fun, which is a huge plus for this. There isn't much to say about this stage, but overall it's pretty solid.

CosmicSense: 6.5/10
This was a decent avoidance with a cheesy song. I didn't think it really stood out; it wasn't bad, but it wasn't very memorable in my opinion. There really isn't much to say about this.

zebbe94: 6.5/10
I think I'm the odd one out here when I say I enjoyed the majority of this stage, and I find that odd as well considering my preferences in fangames. I guess it was because I found a consistent way to manipulate where the boos go fairly quickly. I do think the gimmick was done to death here, and because the segments were pretty lengthy, the stage isn't too enjoyable as a whole for most people.

SpicyFishesKiller: 8.5/10
This is my second favorite stage in the game. I enjoy puzzles on occasion, but only if they're executed well, and Spicy certainly achieved that. In this you have "jump refreshers," only you don't gain a jump but act as a teleporter of sorts; the gimmick itself is pretty cool, and allows for a lot of interesting design choices. The stage as a whole utilizes the gimmick cleverly, especially in the last segment, and it was all really fun to play through. I also liked the "jump-scare" at the end of the stage.

Dribix: 9.0/10
This is my favorite stage in the game. The production is on par with something えるなちゃん would make, and it's pretty similar to Marchen graphically. The stage is not-quite vanilla needle with rotating shurikens, switches that reveal more of the screen, and switches that turn the screen to allow for even more gameplay in the same amount of space, which I really like to see in needle. The needle is interesting yet not too difficult and obviously very enjoyable to play through; there's just next to nothing wrong with it at all. The boss was also really fun to do, which also boosted this stage's score. Dribix certainly knew what he was doing with this; even if you don't like this game very much, at least try to play through to this stage, because I think it's completely worth it.

Piranha: 3.5/10
Here my enjoyment of the game plummets again. While I will say that this wasn't quite as bad as it looked when watching other people play it, mostly due to me being cautious and quickly finding a good path, it was still really unfun, and as it stands, it's my second least favorite stage in the game. The idea behind the stage is pretty cool, but there's a lot about it that just makes playing it toilsome. Getting the first 5 pages isn't hard to do if you have an optimal route and are cautious when you see static, but getting the last page and escaping the area is nerve-racking since Slender keeps reappearing and riding your ass, and it doesn't really help that the spike placement, while trying to be non-obtrusive, are still really intrusive (especially with Slender in the area), and I died far more than I wish I did to the spikes or to Slender because of this. I also disliked the level design itself, since there are a bunch of places where slopes just end, and they're easy to fall off of; in some places you have to circumnavigate the entire map just to get back to where you just were because it's too high to jump back up. This could have been an interesting stage, but the execution ruined it completely.

Erik7654ka: 6.0/10
This was probably the longest stage in the game, and that isn't entirely a good thing. The stage is comprised mostly of platforming that I would kind of consider needle, although it isn't really needle, and traps. The vanilla part of the platforming is pretty fun; there's nothing really bad about it. However, there were a couple of segments that were really frustrating, mostly involving the moon chasing you; the moon moves way too fast, and as a result the easiest jumps are overly precise. The main boss is also a little frustrating, although that was because I kept going for the quick kill and dying with 1 HP left. It's not a terrible stage in the slightest, but there are some things that could definitely be improved upon.

WetWookie: 7.0/10
This stage was cute. The platforming is pretty simple, yet it's for the most part really fun to go through. I especially love the cats; platforming is always improved by adding cats. My biggest complaint is that the second-to-last room is really grindy for the stage, and it frustrated me a bit. Overall, though, it was pretty chill.

QuentinJanuel: 7.5/10
This stage had overall great needle and an amazing atmosphere. The "spotlight" effect used is actually really cool, and it worked well with the level design, meaning next to nothing ended up being trail-and-error. My main problem with the stage, however, is with the screens with the K3 M-Stage-like gimmick; the timing in some parts are way too precise for what they should be, and I found that a little irritating.

Polaroid: 7.5/10
This stage was pretty well done for the most part, though I do have my fair share of complaints, mostly in the first part of the stage. While some of the segments you had to do were fun and not too bad to go through, there were others that felt a bit too precise and a bit unfair as well; I can't really give specifics here because I wrote the review to this stage about 3-4 months after playing it OpieOP. The boss was incredibly well done, though; I really don't have any complaints about it at all, showing that Polaroid definitely knows what he's doing with bosses.

Patrickgh3: 8.5/10
This was my third favorite stage in the game. I love the atmosphere Pat created in this, especially paired with the music choice. I also love the bizarreness of the design as a whole. The platforming is really fun to go through; there are a lot of hidden Easter eggs throughout the stage that are worth finding, even if it's at the cost of an attempt. The little details and peculiarities make this stage. There isn't anything particularly wrong with the stage at all; it's just so good.

Voider: 7.5/10
While I enjoyed the platforming in this, I do feel this was on of the stages that didn't really fit into this game; I didn't really see anything that gave this a sort of "Halloween theme." Nonetheless, that's a small complaint of mine; if the platforming's fun, the platforming's fun.

Lonetree: 6.0/10
The gimmick in this is incredibly BrokeBack and just feels broken; it could have been done much better than it is here. As a result of that, it felt like you could skip a lot of things here and there. As a whole, though it wasn't entirely unenjoyable, it was just very sloppy.

Lss: 6.5/10
I can't remember what the platforming was like, if there was any, due to the fact that I wrote this portion a while after I beat it; however, I do have something to say about the boss at the end. To save wasted breath, I found the boss incredibly boring and tedious; I was not a fan of it at all.

Damnjelly: 7.0/10
I can't remember much of this stage but I apparently enjoyed it considering I gave it a 7.0/10 at the time; if I remember correctly, it was some fun vanilla needle that didn't really have a Halloween theme to it.

Zapmunk: 7.0/10
Pat's stage had the most bizarre visual design in the game; this stage had the most bizarre overall design in the game. The gimmick is really weird, and I kind of like it; every time you jump, a really large amount of ghost-kid clones are created, each one with slightly different physics, and when the main player dies, it changes to one of the clones. The level design consists of either really dumb or straight up impossible needle jumps that are made to be incredibly easy with this gimmick. The stage as a whole has its own charm to it that makes it memorable, though it really doesn't have anything to do with Halloween and such.

HopPros: 7.0/10
I can't remember this stage very much either, but from what I do remember it was kind of bizarre yet pretty enjoyable.

Klazen108: 8.0/10
This stage had a really cool gimmick with some pretty fun platforming; I can't remember it very much so I'll leave it at that.

??? Stage: 6.0/10
I found the heart boss to be extremely boring; I especially disliked the intermission with the boss from Dlaston's stage, as a lot of it was honestly kind of bullshit. Every death on it just frustrated me more (5.5/10). The following avoidance, though it wasn't as bad, was still pretty tedious, and I found it pretty unenjoyable to learn (5.5/10). The random bit of platforming afterwards felt really out of place, though it was kind of enjoyable; I also thought the boss with the different type of refreshers would be really dumb, but I managed to beat it really quickly somehow (6.5/10). The following boss was also very tedious and unenjoyable for most of the same reasons (5.5/10). The final avoidance is very well-done and all around pretty enjoyable; it was pretty short though and, because of that, felt just a tad bit anticlimactic compared to the preceding bosses, but at this point the difficulty curve kinda went out the window so it's no biggie here (7.5/10).

As a whole: the overall production is fantastic, without a doubt; it was just some of the individual stages that prevented me from enjoying the game to its fullest potential. I can understand the quality of a few of the stages due to them being their respective makers' first games (or part of a game at the very least). The enjoyable portions are definitely a must-play in this game, as long as you can stomach some of the more mediocre parts of it. There is a large variety of styles represented here, which I really like to see in a collab, and I feel this is how a collab should be, no matter the quality of each style. Would recommend.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 40 40
Feb 23, 2017
Halloween special event fangame. I could write an absurdly long review going over each individual area but instead I'll just recommend you play it there for sure something in this game for you. All skill levels welcome.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 19, 2017
Идеальная игра!Перечислять все хорошее по этой игре мне прейдется несколько часов так что я буду краток.В первую очередь стоит отметить разнообразность,её здесь столько что любая ай вонна позавидует.Музыка шедевр идеально подходит ко всем стэйджам.Дизайн супер!Под каждый уровень использовались совершенно уникальные спрайты.Ещё можно выделить боссов и эвоиддэнсы.Почти все боссы сделаны добротно некоторые сложные,некоторые убиваются с первого трая.Например мне очень понравился босс Dribix стэйджа и Polaroid стэйджа.Советую поиграть всем ценителям адвенчур и качественных ай воннок.
Музыка :10/10
Дизайн :8/10
Оценка :9/10

Сложность при первом прохождении :40/100

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 24, 2016
Really nice collab game. Grats everyone !
My only complain is about the final boss, which is really really hard and not beginner friendly, otherwise, i enjoy the game :)

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 60 60
Nov 22, 2016