I Wanna Spook Jam

Creators: Patrickgh3, Polaroid, Dribix, 128-Up, CosmicSense, Damnjelly, DarqSaintDiablo, Dlastons, RandomErik, HAEGOE, HopPros, kadykunde, Klazen108, Kyir, Lonetree, Lss, pieceofcheese87, Piranha, QuentinJanuel, RandomFangamer, Raynius, Smartkin, SpicyFishesKiller, Voider, WetWookie, Zapmunk, zebbe94

Average Rating
8.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
47.9 / 100
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Adventure (14) Needle (17) Avoidance (17) Trap (14) Gimmick (16) Boss (17) Long (18) Puzzle (11) Horror (3) Collab (20) Halloween (3) Barrage (1)


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85 Reviews:

S p o o k y

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[3] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 60 60
Oct 31, 2016
My dream fangame!!

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[2] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 45 45
Oct 6, 2018
Halloween special event fangame. I could write an absurdly long review going over each individual area but instead I'll just recommend you play it there for sure something in this game for you. All skill levels welcome.

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[2] Likes
Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 19, 2017
Идеальная игра!Перечислять все хорошее по этой игре мне прейдется несколько часов так что я буду краток.В первую очередь стоит отметить разнообразность,её здесь столько что любая ай вонна позавидует.Музыка шедевр идеально подходит ко всем стэйджам.Дизайн супер!Под каждый уровень использовались совершенно уникальные спрайты.Ещё можно выделить боссов и эвоиддэнсы.Почти все боссы сделаны добротно некоторые сложные,некоторые убиваются с первого трая.Например мне очень понравился босс Dribix стэйджа и Polaroid стэйджа.Советую поиграть всем ценителям адвенчур и качественных ай воннок.
Музыка :10/10
Дизайн :8/10
Оценка :9/10

Сложность при первом прохождении :40/100

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[2] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 24, 2016
Super huge collab from various makers on the halloween theme. The ghost kid is nice and replacing the death sound was audacious because it always turn bad, but it was surpisingly discreet so it was ok. for the stages, they are all different in content and quality.

-128-Up: good simple needle with great visuals, it's a good introduction to the game. The moving objects were a great add the the atmosphere.
-kadykunde: Great maze filled with spider webs where you must hurry or the monster will catch you. Probably one of the best area for the atmsosphere but I don't understand the being of the meme at the end.
-Dlastons: An ok trap section with a decent boss at the end.
-Kyir: A excellent needle part with jump refreshers (like in every Kyir game), it's however way too short and I feel it was just an extension to celestial jump but with creepy sprites.
-DarqSaintDiablo: Very mediocre trap area, the concept is that spikes appear when you are near from them, but it force you to go so slow if you don't want to die on a spike which wasn't on the screen. It's not super bad but I didn't liked it.
-pieceofcheese87: Good pure needle with an horrible boss at the end.
-HAEGOE: a good area where you have to avoid a white flame that chase you, I however feel the maker reused some element from his previous game (octophobia and citadel) to make it.
-Raynius: ok area with an ok boss at the end.
-RandomFangamer: good haunted house area with a nice gimmick, even if it's a bit short and if I still don't understand why are there pikachu at the end.
-Smartkin: One of the best area of the game where you have to collect candies to finish each room. There is also a great and not too hard boss at the end. It was for me the first 10/10 area of the game.
-CosmicSense: a very bad avoidance which was made to be funny but is actually not. It's not too hard so it's not a big stop but it was for me the worst area of the game.
-zebbe94: an area filled with mario's ghosts where you have to travel a plain then a cave. This area have a great feeling but ghosts are stupiditely fast and it makes some segment harder than what they should.
-SpicyFishesKiller: wonderful area with one of the best gimmick I have seen in a game. It's long and interesting despite the lack of halloween in. One of the best area of the game.
-Dribix: THE best area of the game, amazing needle with astonishing visuals and animations and as if it wasn't enough, there is also a boss at the end. For a first time, this is an amazing accomplishment.
-Piranha: an original area where you have to collect page without getting caught, for that you have a light you can recharge with battery. It's not really hard so it's pleasant to play.
-Erik: not bad but not memorable at all, the needle part is very basic. There is also a mini boss and a boss which were good both.
-WetWookie: an ok but very frustrating trap part. It's not bad but I didn't really liked it.
-QuentinJanuel: one of the best area, it's a gimmick needle part with uncommon ones.
-Polaroid: a super minigame area with a hard boss at the end. I heard this is a reskin of micromedley but I don't have played it yet so I can't judge.
-Patrickgh3: the area with the best atmsosphere. The weirdness is perfectly balanced, I wish there was more games like this.
-Voider: a great gimmick part with a very original one where you can destroy spikes with light. There is also a kind of boss at the end, a good one.
-Lonetree: another gimmick section with another gimmick that affect the jump, this time you can walk in the air for a few seconds. It's nice to play but it makes the double jump a bit cringe to use.
-Lss: probably my second favorite stage, where shadows of nature kill you. The atmosphere is also excellent, I wish it was longer.
-Damnjelly: a god level design needle section filled with vines and different types of water.
-Zapmunk: an excellent and very funny concept where when you jump, you have a lot of other kids with you. It makes hard jumps not hard anymore and make me feel strong, I just complain the total lack of halloween in.
-HopPros: very strange area where you won't probably understand what is happening.
-Klazen108: excellent area where you (a ghost if you don't remember) can possess bodies to make them stall on buttons.
-???: and finally the last stage, it's a kind of linear boss rush with mostly good parts.

Overall, the game has a few downsides but the amount of good things overcomes them and make the game a good experience.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 30, 2019