I wanna saber4

Creator: 空白兄妹闯天涯

Average Rating
2.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
34.3 / 100
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Needle (2) Trap (1) Boss (2) Puzzle (1) Short (1)


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3 Reviews:

The puzzles aren't great, mostly consisting of hitting mysterious invisible triggers to make things magically appear / disappear.
There's a lot of invisible guesses to do in this.
Platforming is pretty generic aside from that. There's a few trickier jumps but that's all really. Boss is alright.

It's longer than previous games but I would not necessarily call this an improvement overall.

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Rating: 2.3 23       Difficulty: 40 40
Jun 17, 2022
I wanna saber4 is fourth game in the serie, which is also some kind game, which reminds of buffed and remade version of I wanna saber3. Game consists of 5 stages, which like in I wanna saber3 differes from each other just by different block color (the only exception is second stage). This game more reminds to the original games of serie, than previous game, since in this game you can see again traps and different puzzles. Difficulty is much higher than in any previous game, both in puzzle and needle plan, so that I for many parts of the game should had looked video of games playthrough, to find out how to solve some wierd puzzles.

First stage (purple stage) is just needle stage, which is more or less OK, and is only special, because one of the special jumps are the same as in I wanna saber3.

Second stage (tileset like in boss of I wanna saber3) has one wierd puzzle, where you have to do one cycle to activate trigger to get around portal (since portal just teleports you to the beginning of the screen). It is kind of unique, even though I didn't really find good, that there was one pretty useles spike trap, but still stage was OK. Also this stage was the stage where was used other soundtrack and other kind of tileset, which made stage special (since others stages has same type of tileset and same soundtrack).

Third stage (red stage) is pretty special, since it uses some special things. Even for the first screen you have interesting screen where you have to escape aiming spikes chase, which is pretty fast. To be alive you have to do 3 cycles around, which is not very hard when you find out normal strategy for it. Other than that in this stage you have to do twice saveboosting (first time it is pretty easy, but second time it can be pretty unpleasant, since it is pretty hard. Also as I got it, you can't use bunny-hop trich for second one, however I was sure that it would be possible. So, yes, it is pretty unfun thing, but other than that, there are unique puzzles, like where you jump in portal and you fall and see impossible drop, but you have to go left to trigger block and go slowly left to fall down (if you go too fast to the left you may die, because you go out of the room). These things made stage pretty fun, so yes, more or less, but I enjoyed this stage. It was fine, even though it gets little bit harder (there is even one corner, which isn't too hard, but still).

Fourth stage (yellowish stage) can be little bit harder to clear, so that even the guy who gave me this game, had even dropped it on the last save of the screenshot which I sent. Should admit that one save before I didn't know too how to clear it, and I was kind of surprise that you should shoot spikes, otherwise they will kill you before next save. For the last save of the first screen you actually have to go to the portal, got to the blocks, and go all the way back to the beginning of the save and then go back to the portal and blocks will remove, leading the path to the next screen. The only thing, which looked kind of outstanding was random invert in the game (I even though that my playthrough had ended, since I though that with my keyboard I can't do inverts, but actually I was wrong). There is also sphyncter jump and some other jumps, but thats pretty much it. Not so good in my opinion, so I wouldn't call it as good stage.

The last stage (grey stage) keeps in mind only because of the first screen, where you have platform and you have to do few not so hard jumps. What was in other screens I can't really remember, but I don't think there were something too interesting. Nothing too special.

For the last boss we have wierd boss, which is similar like in I wanna sbaer3, only here it deals additional damage while you are not shooting. There 3 sorts of attacks: red rings, yellow aiming and blue burst. First attack is from the beginning and is the whole bossfight others are just for middle (yellow attack) or the boss's end (blue attack). Also interesting fact is that bosses face gets more angrier after you have dealed enough of damage. Boss has the same tileset as final boss in I wanna saber3, so it looks like some kind of remade boss, which is nice to see. Pretty much, OK bossfight.

Conclusion: game is better than I wanna saber3 and is pretty much as original as I wanna saber and I wanna saber2 (maybe only just little bir worse), the only thing is that this one remade third one and added new stuff for it, and returned puzzles and traps, which were removed in I wanna saber3. Soundtracks are really nice too. Difficulty is much higher than in previous so if you have more free time and have normal keyboard, then you can try this one, even though I wouldn't really say that I would highly recommend this or something, maybe I wouldn't even recommend this one. I will just say, that just look for yourself do you really feel to try it or not, and then make your own conclusions!

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 37 37
Jul 13, 2018
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 26 26
May 19, 2020