Not Another Falling Game

Creator: 雨幕幕/Yome

Average Rating
8.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
70.8 / 100
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Needle (7) Avoidance (2) Gimmick (6) Boss (3) Long (5) Story (3) Puzzle (3) x_Floor (1) Secret (1)


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15 Reviews:

This is a very, very long fangame (200 Floors + 10 Secrets + Flipped 200 Floors + Flipped 10 Secrets + Hidden Achievements + 3 Extra Stages) that is inspired by NANG. It has achievements, several gimmicks and secrets and also a story. It's not entirely a needle game since there are some bosses and avoidances in the game.
The music choices were decent with songs that were alright to songs which I immediately added to my playlist.
The graphics were also pretty good even though some stages had background movement which may or may not be distracting.
I enjoyed the majority of all screens and can't really recall any screens I didn't like at all. However, I noticed that there were quite a lot of 16px gaps in the game, which isn't the best thing but it's also not too bad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
All of the gimmicks were pretty enjoyable, the creator had some interesting ideas. Stage 7's gimmick was probably my favorite one. (It also had the most fitting song imo.)
The avoidance in Stage 9 is kinda similar to NANG's but it is way more repetitive because it's really just like a long version of the first phase of NANG's. The bosses were alright though, really liked the extra boss.
Another good decision the creator made was that you can go back to every room with the Up and Down Arrow after you get the True Ending. This made it pleasant to look for hidden achievements. :d
And then there's the story. Normally IWBTG Fangames don't have a real story so it surprised me that it even existed in the first place. The story kept my desire for progress going. I just wanted to know what happens next. The story was pretty impressive. I also had to laugh a few times about some of the jokes or the meta-humor.
Oh, also there's some MLP stuff in it.

PS: The touch saves do remember your align and you can change the controls if you feel like E isn't a good "Use" key.

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Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 74 74
Dec 31, 2017
Inspired by NANG, NAFG is a massive game featuring a 200 room tower of needle gameplay with gimmicks woven into various stages. There's a lot to love and hate about this game, but despite some of it's very serious flaws, this is a game veteran players may enjoy tackling.

The Good:

A massive amount of content featuring 200 rooms, plus secrets, plus the upside-down with secrets. There are also some really neat gimmick that add a layer of puzzling in some of the stages which are really well done. There is a story and a bit of humor mixed in where the game makes fun of itself at times. This game took me over 20 hours to clear, not counting the extra content which is partly in this version but still being added upon.

The bad:

Touch saves in 2017. I know NANG did it, but it's not a good idea. Aside from this I don't think the saves remember your aligns. For a game with a lot of needle this is very annoying. The needle itself is OK, but nothing super amazing. Way too many 16 px gaps through the entire game, and a ton of diagonal / corner crap. The secrets are mandatory for even the bad end, and the portal secret in particular is almost game ruining in how out of balance and terribly designed it is. The visuals on some of the stages can be annoying. Extra unlock requires getting achievements that are somewhat cryptic. The use of the "E" key is clumsy and it gets used a lot, could have just used down arrow to fall through floors instead like NANG.

Despite the negatives, I sunk a massive amount of time into this game. I respect a lot of what the creator did with this game. It's not as well made as NANG, but it's a very lengthy and challenging game with some very annoying design decisions. If you can get past those, veteran fangame players may like this game, but it's not for everyone.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 20, 2017
This review is based on getting the True Ending, it may be updated in the event I get 100%

This game is very clearly a NANG inspired game, and maybe on the surface, a ripoff. With that being said, the game takes big steps to isolate itself from the source material and truly develop it's own identity, mostly in far more experiment gimmicks than what NANG offers. This is absolutely to it's benefit, as some of the stages like the doppelganger and portal stages, while in my opinion much harder than the rest of the game, are super memorable. There's some areas where the game lacks polish, and there's quite a few weak or annoying saves, and the avoidance segment in stage 9/19 is the most boring thing in the universe, but that doesn't prevent the game from being a very solid needle game that is 100% worth checking out.

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 63 63
Jun 4, 2023
General things:
Portal gimmick was insanely fun, very well executed and nice concept, it was also by far the hardest needle segments in the game
Doppelganger gimmick was on same par with portal one, incredibly enjoyable
Infinity jump gimmick was executed extremely lazy
First floors was unfittingly easy and unenjoyable
Speedrun stages was fun, but didn't feel like final ones (same issue with NANG, tbh)

Spoiler things:
First 200 floors were way better than last 200 floors. Maker imo fail pretty much entirety of backtrack, mostly fill screens with lazy buffs/nerfs like adding shit tone of corners. Portal and doppelganger was still fun, they were like water in desert in backtracking journey
I also really didn't like idea of reusing secrets on last 200 floors in the way maker did it. Secrets themselves are fun (except strange water-stage boss, that make me really angry), but i just despice how they were reused basically

Anyway, this needle is not that bad, pretty decent NANG-clone, it probably worths your shot if you like needle with gimmick-puzzle core, but beware that occasional issues can happen

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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 72 72
Jan 2, 2023
Rating based on version 1.049, which addresses various rough spots and problems.

Not Another Falling Game is a very long game, clearly inspired by Not Another Needle Game in terms of the overall flow and design. You'll travel from stage to stage, each consisting of 20 floors with a secret in each and allowing for a few different endings, which expand the content depending on your secret collection.

The stages are very varied, ranging from your typical standard needle or trigger-heavy stages to much more creative ones, such as Portal-inspired or one where the aim is to kill a clone which mirrors your movements. With such a large number of stages and screens, there's definitely a mixed bag of stuff here. Some segments can be quite puzzly or tricky in nature, whereas other screens can fly by with just a few jumps. That isn't a bad thing necessarily, as it makes for a nice break here and there. One complaint is that the platforming can sometimes get a bit too diagonal or 16px heavy. I wasn't too bothered by it, but it's definitely noticeable.

The secrets all compliment their stage fairly well. A couple of stages suffered from some sore spots in difficulty compared to the rest (namely the Portal and arrow conveyor stages), but these were recently patched by Yome in the latest version to flow much more nicely and alleviate the difficulty. This left me with very little problems in regards to the secrets, and a couple even mix it up by throwing some boss/avoidance challenges to keep things fresh. These can sometimes feel a bit long, but in a few cases you're given a good chance to build up shields (HP), making it not so rough.

The game features a story too, wacky as it may be. Whilst it gets a bit zany and at times silly, I enjoyed following along with it. It gave the game that bit more memorability, which I feel fangame stories tend to do. The production value whilst not incredibly polished is pretty cool too, with some custom hand-drawn sprites near the True Ending.

After getting the True End, you can warp through rooms and go collect the achievements which you're given hints before, in order to unlock Extra if you so desire. Extra has a few stages each very different from one another, and I had fun with all of them despite some minor gripes (which I believe Yome is working on fixing). Beating this lets you get the Magical Ending which I guess is just a fancy way of saying 100% clear.

All in all it's a pretty long game with a ton of content. It's not without it's flaws, but I was pretty impressed by the effort put into it and was left feeling pretty satisfied. I'd recommend this if you're looking for something lengthy to sink your teeth into and don't mind a bit of craziness on the side.

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 28, 2019